I see hate against the different races when we're all truly people.
People see a world of
colors; I see a world of grey...


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:: 2013 26 October :: 9.12pm

So I've not blogged in a whole, and I guess its new for me on the tablet. I thought I should start keeping tracking of my dreams and imaginings. Maybe they might be worth something some day. I know it sounds ludacris especially since John has proved me to be an idiot, I know what he thinks. It sucks not being able to keep something like that a secret. I just wish he had listened to me you know? For some unknown reason people assume I much smarter than I actually am. Any way, here it goes.

You know why the tablet isn't very ideal for such things so I'm gonna do it on paper then translate it later.


:: 2011 3 October :: 10.54pm

Dear Victor,

I'm selfish. That's what you were trying to show me. That I'm fucking selfish. I am so insanely selfish that I'm selfless completely selfishly. I hate that. I want to be selfless.

I lurk your band pics nom om om omom. I date John...nom om om om om. I get phone call from Kevin asking me to send him pictures of my ass nom om om (apparently sex sucks with Mel, big surprise). Phil calls me to just talk about nothing...nom om omomomom. I am sick of all of this bullshit. All of it. I hate this. I hate living like this. Nothing is getting done. I'm bored. Absolutely utterly bored. I was using John a little bit there to alleviate that boredom, same goes for you and any other poor soul that's walked this way.


:: 2010 10 September :: 1.07am

I love this music. I downloaded the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack. I don't want to do anything productive. Like..study...finish reading a book....playing guitar..nothing...just wanna vegggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg out.


:: 2009 29 November :: 1.01pm

Today was a wonderful day. I've been meaning to organize my pantry and clean my shower. Perhaps you are bored with your life. Perhaps I am. I think most of today's population deserves to die. Especially you. Yeah, that's right, you. You fucking asshole being so nosy and trying to find out my secrets. Well, I don't have that many and the ones I do have aren't going to be given to the likes of you. Whether you are a lover or a curious foe, the message remains the same, GO FUCK YOURSELF!


:: 2009 28 June :: 12.52pm

Sunday, March 1st, 2009 NIRA AND KEVIN FUCK EACH OTHERS BRAINS OUT. (not true, we had sex once and then fell asleep)


:: 2009 28 June :: 12.48pm

Kevin and I become friends on Feb. 15, 2009


:: 2009 28 June :: 12.32pm

February 12, 2009 first meeting of the guys (manning, peter, gu, hopkins, justin, walsh, icarus)


:: 2009 28 June :: 12.06pm

I started falling in love with Kevin in June.


:: 2009 28 June :: 12.01pm

Victor and I officially ceased dating on MAY 3rd, 2009

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