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:: 2004 5 August :: 7.29 pm
:: Mood: realxed
:: Music: angels

allo my friends.
i got my locker today, it's in the 400 hall, number 122. so come and visit me. then i went to Macorroni Grill for lunch and colored on the table clothes. afterwards, we went to the Wellington mall, where i tried to find a top for my skirt. i gave up and just bought a dress. it's pretty, i think. then some guys were asking my parents about me. i thought that was odd. whatever. i also bought the Jadakiss cd. hope it's good. i just hope it's not too much. i doubt it is. i just got home and talking to my ashley. but i think im gonna go soon to try and read my book. i really need to get this work done. yeah- i'm pushing it. like usual. im out. xoxo.

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:: 2004 4 August :: 12.35 pm
:: Mood: overwhelmed
:: Music: how come?

We family and aint a damn thing changed, unless it's you.
i'm just updating for the hell of it. don't really have anything to say. we rented 13 going on 30, probably watch that in a bit. then do some reading, i'm actually getting into it. it's a werid book, but somehow enjoyable. on the other hand, bio homework, i just can't seem to get myself to doing it. anyhoo, my friend, Lisa, came over yesterday. we finally exchanged Christmas gifts. better late than never. i think that's all the news for now.

wait, i remembered something: i think i'm going back to dance. :D. i really hope that it works out. i've missed it so much! so yeah, i'm excited. i'll keep you updated on how it's going.

xoxo. <3

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:: 2004 3 August :: 10.14 pm
:: Mood: wishful
:: Music: locked up

they wont let me out no, they wont let me out.
woke up around 8:30 to work out. came home 10-ish and ate some breakfast. but there was still no food in the house. thank god mom went to publix. i took a nap from 12-2 or 3..i can't remember. took a nice long, hot shower- much needed. watched a lot of tv, yet again. i got some reading in too, but i'm only at like page 25 or so. so yeah, there's a lot more. i got kaila's birthday present today. hehe. mom got some taco bell for us kiddies. then she took me to walmart, or should i say, i toook us to walmart. lol. she's still scared when i drive; therefore, i get nervous. but not too bad. picked up 6 rolls of film- but returned a lot. i'll show them to you, well the ones from school. now i'm home-- maybe i'll read. actually, before i do that, i'm going to frame my amigos. sorry, i'm still in the spanish mode from my trip. lol. ttfn. x0x0.

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:: 2004 2 August :: 9.26 pm
:: Mood: exhausted
:: Music: south side

happy birthday kaila!!
first things first:
1. ceramics- king
2. IB trig.- baum
3. adv. pl. us history- hall
4. IB social anth.- davis
5. adv. pl. spanish- halcomb
6. adv. pl. bio.- morone jr.
7. adv. pl. english- schilit
..dunno if im changing anything yet. but lemme know if we have anything together. ;)

now, as you all know, i went on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. that was a lotta fun. i'll try and go day by day. but i know there will be missing details.

wednesday: (i just have to include this) we're packing, just like any normal family would do. well, i didnt want the ugly suitcase. neither did my mom. so we were started argueing..just messing around.
sam: please mom! i dont want an ugly suitcase.
mom: neither do i! i hate ugly things.
sam: then you understand my problem
mom: get over it. im your mom and i say no
sam: you should give up things for your kids
mom: ::puts hand into a gun shape:: and says," bang bang motherfucker!! it mine."
i just cracked up..i thought that was the funniest thing she's ever done. but i guess you really had to be there.

thursday: we left around noon. did all the check in stuff. then we checked out the boat. its freakin huge!! went to karyoke. just watched lol.

friday: layed out for a little bit. did random things on the boat. it was the captains dinner so we all got dressed up. me and my sis looked at the teens club. and I(yes-me) was gonna dance. but not one person moved. we made fun of them and left. plenty of stalkers on the boat too.

saturday: went to cozumel. took a jeep tour of the island. its pretty over there. but while we were in the jeep. a frog fell out of a tree and into my sister's lap. that was freakin hilarious. and my dad hates frogs so we almost crashed. haha. went back to the boat got all cleaned up. then went shopping. i got a tatoo. temporary of course. its a little butterfly on my ankle, it should last about two weeks. oh, and by the way, mexicans at ATL are nothing compared to the real deal. even the old ones. yuck. and did you know they always say "my friends" ?

sunday: went to the spa. then layed out. went to dinner. then the talent show. and my grandma got drunk. lmao. hilarious. but scary at the same time. she gets very angry when shes drunk, although this is the first time i've seen a family member drunk. i bought 2 Guess purses and a Guess wallet. no tax! yay.

monday: came home.

theres more..but i cant type it all. so talk to me. adios

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:: 2004 29 July :: 10.30 am
:: Mood: happy!
:: Music: take me away

ok, ok. i lied.
now im gonna say good bye. im leaving in a few hours. everyone is getting all worked up. so its hectic but still fun. hopefully by the time i come back i'll be tanner and my hair will lighten up. lol. i'll see you on monday with a full report. love ya! x0x0.

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:: 2004 28 July :: 12.56 pm
:: Mood: accomplished

re-did my woohu...
do you like??

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:: 2004 28 July :: 11.57 am
:: Mood: excited
:: Music: {look at the subject line}

1.2.buckle my shoe.3.4.shut the door.5.6.pick up sticks.7.8.lay them straight.9.10.lets do it again.
yesterday was a busy day. correction: very busy day. went to exercise like usual and around 11, chiara calls me to go to the mall. but i already had plans with amara. boy, was it hard trying to fit both of them in. let me explain:
-> me and amara had no rides.
--> we were going to take the bus. so chiara and i would go to the mall and then i would be dropped off around 2:30 at amara's house.
--->amara finds out she can't ride the bus.
----> i call my aunt, she says she can take us. i had chiara drop me off there. picked up amara. and i convinced my mom to pick us up. even though we had to wait til 8.

complicated, but we managed. me and chiara were doing indian voices. lol. "my name is Kurpow and i work at 7-11. we have hot dog. you want?" anyway, she found a lot of cute stuff and we had lunch. [(switch friends)] i found a cute shirt. and i found a skirt for kaila's party. me and amara looked in every single store. it was insane. i've never been in any of them. i tried on a $300 dress, things i would never even dream of wearing. by the end of the day, we looked drunk. we even walked the mall barefoot. and cell phone service can kiss my ass. we had to walk the mall an extra time just to find service and when i did find it, i had to squat, because if i stood up i wouldn't have any. then we sat in the burdines shoe section waiting for my mom. it was a fun, yet complicated, day. while we were driving home, my mom took the liberty of telling stories of how the family loves to tease me. amara got a kick out of that.

then i got home and ate dinner. watched the movie we rented. it sucked. [Intolerable Cruelty] tried on some clothes- hoping i would have a top for the skirt. i didn't, but i did find some outfits for school. lol. then i went to bed.

and tomorrow i leave for my cruise!! i come back on monday. since i'm most likely not going to see you guys today. i'm gonna say good bye and i'll miss you! x0x0.

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:: 2004 26 July :: 11.24 pm
:: Mood: enthusiastic
:: Music: cant get no better

she works hard for the money.
i cleaned out an entire garage. from 11- 6. that's definitely 7 hours of hard work. but it's worth it, i'm getting paid.

last night, i talked to my ashley from 12 - 3 am. that was fun, as usual. then my i found my sister sleep walking and talking. that was freaking hilarious. got up today- cleaned. showered up and went to dinner. then i drove to walmart to drop off the film and picked some colors out for my blanket that i'm having made. it's gonna be purdy. ran into some friends while i was there too. drove home. and decided that it was time to take mommy for a spin. it's the first time she's driven with me. haha- she was so nervous. so, of course, i got nervous. i still managed to do well though. but one downfall is i have to get used to the dark tinted windows. i'm used to driving my aunt's car, which isn't near as dark. so being that i'm gonna have my mom's car, i need to get used to it. anyhoo, i made it home, and now she feels better about me driving.

now i think i'm going to go watch Intolerable Cruelty. or maybe i'll just go to bed? i dunnO. peace out homies. <3

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:: 2004 25 July :: 11.35 am
:: Mood: flustered
:: Music: they

this a lot harder than i thought it would be...
i can not, i repeat, can not find an outfit for kaila's party. i have looked up and down the entire mall, even went in stores i normally wouldn't. maybe amara will open my eyes to something on tuesday? hope so. it's cutting it close though, especially being that im leaving on thursday. i'll try and be optimistic.

anyhoo, on friday i went out to dinner with some friends at T.G.I. Fridays. it was fun, we realized guys arent gentlemen. or should i say we were reminded. went back to chiara's house to look at pictures. danny showed off, i shot him down. sorry kid, just hadda do it. then, chiara wanted to sign up for her SAT and ACT..and for some reason i have to be there. lol. well, we couldnt remember our user name, so we had it emailed to us. but we also forgot our password. not olny that, but the answer to our security question. so i think we have to start all over :(. the process is soo long. she drove me home and saw my room. she liked ;). and shes scared of harely. lol. she left around midnight. it was a good night. oh, and i finally saw zoolander. it had funny parts. but i was expecting more. i think i should stop expecting stuff from movies, becuase whenever i do, it never happens. lol.
------------>f.y.i. i drove in the dark, on a road, with cars, by myself. only about a mile. but i was proud. :D

then saturday, i went to the mall with my sister. made some exchanges. shopped. didnt find a thing. ate some lunch in the food court. later, my aunt met up with us, for back to school shopping. still didnt find anything. so we stopped looking for us, and got some baby clothes for my other aunt's new baby. [they live in japan.] the clothes are so adorable. i picked them all out. i have decided that im going to have one cute baby. i picked out their future outfits. lol. then i drove all the way home. :D about time right? yeah, a little more of this and im on my way to the licsense!!

today, mommy is taking in 3 rolls of film for me! yay. pick them up on tuesday or something like that. and i dont have to pay. :) tonight, i think im gonna go out with some friends. in the mean time, im gonna go lay out. or if the sun decides to hide, i'll just chill inside.

adios amigos. <3

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:: 2004 23 July :: 11.53 am
:: Mood: bored

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:: 2004 22 July :: 6.05 pm
:: Mood: high
:: Music: material girl

who loves shopping? sam loves shopping. i do, i do, i do0.
woke up around 10:30 and was told that i'd be left home alone. i was fine with that. but then they(mom, dad, and reece) decided to take me with them. thank god i went. we first went to the jewelers because my mom had a credit. she got a tri-gold chain, its really pretty and my dad got his wedding ring sized. and this is where i fell in love. with a bracelet that is. its gorgeous..white gold butterflies/flowers with diamonds. only problem- the price tag read $495. so im putting the beg on for my birthday. ya never know. then we went to the mall. got 2 Guess shirts, a jean skirt, and a black XOXO purse from burdines. a white Billabong belt from pac sun. and a shirt from express. so yeah, i did some damage. had some lunch in the food court. then it was time to head home. went to exercise at 4:30.

im gonna go now- eat, shower, and such. we're gonna rent Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. x0x0.

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:: 2004 21 July :: 10.18 pm
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: dip it low

just got home...
from a wonderful night with amara. we saw The Notebook and may i say a.m.a.z.i.n.g. i loved it. i want/will own it when it comes out. i didnt cry like people told me i would do, but i did tear up a lottt. just go see it if you havent. other than that me and amara just caught up with eachother and looked through magazines. or as this random guy said, "forget it. they're looking through bitch magazines." whatever..lol. i missed her! it was definitely nice to see her again. hopefully it'll happen more often though.

im out. gonna call chiara. ttyl. x0x0.

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:: 2004 21 July :: 12.16 pm
:: Music: gett his party started

everyone seems to be doing the
1. i prefer being called sam

2. my eyes are hazel, and they can change color

3. my middle name is ann

4. i do have curly hair

5. i have one brother and one sister

6. my favorite color is purple

7. i love monkies and butterflies

8. i love hugs and kisses

9. i hate when people judge me

10. i am a procrastinator

11. i am out spoken

12. im very independent

13. i enjoy alone time

14. but i also love being with people, even if we dont do anything

15. i will do almost anything for friends

16. even if i dont like it

17. my parents alomst divorced and my dad moved out for a week

18. i was forced to visit

19. i wanna go to UF

20. not sure if i wanna be a lawyer or a psychcologist yet

21. i am smart, im just lazy

22. i dont like people who are concieted

23. i love to help people

24. i like photography

25. i am a shop-aholic

26. i'd rather have a few good friends than a lot of 'ok' ones anyday

27. one of my interests are in archiology/geology

28. i love drawing

29. yes, i did have a piece in a museuem. but i was young.

30. i took dance for 6 or 7 years.

31. ib forced me to quit

32. i really dont think ib is THAT bad

33. i think since we all procrastinate- it makes it suck.

34. i will stand up for whatever i believe in..no matter who you are too

35. i have never tried drugs or smoking

36. i hate hilary duff

37. you could say i have a very messed up family

38. my grandpa passed away a day after my birthday. RIP charles

39. a good friend of mine was murdered because an idiot thought he was gonna rob his house, but yet, he answered the door and saw him running away. RIP mark

40. who answers the door for a robber?

41. i have 6 nationalities: italian, trini, irish, german, english, and venezuealan.

41. i love being girly

42. but i also like acting like a boy at times

43. food is a passion in my family

44. its one way we show that we love eachother

45. we now own a motorcycle

46. im attached to my cell phone

47. i do like taking care of myself--no im NOT superficial

48. i dont like people who think theyre better than ohers

49. i feel bad for nerds

50. i have never seen snow

51. i have never been out of the country

52. im extremely organized

53. its one form of therapy for me

54. i always write when im upset

55. to relax myself i like to burn candles and listen to the ocean

56. i like all kinds of music- for the most part.

57. i love being stupid

58. and i really love it when other people are stupid with me

59. i dont worry about the future

60. i try to be very positive

61. i swallow a lotta crap people do to me

62. when im really pissed, i hit things..but not people.

63. i like dancing in the rain

64. i think a family is very imprtant in a person's life

65. im mature for my age

66. i am a bit of a perfectionist

67. i think the beach is a great place to be when you need alone time

68. i think im cinderella

69. i adore the mountains

70. i love animals

71. i go away every summer with my aunt and uncle..along with my brother and sister.

72. i do not know how to do laundry

73. baking is another way for me to relieve stress

74. and its also really good

75. i have a banking account

76. i tend to take care of people. kinda like a mom would when theyre little

77. im not a morning person

78. i really like english

79. i actually like going to museuems

80. i think dinosaurs are cool

81. i fear sharks and dark bathrooms (dont ask)

82. i hate coffee

83. i scare very easily

84. i shake while i laugh

85. and i squeak

86. i can be very gullible

87. i was a girl scout when i was little

88. i used to live in coral springs

89. i was a safety patrol :(

90. i freak out when i see bugs

91. i hate complainers. people need to be more grateful

92. i think if people were to look at the good things in life insead of all the negative, they'd have less stress

93. nor would they get depressed as easily

94. i think people should always take responsibility for their own actions. you cant blame any one but yourself

95. my last name is hum-phrey not hump-free

96. i dont like crying, therefore i rarely do. unless the time calls for it

97. i like making people happy- even if i have to make a fool of myself

98. i dont like video cameras

99. and i do take pictures, just not by MYSELF

100. i never thought i'd reach this point.

wow. im def. done. x0x0.

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:: 2004 20 July :: 11.59 pm

stole from kaila
Name::samantha aka sam aka sammi aka.....
Birthplace::coral springs, fl
Eldest, Middle, Youngest, Only Kid?:eldest
Family::mom, dad, sister- alex, brother- reece
Pets::my baby- harley
Do you go to school::yes..ib nerd
What is your highest level achieved?:10th grade
Do you have friends?:yes ma'am
Do you like to be lonely?:no..who does?
What color are your eyes?:hazel..but im told they change
Do you like it?:yes
What color eyes do you want?:mine are good
What color is your hair?:dirty blonde
Do you like it?:yeah..
What color do you want?:a little lighter than it is
Do you dye your hair?:nope..all natural
If yes, how regularly?:never
Do you wear glasses?:nope
Do you have a trademark?:my eyes, the whole butterfly/cinderella thing is catching on though lol
How tall are you?:5'2"
What's your heritage/nationality?:lol..italian, trini, irish, engish, venezuelan, and german
Do you have the same hairstyle everyday?:no..thats boring
Do you think you look exciting?:i guess/hope so
Are you self concious?:yeah :(
Do you obsess over your looks?:not obsess..but i can be picky
Do you even care about your appearences?:yesss
How long do you spend in the bathroom?:well, to get completely ready about a half hour
About life... again
Punk/Goth/Ghetto/Prep/Jock/Nerd/Other (list)? stereotype?:i dont really fit into ONE category
Do you pick your nose? In secret?:no..
Do you like yourself? Life?:for the most part
Are you liked by people?:i think so
Do you want to become famous?:no, just rich lol
Do you want to make a difference in this big world?:yeah
Why?:i just think some major changes need to be made
Fun Stuff
Which celebrities do you worship in secret?:not really...maybe..i dunno
Are you one of those people who diss fans of a music genre you don't like?:no. i hate when that happens
Which pop princess shits you?:shits me??
Can you sing?:i sing when im alone
Can you act?:depends when...
Who is your fave actor?:dont have one
Fave movie?:dont get to see enough movies to have one
Backstreet Boys or Nsync?:backstreet boys! lol
Good Charlotte or Blink 182?:good charlotte
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?:christina aguilera
Slayer or Black Sabbath?:huh?
The Beatles or The Monkees?:the beatles
ABBA or the A Teens?:a teens
Guilty pleasure?:dipped strawberries..cheesecake
The Simpsons or Family Guy?:never saw family guy..
MTV... yeah or neah?:yeah
Do you have a group of friends?:yes
How many?:well..i have 2..
To an onlooker, what would your group be viewed as?:craazy, fun, loud, probably think we're high lol
Who are you closest to?:kaila, amara, amy, carlos, chiara, lisa, sameen, ashley
Who is your best friend?:didnt i just answer that?
Are any of them bad influences?:no..well maybe amara..jk lol
Who are you in your group? The leader? The leader's bitch? The follower?:hmm..dunno..both leader and follower
Are you dirty minded?:heh..i admit it
Do you have any sexual feelings towards friends?:no..
Generally, how are you viewed in your group?:oh, im loved.
Do your friends know you?:i'd say so
Are you single or taken?:single :(
If single:
Do you want to stay single?:no
Why are you single?:how the hell would i know?
Do you date around?:i go out..but nothing serious
When was the last time you have a bf/gf?::(..a whilee..
Life... yet again.
Are you bored?:sorta
Can you play any instruments? Which ones?:nope
Math or English?:english
The Arts or Sciences?:arts
Technical or Creative?:creative
Are you poetic?:can be
How many babies do you want?:2
Do you spend most of your time on the net?:depends what im doing
What do you think of your country's leader?:i dont think he's that bad
Do you love me?:sure..
Why?:you took up my time
What kind of meat do you like to eat?:chicken
What's your favourite food?:chicken parmesan
I'm bored now. Wanna stop?:yeah
Because I am.

A long survey to do when you are bored brought to you by BZOINK!

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:: 2004 20 July :: 11.23 pm
:: Mood: dorky
:: Music: scandalous

what do you want for your birthday?? i was thinking of that while watching tv..so i decided to put it in my journal. and i know you read it..so i'll be waiting for a reply!!

x0x0. love you!!

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