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:: 2004 3 November :: 10.25 pm
:: Mood: awake


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:: 2004 6 August :: 2.50 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: television

I havent updated in almost 4 months!! man time goes by so fast! I guess I have just been a little busy and unable to write. So much has happend... for starters Tuesday I got laid off my job because the attorneys that I worked for cannot afford to pay us all anymore so he laid off me, one of his attorneys and her paralegal. That totally sucks because now I need to go find another job and I really like the one I had. We will be getting 2 weeks severence pay though to make up til we find different jobs which helps considering I pay $500 a month for daycare. Mike moved in last week I am so happy about that hopefully things will be great. I am happy for baby Michael to have his daddy around. Baby Michael is getting to be such a big boy :) he weighs about 23lbs still but he's pretty tall and he just turned 18 months on the 4th WOW it seems like i just had him!! He is really cute though.. he says a few words like baby,bubbles,baloon,ball,mama,dada,nana,pa,thank you and bye mostly B's but he's comming along well. He's a really good walker and he runs now too.. mostly from me..lol.. he's got about 12 teeth and he's getting quite a bit of blonde hair :) man he is such a cutie!! hehe .. well I'll try updating more frequently! ttyl <3 Kayla

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:: 2004 26 April :: 4.12 pm
:: Mood: content

I havent wrote in here in awhile but not a lot has happend. I've just been taking care of baby Michael and being with Mike. I can't believe how much baby Michae; grows! He weighs 23lbs right now from only weighing 4lbs at birth. He's got 8 teeth 4 on top and 4 on the bottom, he walks really well and he knows where some of his features are! Its soo cute but it just seems like he's growing too quick it feels like only a week ago he was my tiny little newborn :( But I am really proud of him he's so smart and so cute! Well I dont really have anything else to say :)
<3 Kayla

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:: 2004 15 April :: 12.55 pm
:: Music: nbc2-news.. lol

I'm sick :/
I havent been up to much lately I had to watch 2 of my cousins all day on tuesday it really sucked...my aunt tried calling here like literally 30 times and I didnt answer so then she just shows up at my house and I had to answer the door cause Mikes car was here so she would know so anyway she said the daycare had closed since they were out of power or something and so she just left em here and went to work.. 1's a boy and hes 5 and the other one is gonna be 1 tomorrow thye both acted like brats so luckily mike was here to help me with our son. But anyway that had really sucked so I was way to tired to go to the ged class so I'm going tonight and this should hopfully be my last night if not definitly next tuesday so I'm excited about that. I dont feel good today though I have like a cold or something I'm all stuffed up and everything and I'm not supposed to be but I'm having my time of the month :/ well I am about to watch days of our lives and put michael down for his nap.. I'll update later <3 Kayla


:: 2004 11 April :: 5.38 pm
:: Mood: calm

It's Easter :)
Well today is easte.. my baby Michaels 2nd one. Yesterday he got a letter from the easter bunny in the mail it was so cute! Me and Mike got him a yellow quacking duck, a bucket of easter bunny cookies, and little blue shiney bunny, and an easter card.. the other things he got from the rest of the family was.. a basket ball outfit, 4 pairs of pjs, chocolate bunnies, a pair of jean shorts and a grey shirt, a soft brown bunny, a baby jet ski floatie for the pool and a little wind up duck. everything is so cute :) so easter was pretty good for him. Latey I havent updated but I've been fishing, getting sun, doing stuff with Mike.. we have so much fun fishing.. lol I usually act so gurlie so I'm surprised I love fishing so much.. hehe. well anyway no much else is new Michael is walking so good. Oh and yesterday me and Mike took him to see the easter bunny and we got his picture taken with him. well I dont really have much else to write so I'll update later! <3 Kayla

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:: 2004 30 March :: 3.28 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Dr. Phil

*my weekend*
I had a really nice weekend with Mike. Saturday morning we dropped baby Michael off with Mikes mom for the day and him and I went to a beach together to get tans together and it was really nice.. we found horse shoe crabs that were mateing lol.. the water was too cold to swim but we walked in a little bit. Sunday my nana watched Michael and me and Mike went to lakes park and went fishing and he caught 4 fish and I only caught 1 lol then before we left we went on one of those yellow water tricycles. I really like me and Mike spending time together like that.. it's great. I really want to take baby Michael with us somewhere this coming weekend like the beach or sun splash because I bought him new really cute blue winnie the pooh bathing suit shorts.. hehe well I have boring old school tonight so I better go get started on getting ready..
<3 Kayla

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:: 2004 23 March :: 1.37 pm
:: Music: tv-days of our lives

Apparently I was wrong about why Mike has been acting different.. But I still dont know exactly what it is.. Friday night Mike stayed the night and we picked up my sister and shes been here since then but shes going home tonight. Saturday night me, Mike, Baron & Keagen went to the naples mall.. but not for long because it closed so we ate at mels diner... then Baron & Keagen went home and Me and Mike slept at my house I was soo tired to I went right to sleep when we got here.. then on sunday Mike left and went wherever then I went with Jen to her friend Elizabeths house for a little visit shes so nice. Oh and we stopped by Denises house too but she wasnt home so we ate wendys and then she dropped to back off.. and Mike come at like 12:00am and spent the night. well I really dont have anything new to write about.. I have a GED class tonight. I need to feel Michael his lunch and watch days then I might go lay out in the sun by the pool.. <3 Kayla


:: 2004 17 March :: 12.56 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: TV

as you can tell I am soo freakin bored so I had all kinds of time for this survey...lol good luck reading the whole thing! lol

What is your full name::Kayla Marie Jensen
Spell your first name backwards::alyak
Date of birth::December 9,1986
Male or female::female
Astrological sign::Sagittarius
Weight::a girl never tells..
Hair color::brownw/ highlights
Eye color::brown
Where were you born::Rutland, Vt
Where do you reside now::Ft.Myers, FL
Screen names::x04evalovnmikex0
E-mail addy::x04evalovnmikex0@aol.com
What does your screen name stand for::XO forever loving Mike XO
What is your greatestjournal name::I use woohu- sexylilsweetie
What does your greatestjournal name stand for::I guess i'm just conseited..lol
Pets::1 cat
Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake::17
Piercings::2- my ears & bellybutton
Tattoo's::1- on my lower back, its a design w/ Mikes name above it
Shoe size::6
Righty or lefty::righty
Wearing::pink cheerleading shorts w/ a white & pink shirt
Hearing::the tv
Eating/drinking::moutain dew
Guys/Girls/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff
Have you ever been in love::yeah, I am
How many people have you said:1
How many people have you been in REAL love with::1
How many people have you kissed::10 I guess
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex::uh?
How many people have you dated::4 seriously
What do you look for in a guy/girl::looks,dress nice,intellegence, nice eyes.maturity..
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex::looks obviously.. what else can u notice 1st?
What type of guy/girl do you usually go for::preppy
Do you have a crush right now::if u consider my b/f a crush then yeah
If so who is it::Mike
Do you believe in love at first sight::no
Do you remember your first love::yeah, were still together
Who is the first person you kissed::matt h.
Do you believe in fate::sorta
Do you believe in soul mates::yeah
If so do you believe you'll ever find yours::I already have
Family Stuff
How many siblings do you have::1
What are your siblings names::Shannon
What are your parents names::David & Lisa
How many siblings does your mother have::1
How many siblings does your father have::3
Where are your parents from::Rutland, VT
Is your family close::yeah
Does your family get together for holidays::yes
Do you have a drunk uncle::nope
Any medical problems run through your family::not really
Does someone in your family wear a toupee::lol, nooo
Do you have any nieces or nephews::nope
Are your parents divorced::yeah
Do you have step parents::um sorta I guess
Has your family ever disowned another member of your family::no
Did some of your family come to America from another country::yea, germany
Music Stuff
What song do you swear was written about you or your life::I cant think of one right now..
What's the most embarrassing cd you own::sir-mix-alot.. lol
What's the best cd you own::murphy lee.. since its one of the very few I have..
What song do you absolutely hate::perfect by simple plan.. omg its annoying as hell
Do you sing in the shower::nope
What song reminds you of that special someone::ginuwine-differences
Okay, I Name An Artist And You Give A Lyric From Any One Of Their Songs!
Pink::there you go...
Aerosmith::I dont wanna close my eyes..
Madonna::we r living in a material world & I am a material girl..
The Beatles::here comes the sun..
J.Lo::my love dont cost a thing..
*Nsync::BYE BYE BYE..
Limp Bizkit::its all about the he says she says bullshit..
Stacie Orrico::?
Britany Spears::I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..cant you give me 1 more chance..
Good Charlotte::hold on when you feel like letting go..
Christina Aguilera::come on over, come on over baby..
Eminem::wont the real slim shady please stand up..
Kelly Clarkson::some people wait a lifetime for a moment likethis..
Kelly Osbourne::?
Mandy Moore::i wanna be with you
Eve::callin bytches on the cell..what the hell.. lol
Nelly::I am #1
Alicia Keys::?
Food::prime rib, lobster, spagetti..
Song::I like so many!
Show::passions & days of our lives
School subject::language arts
Animal::kitten or bunny
Outfit::I dont know..
Radio station::105.5
Movie::The sweetest thing & the ring
Pair of shoes::um?
Actress::sarah michelle gellar
Potato chip::salt & vinigar or cheddar & sour cream
Drink::shirley temples, vingin margaritas and virgin strawberry daquris lol
Soda::moutain dew & code red
Holiday::christmas and my birthday
Perfume/cologne::victorias secret-pink twilight, tommy girl, white dimonds, & ralph lauren(blue one)
Pizza topping::pepperoni
Jello flavor::cherry
Lunch meat::turkey or roast beef
Card Game::poker 21
Video game::i dont play
Book::summer sisters- judy blume
Computer game::the sims lol
Cereal::reeces peanut butter puffs
Comedian::ellen degeneres lol she is sooo funny!
Dessert::strawberry shortcake
Disney character::tinkerbell
Clothing store::burdines, belles,charlotte russe..stuff like that
Past time::Im not sure
Teacher::Mrs. Stender(5th grade) and Mrs. Basil(kindergarden)
Childhood toy::my kayla monkey
Carnival game/ride::the rocking boat
Candy bar::snickers
Salad dressing::ranch or ceaser
Thing to do on the weekend::go shopping
Hot drink::hot chocolate
Sport to watch::football
Person to talk to online::Mike and Keagen
Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits
What color are your sheets::white w/ cherries on them
What color are your bedroom walls::a really light purple
Do you have posters on your wall::nope
If so of what::nope
Do you have a tv in your bedroom::yes
How many pillows are on your bed::4
What do you normally sleep in::cheerleading shorts
Describe your favorite pair of pajamas::see above
What size bed do you have::2 twins pushed together lol
Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed::2 twins
Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom::nope
Describe the last nightmare you had::it was about my cat dying
Do you sleep with stuffed animals::nope.. just mike.. hehe
How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed::2
How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed::onece again..2
Any unusual sleeping positions::on my side
Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling::no
Do you snore::nope
How about drool::ew no
Do you have an alarm clock in your room::yes
What color is the carpet in your room::light grey
What's under your bed::boxes of baby michaels clothes that dont fit anymore
This or that
Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west::wicked witch of the east
Make love/have sex::make love
Swiss cheese/american cheese::american
Real World/Road Rules::real world
Backstreet Boys/*Nsync::*nsync
McDonalds/Taco Bell::mc donalds
Winter/summer::umm i cant decide
Read/watch tv::watch tv
Colored pictures/black and white photos::colored
Mexican food/chinese food::chineese
Scary movies/comedies::scary
Bikinis/one piece bathing suits::bikinis
Sandals/tennis shoes::sandals
Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights::white
Austin Powers/James Bond::james bond
Hip/hop::hip? lol
Passionate kiss/peck::passionate kiss
WWE wrestling/ real wrestling::neither
Back rub/foot massage::foot massage
Picture frames/photo albums::photo albums
What Is Your Opinion Of The Following
Virgins::thats really good
God::I dont have an opinion
The Osbournes::crazy
Reality TV::too many of em
J.Lo::shes getting old..
Emo music::lame
Valentine's Day::great :)
Christina Aguilera's comeback::it was good
Homosexuals::um I think they were born that way?
Abortion::i think its seriously wrong and selfish
Inter-racial relationships::I wouldnt personally, but I dont care
Pre-marital sex::umm.. I wish I would have waited.. so I dont think its good, unless u already ruined it.
Terrorism::its getting annoying
Fortune Tellers::fake
Threesomes::i dont know
Prostitution::sick & dirty
Country music::boring
George W. Bush::lol hes a nerd
Cloning::i dont think its safe
Britney's boobs::fake
Gas prices in America::outragous..lol
What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?...
Jack::and the bean stalk..haha
Tiffany::breakfast at tiffanys..lol
Jennifer::my aunt
Nicole::on days of our lives
Amy::best friend from 2nd grade
Arnold::hey arnold..haha
Tom::and jerry!
Melissa::ugly alien fingers
Harold::Rutland Harold
Joel::good charlotte
Vanessa::my moms old friend
Kevin::my sister used to name all of her male barbies kevin lol
Brent::5th grade
Billy::good charlotte
Nick::carter..lol gay
Taylor::my sisters friend
Jordan::my cousin
Jamie::lee curtis
Adrian::animal lover
Have You Ever....
Mooned anyone::lol i dont know
Been on a diet::yeah
Been to a foreign country::yea
Broken a bone::nope
Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling::eww thank god no
Swear at a teacher::nope
Talked to an gj member via emails or instant messages::who?
Got in a fight::yeah
Dated a teacher::lol no
Laughed so hard you peed your pants::haha no
Thought about killing your enemy::yeah on several occations... :)
Gone skinny dipping::yeah
Met another gj member in the flesh::who?
Told a little white lie::of course
Told a secret you swore not to tell::I dont think so
Stolen anything::maybe something pety
Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid::lol no
Been on TV::nope
Been on the radio::yeah
Been in a mosh pit::no
Been to a concert::yeah
Dated one of your best friends::nope
Loved someone so much it makes you cry::yes
Deceived somebody close to you::yeah
Broken the law::no not really
Been to a rodeo::haha no
Been on a talk show::nope
Been on a game show::no
Been on an airplane::yes
Got to ride on a firetruck::no
Came close to dying::yeah
Cheated on a bf/gf::yeah :(
Gave someone a piggy back ride::lol sure i have
Terrorized a babysitter::yeah plenty
Made a mud pie::no
Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff::ooh yes
Snuck out of the house at night::yeah only a few times though
Been so drunk you don't remember your name::no
Had an eating disorder::um not really
Felt like you didn't belong::not really
Felt like the 3rd wheel::yea
Done drugs::no
Been arrested::nope
Had your tonsils removed::no
Gone to camp::nope
Won a bet::yeah
Written a love letter::yeah
Gone out of your way to be with the one you love::yeah
Written a love poem::yeah
Kissed in the rain::yes
Slow danced with someone you love::no
Participated in an orgy::no
Faked an orgasm::no
Stolen a kiss::yeah
Asked a friend for relationship advice::yup
Had a friend steal your bf/gf::no
Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love::nope
Gotten a speeding ticket::no
Done jail time::no
Had to wear a uniform to work::yeah
Won a trophy::yeah
Thrown up in public::yeah..when i was pregnant
Bowled a perfect game::no
Failed/got held back::nope
Got perfect attendance in grade school::yeah in kindergarden
Roasted pumpkin seeds::yeah
Taken ballet/karate lessons::nope
Attempted suicide::not really
Cut yourself::maybe onece ..
Childhood Stuff
Did you play with Barbies/G.I. Joes::yes
Did you own Treasure Trolls::yes
Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210::yes
Did you play Simon Says::lol yeah
Did you watch Fraggle Rock::yup!!
Did you wet the bed::no
Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed::no
Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them::yeah hehe
Were you shy::um at first
Were you spoiled::very
Were you abused::no
Did you go to the circus::yea
Did you go to the zoo::no
Were you in a car accident::no
Did you build snowmen::yea
Did you cry when you scraped your knee::yeah
Were your older cousins mean to you::yeah
Did you think slinkies were cool::no
Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer::no but i loved the ninja turtles
Were you afraid of the dark::yeah
Did you have slumber parties::yes
Did you have New Kids on the Block sheets, pillows, pajamas, sleeping bag?:nightgown
Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany::my mother did it for me..lol
Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy::yeah til i was in kindergarden
Do you believe in aliens::no
Name three things that are next to your computer::my drink, the phone,my son
Do you have any hidden talents::i dont know
Do you wish MTV would play music videos::i thought they already did..
If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be::a girly comedy or a romance
What would your movie star name be::Kayla
Do you play any sports::no
What's the scariest movie you've ever seen::the ring
What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently::cold creek manor
What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen::fear dot com
Do you drive::no
What is your dream car::escalade,navigator,mazda6,expedition,or cougar
Do you think your good looking::yeah
Do others think you are good looking::i think so
Would you ever sky dive::yeah
Do you believe in Bigfoot::i dont know
How many rooms do you have in your house::9 rooms
Are you afraid of roller coasters::nope
Do you believe in God::no
Do you believe in Satan::no
Do you believe there is a heaven::no
Do you believe there is a hell::no
Do you own a pooltable::nope
Do you have a pool::yeah
Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen::yeah
Do you like chocolate::yeah
Who/what is on your 2003 calendar::the family one has some patriotic stuff.. i dont have a personal one
How many U.S. states have you been to::5
Ever wished on a shooting star::yeah
Best Halloween costume you ever wore::i was a herium girl
Do you carry any weapons on you::lol no
What is your weakness::i dont want anyone to be mad at me or let anyone down
Name something you can't get enough of::MIKE!
Describe yourself in 3 adjectives::bitchy,attractive,lazy
How many kids do you want to have::2..i have 1 of them already
Future daughters names::Brittany
Future sons names::I dont know yet.. I already have a Michael Jr. so I dont know what i'd name a 2nd boy
What is your ideal way to die::in my sleep painlessly
How do you release stress::well for 1 thing i get a migrane..and I usually act like a bitch
Do you consider yourself a trendy person::not really
Are you an artisitic person::no
Are you a realistic person?::yeah
Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off::no
Are you a strong person::yeah I think I am in certain ways
Are you a strong willed person::what?
Who is the last person to e-mail you::myself lol.. i was saving something
Who is the last person to IM you::Mike, last night
Do you hate chain e-mails::no
Are you a deep sleeper::no
Are you a good story teller::sometimes lol.. but i laugh too much
What do you believe is your best quality::I'm a good mother and i can be really sweet
What is your greatest accomplishment::um?
Do you like to burn candles or incense::candles
Do you have your own credit card::no, i have my own debit card though
Let's say you win the lotto. What do you do with all that money?::huge house, cars, everything mike and baby michael ever want and need.. and I would also help a few other people and every1 else in my family.. and i would help the poor
Do you have a check book::yeah
Do you like your drivers licence::i like my id.. lol no license
Do you tan easily::yeah
What color is your hair naturally::brown
How many fillings do you have::0
How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit::0
Worst feeling in the world?:losing someone you love or not being loved by someone you love
Best feeling in the world::knowing that the person u love loves u and when my little boy wants me over someone else
Is the glass half empty or half full::half full
Last thing you downloaded::nothing
Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?::lol sometimes.. but not often
What do you think people think of you::um I'm not really sure
Are you a likeable person::i think i am
Do you need therapy::i little wouldnt hurt
Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance::nope
Do you love your bf/gf::yes
If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge would they call it FED UP::maybe
When are you moving::hopfully next year
What's your favorite phrase::ta-whatever

Long Survey brought to you by BZOINK!


:: 2004 15 March :: 12.35 am
:: Music: tv

My whole weekend...
I had a pretty nice weekend.. Friday night Mike came over and spent the night but he got here kinda late so we just went to bed and watched some tv. then Saturday we went to naples mall and my nana watched the baby while we went so that was a nice break and I think we had a pretty nice time.. for most of it.. the mall was cool, some of the stores instead of having manicans in the windows they have real people standing there posing like manicans lol I was so amazed! I would love that job it'd be so great! haha well anyway.. we got back at 8:00pm and baby Michael was already asleep so we sat around in the sun-room and mike was on the computer and we watched "scream" it came on tv then we went to sleep then today we got up.. returned something at Belles,went to Mikes house.. wasnt fun.. then we went to subway and then back here. We were so tired so i put baby michael down for a nap and we took one too.. lol then we woke up at like 7:00pm and went to walgreens to get my prescription and some chocolate pudding lol when we got back to my house we ate dinner then made the pudding it was so good hehe.. after that we were looking at some of the tiny premie clothes that baby michael wore when he was tiny aww :) he was soo small I almost cried just looking at his clothes... hehe and thats really all. Mike went home and he was gonna come back but it got late so he'll come over after work tomorrow so thats good... well I'm soo tired and I'm gonna go to bed.. <3 Kayla


:: 2004 12 March :: 12.39 pm
:: Music: oobie..lol (baby Michaels cartoons)

So0 Glad it's Friday...
Well It's Friday.. Mike is suposed to be spending the night tonight. I don't know what else I'm doing this weekend but I hope we go to the movies Sunday I really wanna go I havent been in forever! Well I'm gonna go do a little cleaning... <3 Kayla x0x0


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