If I don't make it known that/ If i dont make it, know that/ I've loved you all along/ Just like sunny days that/ We ignore because/ We're all dumb and jaded/ And I hope to god I figure out/ What's wrong/


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:: 2002 18 September :: 12.12 am
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: fan

I havent written alot. seems weird to write everyday stuff down here. everything that happends means something to me and nothing to the ppl that might happen to come accros my little journal dealy. sooo. it seems kinda useless ill just stick to my good ole paper and pens...i dont ask for comments. cause "its none of yo buisness" as Salt n peppa would say. haha

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:: 2002 28 August :: 11.24 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: fan

what now?
Ok so its been a weird day. basically just slept alot. stayed in my room alot. and did anything besies studying. yea me! hmm today will be better hopefully. i need some excitment~no quote today really.

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:: 2002 25 August :: 1.25 pm
:: Mood: UGH
:: Music: my hall. its so freakin loud

what do i do
ok, ive come to my first delema. im bored out of my mind. what am i supposed to do with all my time i ask you? i can only look at the computer screen for soo long., for the time being we dont have a tv hooked up to cable, i need to find a time when my brother is home to borrow DVD.dang. i am bored. and just feeling really antisocial.
o well. ill write more later. hopefully ill have something fun to talk about

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:: 2002 25 August :: 1.44 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: dasboard confessionals

im just wrirint cause im tired and my roomates just left me to go take a smoking break. I cant believe classes are starting soo soon..I need to find some cool ppl here on campus, tonight i went into a couple frats..it was dumb. that is soo not my scene. but o well. they think theyre cool for the time being..theyll realise how stupid they are later, hopefully. ok im tired. write more later. quote of the day from frat boy #2 "what are you looking to do tongiht..my reply..and what else" he says while making me want to punch him in the balls by the way hes looking at me. lol o well

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:: 2002 24 August :: 10.11 am
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: fan in window

man, i am in pain this morning...i wasnt planning on actually waking up but melissa caight me onine. i think im just going to lay in bed till 1 or so. i dont think im going to get use to this whole..college expericane very fast..but no puking for me! yea me!

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:: 2002 24 August :: 1.54 am
:: Mood: buzzed
:: Music: ppl in my hall

today was so ful of stuff i dont even know where to start. wow. um went to the frat road. it was weird. all the guys look the same. all the girls look the same. i was still freindly to them though. saw alishea. shes calling me tomorrow cause theres some parties she knows are going on..hmm its been raining soo much, it kinda sucks. i dotn want classes to start yet but i kinda do. its nice to have a routine to follow. you know? OK so no quote today. im going to tell a happy storey.
4 guys:totally stupid and ignorant, trying to pick up girls in car, one girl turns then down, power to teh girls!, 2 minutes later...guys get pulled over!! mwahahaha

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:: 2002 23 August :: 1.06 am
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: some alecia keys song

So im here. it feels weird. and supringly i wasnt nervous at all. but now im here. im dead tired. lol almost everyone is out tonight. but im soo tired. its not even worth it. ill write more later

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:: 2002 21 August :: 12.50 pm
:: Mood: melancholy
:: Music: the luckiest-Ben Folds

WHoa. where'd it all go?
COllege. im going to college tomorrow. im leaving. wow. i just got my info. called two of my roomates. its real now. before it wasnt, it was the idea. but now its here. and i have no idea how to even start explianing how im feeling.
anyways. i talked to 2 of my roomates. they seem pretty cool. from the whole 10 minutes i talked to them. One of the girls is actually from Rockford too. but she went to school in Greenville..so thats kinda cool. if we ever need to share rides. wow. my stomach hurts just thinking about it. i couldnt sleep last night. so i talked to afew freinds online. thank God for the internet. i think its the only thing thats going to keep me sane the first week at school.
almost cried today..but its not going to happen!:)
I just havent had to make freinds in such a long time. like the past few years..you just kinda meet freinds through other freinds you already have..now its like..hey you like the color pink? i like the color pink too! no way. lets me best freinds. lol i dont know. i just think..its hard when youve gone through SO MUCH with some freinds in high school, and now i have to make them on what?...lol do i even know how? im not soo sure. hmmm ill write more later tonight when in a less..."deep" mood.

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:: 2002 20 August :: 12.19 pm
:: Mood: overwhelmed
:: Music: Eat the Rich

2 days!
wow. i was just reading some rendom journals on this thing...there are alot of bored angry ppl out in the world. kinda sucks that theyre gonna live their live complining about things..o well, your life is what you make it i suppose. SO, 2 days till i leave, and i havent bought basically everything i still need. and i havent packed at all. its kinda nice when BOTH of my pairs of parents go on vacation during this time. leave me with all this crap and no money. O well. i guess i have to start getting used to being the poor college student, it gives character i think. hmm other than that..what else?
o my friend invited some internet guy to my house on sunday. that was really not cool. and then she goes downstairs so i have to talk to him the whole time. Shes so lucky i love her so much, cause she is messed up in the head. hmm quote for the day..hmm "come away with me and i will write you songs" lol, hey i never said they were going to make sense..

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:: 2002 18 August :: 11.08 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: more john mayer

i hate money
today i went shopping for dorm crap. and i came to the revelation that money is evil. not that i didnt really know that before. i still need alot! and instead of bargin shopping and whatnot tomorrow im going to the beach..good priorties there, dont you think. but o well i want tpo spend time with freinds.. yeah. i dont feel like writting anymore

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:: 2002 17 August :: 10.45 am
:: Mood: groggy
:: Music: My freind Nicks version of "My Sundown"

Im Back
Ye Ha. Im back. OK so petoskey was fun. Except that i am really really burnt on my left side of my face. yes you heard right. just the left side. dont know exactly how that happened. i wish we could put more pics on this cause i would put one on here, but oh well. But i got some good news today, my dad finally called and found out my housing info..which is good seeing as how im moving in this comming week. SO i suppose i should call my roomies soon. Im still kind of sleeping off last night. not really the most exciting friday night ever..but it was fun. I killed everyone at pool yesterday. so that made my night more fun. i was actually suprised at how many ppl were at pockets last night...i really wish they would put new pics in the showcase though. the ones of me look awful. ..why am i blabbing you ask? i dont know. so i'l leave you with this new phrase i intend to start using that i got from a book i was reading this weekend. "She looked like she was packing tictacs"
But I'll let you all just imagine what it means..

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:: 2002 14 August :: 1.09 pm
:: Music: Norah Jones~ Come Away With ME

yeah. another lovely day. i met my freind today, of coarse i said too much. im sure ill hear all about what i told her from someone else in a few days. thank God i am out of that city! i do not know what i would do if i had to deal with all the small town bs they always talk about. I actually think its funny how ppl there JUDGE ME. sorry to burst your sad little bubble, but its not my fault youre all living in some fanasty world where you think everone cant see what your doing..I just think that people try to figure me out, and its impossible i cant even do it.. so i think they just tell themselves that im ignorant or something..ahh. im not making sence..b/c no one here knows what im talking about in the fist place. and if i said anything i would just be back in the same place as i am now..it sucks when you trust ppl too easily. b/c basically everyone is just evil:) ahhh nice venting..
"life is short but sweet for certian" i might was well not let it bug me. Im starting to feel bad..taco bell at 10 in the morning. not a good idea. Im supposed to be leaving in almost 2 hours for Petosky for some "bonding time" with my mom..havent packed yet..if it keeps raining like this i might was well just bring some plastic bags and duct tape and call it good. ok so im rambling. peace out my freind.

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:: 2002 14 August :: 12.06 am
:: Mood: beyond tired
:: Music: the thunder outside

hmm yeah. so im really tired and yet..not sleeping. im a smart one arent i? I think im just trying to put off tomorow. im hanging out with a freind i havent talked to al summer besides the past couple of days. and everytime i talk to her she tries to get all this gossip out of me..HELLO! WE ARE OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL! no one cares anymore. lol o well. i just have to be strong and keep my mouth shut..i feel sorry for ppl that have to gossip like that all the time. yet my freinds are so weird. i hate to admit it. but some of my freinds are soo shallow. just the other day. i was walking in meijers(gotta love meijers) and she actually said, and i quote "i would hate to be freinds with ugly people, think about it..they just make you look bad when you are with them" to which i replied..with my mouth haning down to the ground b/c of what she just had said. you "you are a werid shallow person"
yes. thats my quote for the day..

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:: 2002 13 August :: 8.22 pm
:: Mood: sleepy
:: Music: John Mayer~Not Myself

yipee my first entrie.
Im very ashamed of myself. it took me a full 10 minutes just to figure out how to write in this stupid thing.hmm what to write. i want to do one of those quiz thingys that everyone has on here. although they really annoy me when i get them in email i figure no one will read this anyways, and then i can go back and laugh at myself later.
Today~ today i woke up crazy early and drove for what felt like foever up to central..and it was alot less freaky than i thought it would be. but OF COARSE. something has to happen. Of all my 4 years of high school i really only totally disliked one person..the whole time!! and i only went to school with this person for one year! but as fate would have it. he just happened to be in my room for orientation. and it looks like he's done ALOT of growing up since i last saw him(note the sarcasm). Im sure that lots of the ppl on this site know who he is acuse he went to Cedar..but i wont mention names cause on the slight chance that he sees this i will feel really bad.
But all in all i had a pretty good day. i think i have a good scedule for the fall im out of school at 3 on friday! which rocks, cause im taking 14 credit hours, and my week is really full. hmm was going to take intro to clogging..but decided against that. im sure mommy and daddy wouldnt have liked to see that class on the bill. o well. another time i suppose. thats all for now.

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