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User:screamtillashesfall (user# 20119)
Name:// your ears will bleed ; they need conversation.

Cheer Up. Yeah, this is going to be difficult for you, seeing as how you haven't really been accepted into it yet. THE Rules... - No making fun of or ruining the bands/activities posted in the 'interests' sections. -WhEn YoU tYpE LiKe DiS i WiLL sImPLy bAn YoU oUt oF mY LiFe. =) - I don't like stereotypes, don't use them on people. - When you smart-mouth someone else in this community, you can simply see to the door and never come back because I really don't care. - Don't be one of those wannabe hardcore kids coming in here and saying that they love Slipknot and cutting themselves. (thats just not cool) - The one thing I hate in this world is Dashboard Confessional (if you like them, you can, just don't mention them to me or make me add them to the interests, b/c it simply won't happen. So, good day, and the application is in the journal, send it to me and I'll make you a friend, until then this journal's friends only. Thank you dolls.

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