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:: 2004 4 April :: 12.26 pm
:: Mood: okay.
:: Music: phantom of the opera.

ta da.
so, i couldnt go to the show on friday. that was a lil bit frustrating but its okay too. i dont get to see my family very often.

yesterday was exciting let me tell you. i drove two hours to see alligators. i got to ride a boat though and that was neat. this town was so small that their post office was the size of a very small tool shed. im not even kidding. haha.
my grandma had the best time. she counted every alligator we saw. i think it was around 25....i dont know. i was kind of reading during some of it. shhhh...dont tell.

im baking a cake right now. its for my grandma's birthday. we have a party.

i hope to see all of you loverlies tomorrow. i miss you.

all my love.

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:: 2004 1 April :: 10.49 am
:: Mood: good.
:: Music: library noises, or lack there of.

love is what makes the world go 'round.
grandparents are here. yay. i happy. :)
i had to help my grandma with her cell phone last night. shes a little behind the times. it was so adorable.

so, this weekend im going to be doing all florida tourism junk. ugh, that ain't right.

there was bunches of kids at the beach last night. it was kind of odd. who does that on a wednesday night?...besides me.

everything is finally good with my boy. :)

i think i'll be at school tomorrow. the chemistry test was supposed to be today. thats why i was going to come today and not be here tomorrow. but because its tomorrow...i be here with my peoples.

well, it should be lunch so i can go play with all my loves. soon...

all my love.

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:: 2004 30 March :: 10.34 pm
:: Mood: relieved.
:: Music: the mighty mighty bosstones.

dum dee dum.
i finally got my paper done. whoo hoo. its only a day late....i missed that class this morning so i could turn it in tomorrow. i "had a flat tire." im such a bad kid.

grandparents are flying in tomorrow. its exciting. i love those people.

no school for me on friday. thats even more exciting.

im grounded for two weekends after my grandparents leave. thats so lame. in my moms words: "youre fucking grounded because you wait until the last minute for everything." its true. i really dont think grounding me will change it though. lol.

it seems like alot of people are down right now. remember that i love you all. turn that frown upside down, okay?

all my love.

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:: 2004 29 March :: 11.54 am
:: Mood: geeky
:: Music: lenny voice.

raspberry tea.
well, i have a secret!

no, im just kidding.

ok, well so cleaned all day yesterday. how lame. but i managed to give away three bags of stuffed animals. it made me really happy. i gave away more clothes too.

saturday night i went and saw the pony movie w/ lenny and fletch. it was a good movie...but not really my taste. my love, lenny, cried. such a silly girl.

after the movie it got kind of scary. adam had left a message on my phone of not a very nice song and i got pretty scared. on top of that i hadnt talked to him all week. it was like he was avoiding me. so, of course i listen to the message and freak out and cry like a little girl. i called him and he said everything was okay but im not so sure he was sober at the time. he called me again yesterday and apologized for seeming like he was avoiding me when he really wasnt and that he still really wants to be together. i hope it works out for the better. i love him. but im scared.

he just moved out of house. his parents are pretty crazy. i feel really bad for him.

i think thats the most open ive been in my journal. woah. i guess i needed to get it off my chest.

lenny is the naples bicycle. can i get a ride?
haha. :)

i miss you, ernie. :)

could someone please tell me: how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

all my love.

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:: 2004 27 March :: 3.45 pm
:: Mood: worried.
:: Music: a perfect cirlce.

nothing lasts forever.
i had fun at the show last night. it was good times. music was good and the people were cool.

im unbelievably tired right now. i partied w/ lenny last night. we had so much fun. then, i had to get up at nine this morning when my mother came to get me.

i cleaned today. why does my mom have to be a clean freak?

but shes being cool right now. i get to go out again tonight. its a new thing. usually im only allowed one night a weekend. :)

boys are mean and stupid.

i hope ernie's competition is going well.

everyone have a great weekend.

all my love.

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:: 2004 25 March :: 11.47 am
:: Mood: worried.
:: Music: lots of persons in the library.

its amazing when you can use "like" five times in one sentence.
yes, i am sitting in the library listening to someone talk and they used the word "like" about five times in one sentence. that takes true talent, dude.

so, yesterday was okay. went to the assembly thing. it was pretty draining . it made me think alot. it brought back many memories i'd rather not remember. some things just belong in the past. it was a good thing for kids to see even though it most likely wont change their decisions. at least it made them think.

went to the NHS induction. wasnt as bad as i thought it would be actually.

ive got this feeling that something's falling apart. i can only hope for the best.

i get to do a project w/ lenny and pb! its so exciting. its on hitler, stalin, and mussolini. what a group.

woot. i cant wait until tomorrow. a4 at cd warehouse. i dance.

ernie and danison just came in. me and lenny must be special today. ernie, danison, michelle, and anna call came to visit us in the library. :)

ok, thats all i write.
all my love.

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:: 2004 23 March :: 4.01 pm
:: Mood: down.
:: Music: the vines.

"up high. down low. too slow."
okay. so yesterday i went to the beach w/ lenny and to her house and to the mall. everyone and their mom was at the mall. it was a good day. lenny you my buddy.

i wore lots of pink today. it was so odd. i had someone tell me that they had never seen me in pink in all the time that weve known each other. (i wore len's pink shoes.)

it kind of sucks being in the middle of stuff but its better than being on one of the sides, in my opinion.

my mom can be so lame. i was told that she didnt want to be w/ me in the store because i had writing on my arm. argh. thats so small. and very frustrating cause its so small. seriously, why would you get into a fight about that?

then, we were about two centimeters from getting into a car accident. okay. news flash: if youre old and you cant see, stay away from a steering wheel and a gas pedal.

i have no idea what adam has been up to. ive spoken about 10 words to him since i saw him on friday.

i think i worry too much.

but i was very happy to see all my friends lovely faces today. :)

wow, thats alot of bitching. im sorry you read that.

but yeah.
tomorrow's a new day.
all my love.

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:: 2004 20 March :: 11.05 pm
:: Mood: peaceful.
:: Music: coldplay.

star light. star bright...
i got into a huge fight w/ my mom today which isnt at all suprising. i dont think we will ever understand each other. maybe one day i hope.

but its all good. it could be worse.

grandparents will be here soon. i love them.

i chilled w/ nick tonight. i had a good time. lots of laughs. there were hats w/ fuzzy balls, walking up to doors that said "do not enter" and trying to get out, and trying to name state capitals. it was fun. i had missed that. im happy things are the way that they are. we're cool.

...first star i see tonight, i wish i may, i wish i might have this wish i wish tonight.

all my love.

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:: 2004 19 March :: 11.38 pm
:: Mood: calm.
:: Music: t.v. noises.

"drop it like its hot."
today was funn, w/ two n's.

went to beach w/ lenny and her mommy. it was good times. i loved it.

then, me and lenny were trying to find something to waste our time so we went and played at target w/ hula hoops and kicked balls around. we ate at bob evans too. haha. we went to barnes and noble after that and we found ernie. she so silly. we waited until nick showed up and said hi to him then went and found lennys car again.

bell tower was getting really boring, imagine that, so we went down to the beach. josiah and josh came along for the ride.

then it was back to bell tower where i got to see my adam. im trying my hardest to keep that one out of trouble and its definitely worth it. he reallywanted to kick joshs ass tonight. i guess boys will be boys. i love that adam boy just the same though. <3.

im so tired and i feel like i havent been home in a week, which is kind of true.

today equal good day.

all my love.

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:: 2004 18 March :: 1.03 am
:: Mood: happy.
:: Music: taking back sunday.

happy st patricks day.
today was so amazing.

we all know how much fun playing kickball and having a picnic is, especially when its w/ almost all your coolest friends.

i think i went everywhere in ft myers today. or drove by it or something.

went to the mall for a lil bit and then to bell tower.

i watched haggard w/ lenny! it was amazing.

then, it was back to bell tower and we ran into our people. that was fun.

and then i went to the beach w/ lenny and jake, a kid i just met. it was cool.

and then we got home a lil bit past 12. it was exciting.

um...i feel bad. i love my adam. alot. and alot.

now, i sleep at lenny's. yay.

goodnight loves.

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:: 2004 16 March :: 11.35 am
:: Mood: good.
:: Music: the vines.

oh boy.
well, i like spring break so far.

saturday i chilled w/ codes. we have some good times. we spit all over her car. it was fairly disguisting but it was so funny. we couldnt find our way to dairy queen and she almost drove over a cone. whoo, i laughed at that let me tell you.

then, i cleaned yesterday. oh boy was that fun. but then i saw secret window w/ that ernie girl. it was some good times. she was a silly black man.

and i got to see adam last night which is always good. i see him wednesday too. :)

today is a day of tanning and working out.

tomorrow is the picnic and kickball. ah, i cant wait. and i spend night at lenny's. i havent seen her since friday...tis odd a lil bit.

me and nick talk which makes me really happy.

all my boys are making me feel really special right now. it makes me smile. you guys have good timing. thank you. i love you all.


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:: 2004 12 March :: 11.15 pm
:: Music: nirvana.

ah, the start of spring.
no more school for a week. woot. that makes me so happy.

today was a good day.

school went kind of fast considering i wanted it to be over as soon as it began.

ah, i tripped going up the stairs today and was all laying on the stairs and these black people started cracking up. it was so funny. i just laughed w/ them.

then after school, i went w/ michelle to bisop to see boy.

from there i went to bell tower and waited for adam to come and pick me up. i got coffee and went into the toy store. it was fun.

adam came to get me and we went back to his house. we kind of ate pizza and kind of watched drumline. he has the cutest dogs. :)
then adam dropped me back off at bell tower so he could go ride.

i ran into mo mou and zackariah. there were many people there. i hung out w/ old friends and made new ones. it was great.

tomorrow i go to school and do yearbook then maybe see adam.

thank you for the words you left in my last entry. it warmed my heart.

i love all my people.

i happy.


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:: 2004 10 March :: 8.58 pm

im being brave for this one.
Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal... IF YOU DARE.

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:: 2004 10 March :: 8.00 pm
:: Mood: okay.
:: Music: deftones-lifter

pet rocks.
so... ive been up to a bunch of nuffin.

stayed home all weekend because my mom said i was sick. i did see lenny at the mall for a lil while though. it was exciting.

fcat wasnt too bad. im just glad its over. im going to miss the half days though. those were nice.

me and that linsey girl hung out yesterday. we ate lots of pizza and took softball pictures in the cold. too bad the pictures were deleted.

i went to the mall today w/ michelle and her man. it was good times. michelle and i were looking at porn covers and deciding if the girls were pretty or not. haha.

aw, ernie is sick. i hope you feel better, child.

spring break is almost here. whoo hoo, i so cant wait.

i wish the things that mean the most to you, didnt have to hurt so much.

...All I want is freedom,
a world with no more night
and you always beside me
to hold me and to hide me...
-phantom of the opera

much love to you all.

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:: 2004 9 March :: 8.55 pm




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