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[ rachelle ]

:: 2002 20 November :: 4.45 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: when the wrong on loves u rite

o gosh
yo, i have been having a problem lately, what should i wear to the mall saturday.....
a) green sweater from aeropostale
b) black and grey striped collered shirt from kohls
or c) my black sweater w/ a hood from kohls and my purple tie up shirt under neath it from a thrift store in sparta
or d) my volleyball hoodie thats really comfortable
or even e) anything else!
email me at if u have a suggstion:) thx



[ rockingyoursocks ]

:: 2002 20 November :: 3.45 pm

about this community
rockingyoursocks is a community for people that go to rockford districts schools, mostly east rockford. i know that a lot of people go to east here to woohu so i kinda figured this would be a good place for us to update each other about whats going on. the ONE and ONLY moderator user name will be rockingyoursocks. thanks!



[ rockingyoursocks ]

:: 2002 20 November :: 3.30 pm

testing one two three..testing..

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