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:: 2007 20 September :: 11.49 pm

A raindrop is perfect. He falls from his home of a cloud so dark, faster and faster he falls not knowing where he will go but anticipates his destination. For each moment that passes he is certian there is a purpose for his exsistence but is unknowing of his fate.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2007 12 September :: 11.33 pm
:: Mood: Terribly Sad

A Tribute To A Very Brave Boy...

I did everything in my power to make the last month and four days of your life a happy one. You were a real trooper throughout this whole ordeal. You took your medication like a champ and you were fairly reasonable about bandaging. I knew you were in pain but you still listened to my requests. You were oh so very brave through all of this. You have your wings now. Forever you will run through grassy meadows and carrot patches laced with sweet feed. You are a very brave boy Socks and I love you very much.

Sweet Dreams Sockman

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2007 6 September :: 12.50 am
:: Mood: energetic


I have my work definately cut out for me this semester but it is so worth it if I can learn small phrases in German and not have anybody understand what I am saying. I am so excited!!!! I'm only kidding. But seriously that would be awesome. This semester I managed to aquire a sixteen credit load that consists of Sociology, Survey of Calculus, Biology and of course my favorite out of this whole entourage, German.

Anyways, besides my boring and most certainly uneventful college course schedule, my horses are extremely lucky that I love them ever so much. Last night they broke through the fence, then this morning, then tonight. Last night was ok because it was an easy fix, no harm done. This morning on the other hand really irritated me. Class was scheduled to start in an hour and I hadnt been down to see Socks yet and actually looked like a girl, but thats beside the point, and all of the sudden I hear Johnny screaming, in my opinion, and I looked out and the other two horses were nowhere to be found so I go out and look and here comes Pete and Sierra just casually walking down the road coming back from the barn as if they had to do some sort of inspection to ensure that everything was in working order down there. Luckily I had grain in a bucket for Socks, so I shook it a bit and they came running and followed me out to the pasture. I did a make shift fix on the fence and mind you that I am still in my school clothes that make me look like an actual girl. So now my hair is not straight anymore and at that point I didnt really care but that is also beside the point. I actually thought my hair looked pretty nifty because it had that wild messy look but looked seductive pulled back loosely. I will just admit it, I looked hot today!!!! Also beside the point. So anyways, the horses get out again tonight when I get home, actually they were out before that and my phone is broken so I didnt get the numerous messages left by my mother, and I fixed their fence again, hopefully it holds this time. So at 1:00am I am energetic and quite disappointed I was unable to run. Maybe I will do it in the morning. We will see.

I dont really like him, I just like to talk about him alot. I found it quite coincidental that he was exactly were I was at the time I decided to be where I was this afternoon. Of all of the trillions, no make that gazillions, of students on campus, how is it that he happens to be the one that I run in to. Seriously. It just amazes me. Then to top it off we hung out for an hour or so and he was begining to be riduculous, also beside the point. But I mean seriously, how does that work? I enjoyed the time I spent with him but seriously. What makes me wonder even more is that within the first 10 minutes or so I was going to leave and get my German book and he didnt want me to go. It just makes me wonder. Like I said before I dont really like him, I just like to talk about him alot.

So with that out of my system:

Auf Wiederschen!

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:: 2007 28 August :: 1.35 am
:: Mood: energetic
:: Music: Just me humming strange tunes in my head

I should have seen it coming...I just didnt want to

I seem to have myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Well maybe not really but sometimes it feels that way. I am not over heels for him anymore, not like I used to be at least but I find myself more and more thinking about him. Sometimes it feels as though something is really there and not just by my account by I get a vibe from him and within minutes or maybe even over the course of the day the sense will just fad into normality which is boring and uneventful. Sometimes I wonder if he just tries to stay distant from me because he doesnt want to see something evolve. I dont know but it was worth a thought.

Another thing that really pisses me off and has become quite the trend is not recieving a phone call back from two specific people in particular. Let me just put it out there, when someone calls somebody else it is common courtesy to return there phone call just to be polite. I am so fucking sick of putting forth an effort where it seems there is a wall. I am tired of being the only one who ever seems to care. I know I fucked up. I know that chances of making it work were slim to none but I was willing to take that slim chance that it might work. I suppose it was just a waste of time from the begining the second time around. I just wish you would of told me that before you decided to drop me off and never bother look back and try to pick up the pieces. But whatever 'lifes a dance you learn as you go.'

But do not worry there is hope for me yet. We will see where this one takes me.

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:: 2007 9 August :: 12.04 am
:: Mood: content

Everything is not what it seems...

actually love the life that I live. At times it can be chaotic, an emotional roller coaster, and down right annoying but I love every minute of it.


I work three jobs, train two to three horses every week, workout, and volunteer with a local veterinarian. During the day if I am not working at the feed mill or riding along with the veterinarian, I am training horses. In the evening I am either milking cows or working at H2. My only saving grace is when I have a horse show, then I do not work anywhere and simply enjoying the short lived time off with the horses. Starting in less than a month I will be begining my second year of college with a sixteen credit load, all while continuing to work three jobs. Unfortunately I will have to stop volunteering with the veterinarian simply for the lack of time and I will be unable to work the horses as frequently due to the same motive. However, I recently took on a new project. I acquried a new horse with a serious injury that will take months to heal with the possibility that he will have to be euthenized if infection occurs.

That is my life in a nutshell. Details are not important other than the horse.

But cest la vie

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2007 13 July :: 2.18 pm
:: Mood: sleepy

Everything happens the way that it does for a reason.

Instead of wondering why my life seems to be on the edge of chaos all the time, I have decided to except the way things are because I know that without the sequential order of events my life wouldnt exsist as it does now.

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:: 2007 10 July :: 9.44 am
:: Mood: Alright
:: Music: Randy Travis

Life is... Alright

Life has been busy. This is the first time that I have actually been able to sit down and enjoy a few minutes to myself.

In a nutshell, I have taken on another job which is milking cows. I do this when I dont work at the feed mill or at HH. During the day, before I go to the dairy barn, I work three horses. One is the "one and only Petey", the second is my brothers horse Sierra and then third is my beighbors horse Zeke. Pete is easy to work with because I simply just trail ride him on the roads to keep him in shape for shows. Sierra is quite the opposite. I have to work her in the arena for 20 to 40 minutes at a time working on transition changes, responding to cues, and mucsle building. Zeke is just nervous overweight horse who is staring to look amazing. I love working with all of them.

Or if there are appointments scheduled then I ride with a local veterinarin and then go work at at the dairy barn or HH. I love it!!!!

My garden is growing and I really need to get a planner.

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:: 2007 30 June :: 9.52 pm
:: Mood: exhausted but content
:: Music: The Wreckers

Life is good depending on your perspective...

Life is good depending on how you look at it. I could look at all the bad things that have happened and compile them and focus on it. But I am not going to do that. I am going to look at what lies ahead of me and each day that I wake up. Life really is good because I wake up in the morning without being so stiff now and I discover emotions I didnt think I had and information that I am absorbing like a sponge. Life really is good.

I have become a different person. And I love it!!!! I think a combination of taking my vitamins and going to the chiropracter has made a big difference.

My schedule is so jam packed right now I can hardly contain myself!!!! Along with working at the Feed Mill and Hungry Howies, I am baling hay, training horses, learning how to milk cows on a small dairy farm, building my business and riding along with a local veterinarian, who by the way has an awesome personality and is so helpful to my learning expirence. I think I might just have to go and purchase a planner so that I can keep track of what I am doing. I cant even imagine what is going to be like going to college and all of this, but I sure that things will slow down as soon as school starts up again.

Chrissy and I are looking at houses. We have found a couple of small houses but for the price we would like to have a place to put the horses. We found one over in Sheridan that is absolutely perfect. The barn needs repair and such and it is an absolutely beautiful place but unfortunately the price is kinda high and we would have to basically go to work, feed the horses and come home and we arent willing to give up the things that we love so she decided not to walk through the house. But on a better note we are still looking and have found a couple that have caught our interest that are small but close enough to home to keep the horses.

Anyways, I am going to watch this guy I know rope on Tuesday. I am really excited to see him rope because I havent seen it done by somebody who know how to do it and do it well.

The cowboy thing gets me everytime.

We are having a Chrissy/Lindsey day tommorow at Michigan Adventure. Next trip is to Cedar Point.

I am so excited and so exhausted.

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:: 2007 18 April :: 9.30 pm
:: Mood: upset, I suppose

They are a pretty penny but they are worth it...

50# Purina Equine Senior: $12.50

50# Dynasty Senior: $10.65

100# Dynasty Pro: $20.90

3 tubes of Ivermax Dewormer: $27.00

1 14 day supply of glucosimine: $14.50

Spring Shots: $212.50

Winter supply of hay: $725

Having 25 and 27 year old geldings and a 5 year old mare that look amazing and shed out every spring: Priceless

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:: 2007 15 April :: 11.02 pm

Heck Yeah

I AM FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so PUMPED!!!!!!!!! I cant even begin to describe the excitment that is running through me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nowhere to go but UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2007 15 January :: 12.53 pm
:: Mood: lethargic

I can deal...

I took a nap after my morning class and was out for an hour. I woke up stretched and then went back to sleep for another half hour. I didnt realize how tired I actually was. I believe that my lack of sleep last night was from the abundance of energy from the events that played out this past weekend. It was more thought proked energy than physical 'ants in my pants' energy. But now I am just lethargic. My eyes hurt because they still want to be closed.

I am just a friend. In both cases. Its better than not being anything at all.

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:: 2007 4 January :: 1.52 pm
:: Mood: Sore
:: Music: Randy Travis

Toot Toot....

I have hit the point where I want my car back. I am stuck at home until somebody gets here. There are two farm trucks but one in uninsured and the other one...well I am not quite sure what is wrong with the other one but I cant use that one either.

We drove home from Ohio last night at about 9:30. We arrived home around 3:15am. Long trip but it was nice to see my grandma. I know she misses my grandpa but I think most of all she just hates being alone and with us being there it allowed her to enjoy life a little bit again. I am glad to be home though. I missed my horses and they missed my too. I rode Pete this morning and I think he is sick. Not horribly ill but enough to make me worrie. But then again I always worrie about my boys because they are old. If he doesnt get any better with the electolytes I will call the vet and see if they can help me out over the phone.

I need to breakaway from my everyday life more than every six months of so. I need to be with different people and actually enjoy my life while I am still young.

Any takers?

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2007 2 January :: 6.34 pm
:: Mood: Relieved


To be six hours away from my everyday life allows me to somewhat forget about the worries that bog my mind when I am at home. I have thought about them at certain points today but for the most part I have just enjoyed being here, just living without a care or a responsibility. I needed this. I needed to get away from my thoughts. Being in the city has allowed my mind to consume all of what I am not used to. In the country I have time to think and wonder where as here I am subconsciously fascinated with all of the enormous houses and Hobes, my Grandma's dog, that I do not have to worrie. The horses are in great care and I know if anything were to go wrong she would call me.

Life is still looking up and I am still looking up with it. I have a whole new perspective on life and I am absorbing every second of it.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2006 28 December :: 10.25 am
:: Mood: Better
:: Music: Touchdown Turnaround (Hellogoodbye)

So much better....

I feel as though a monsterous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I talked with Brad last night. He knew things that I need to know. And just by knowing the details, I had the most wonderful sleep last night without disturbance. I didnt wake up sweating or at 3 am feeling wide awake. I feel wonderful. I am going to change alot about me. Mostly the way I look. Just talking to Brad has made everything so much better.

Everything is looking up and so I am going to look up too.

If Giraffes Could Fly.....

:: 2006 3 December :: 10.41 pm

I just wrote a paper on why Jello wiggles and jiggles.

I love collage.

I also have a blinking gopher on my tree and he is the best blinking gopher I have ever seen.

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