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:: 2005 29 June :: 2.19 pm

This journal is done. I have a new one now...just thought I would let you all know!


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:: 2004 16 December :: 12.41 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: Watching...A Christmas Carol

tryin to see if i can get a code...haha???????????...hmmm! I really want one cause I need a new journal. That would be nice!!

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:: 2004 17 November :: 12.18 pm

Hey everyone i'm gonna post a friends only entry with the address for my new journal. I'm sick of everyone reading this one. People I definetly don't want to read it. MMM boy. If you aren't a woohu friend then just ask me, and if I feel the need to i'll give you the new address. So I guess that's basically for Ben. LoL. ByE!

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:: 2004 16 November :: 12.11 pm
:: Mood: tired

Late night
Yea! right now i'm lookin for a CD player for my car. Ben just left and now i'm jus talkin to Cody. School sucks. I HATE IT! Only 4 days til break...<3 that's good though. Wednesday is gonna be pretty cool. Raven's havin a party thing in 1st and in 4th. Then after school I think Jenn's gonna come over so we can go to church. It's been awhile since i've been on Weds. night...I guess I should get back inta the habit. Anyways, Chemistry class (as Mrs.Matheny would say...haha) makes me crazy. I can't stand it!! But I must say that todays work wasn't nearly as complicated as the previous. I actually halfway understood. But I know it's gonna get worse. I'm prayin I pull off a B in there. If not I have to take it again before I can get inta tech. Which majorly sucks! But yea, I really wanna go shoppin. I need some sweaters, jeans, scarves and more. Err, I know mom won't take me though. She will say "Shama, all you do is want, want, want" LoL. Well, I have nothin else to say so this was pretty much a pointless update. Just a 5 minute cure for Talk to y'all later! <3~Shama


:: 2004 14 November :: 8.56 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Shania Twain & Brian White - From this moment on

Not doin much but sittin here watchin American Dreams and my Shania Twain when the commercials come on. Well as you know I was at Jenn's last night. I woke up around 1 and then me and Jenn watched Love Actually <~ haha great movie Jenn. (Anything with Hugh Grant in it is great!) Then I went home around 4 and I had to start gettin ready for Church. Mom took me and then Cody brought me home. I am sooo happy I pretty much need to stay in a good mood like this cause if it changes that's really gonna be depressing. Cause I hate bein a bizatch. Eh. =) I don't wanna go to school this week but I guess I can count down the days of school left til' Thanksgiving break. (7 days) I am really lookin forward to not going to school all those days and spendin it with Cody and friends. Well i'm gonna get outta here now. Bye-Bye!

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:: 2004 13 November :: 4.40 pm
:: Mood: awake

Hello! Guess i'll tell ya bout my weekend so far! Last night Me, Jenn & Cody went to go see a movie that was rated R and Sarah was goin with someone too and we were gonna get their tickets cause they weren't 18 but those dumb people wouldn't let us in cause we were 16 so we saw The Grudge. Everyone but me and Cody was scared. We saw Heather, Troy, Brittany and Burton there and like none of them got scared either. After the movie we came back to my house. Cody stayed here for awhile and Jenn stayed the night. Last nite was wonderful.......<3 yep. Jenn went home around 11 today to go to town and when she comes home I guess ima be goin over to her home to stay the nite. Okay well she just called me so i'm gonna go. Talk to y'all later!! Bye~Bye!


:: 2004 9 November :: 4.56 pm
:: Mood: shaky
:: Music: Sugar Ray - When it's over

Okay so we had a class meeting after school and Sarah dropped me off afterwards. Well as soon as I got outta the car I heard tires squealin down on the road and crashin noises like, majorly. Well, I started yellin for Sarah to stop and I told her I thought Ben and Alan had wrecked so I went around the side of the house like with tears in my eyes cause ofcourse it's me, I thought of the worst. A lot of stuff ran through my mind...stuff you couldn't imagine would run through someones head in 15 seconds. I still had my books so I like threw em on the ground and mom came outside n was like u need to call 911 and I ran down the hill and saw Andy and Heather walkin across the road. Well Andy was goin down the hill before ya get to my house and his tire blew and he spun like 2 times and crashed into the hillside. His car is messed up pretty bad in the front...Heather cracked the windshield with her head so it's like all swollen n purple and she hurt her legs, but Andy was alrite cuz he had his seatbelt on. But Heather came up here with me and we called her family and they came and pulled the car outta the ditch. I am just so glad they are okay....ahh. So scary!! I'm still all shaky. I feel like it's my problem, I need to get over it right But yea, that keeps flashin in my head all the stuff I thought when I heard that noise...I Love You Ben & Alan!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay well i'm gonna go, i'll update y'all later! ~Shamarie~


:: 2004 7 November :: 9.44 pm
:: Mood: good
:: Music: Keith Urban - Somebody like you

I've been doin nothin all weekend cept watchin Lifetime movies and bein lazy. It's the I went to church tonight and now i'm watchin How to lose a guy in 10 days. I love it! Oh yea, I watched The cat in the hat yesterday on HBO or Starz I don't remember but it was really cute...I liked it =) Also yesterday I finished my book All American Girl, it was really good...I liked it. Anyways, I have a new screen name if anybody wants to add me, piink iicing 1 <--it's beautiful right? Blah! Back to school tommorow. I hate gettin up at freakin 7:20 every morning it sucks majorly. Well I need to get outta here. Bye!


:: 2004 5 November :: 11.55 pm
:: Mood: disappointed

Pictures suck...
My self-esteem is pretty low right now. I'm really upset about a few things. I wish I had all the friends I thought I had...ones that I could count on to be there for me and not go behind my back and talk about me constantly. Just about every time, I find out. Congratulations, you've once again succeded in making me feel like shit.

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:: 2004 4 November :: 11.13 pm
:: Mood: blah

My allergies are KILLIN me...ugh! Well enjoy this. Bedtime kiddies, later!

Name: Shamarie
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Interests/hobbies: shopping, singing, listenin to music, friends, vacation
Describe yourself in 5 words: sweet, crazy, caring, generous, quiet

Color: Pink
Food: Mashed Potatoes, ofcourse!
Animal: Dolphin
Bands: Maroon 5, Good Charlotte...ehh that's all really. Now country, Emerson Drive, Rascal Flatts...many more!
Movies: Shrek 2, Bring it on, Christmas Vacation
Television shows: The Ashlee Simpson Show, Laguna Beach, Newlyweds, The Real World
Song At the moment: Phil Vassar - Real Love, Shania & Billy - Party for two, & I love Destiny's Childs new song =)
Your opinion on...(pick 4 things)
Drugs: Drugs are wrong. They ruin your talents and abilitys in life. If you do drugs, get help immidiately and quit, If you don't, you shouldn't ever start.
Religion: I'm a christian. Myself, I think everyone should get to know God. But that's only one opinion
Capital punishment:
Abortion: Don't even get me started. This is my third choice but if I start it will take me an hour.
Life: You should cherish life and enjoy every single day of your life, because who knows when the good Lord is gonna decide it's your time to go just be happy, be yourself, have fun, live in the moment. You can only live once
You are stranded on an island, the 4 things you would take would have to be: Food, Deodorant, Lip Gloss, and A friend
Have you ever done drugs? Never have, never will.
Embarrassed yourself? If so, how? Millions of times.....
Cuss a lot? Pretty much...lately! But not usually. I am pretty good about that kinda thing.
How long does it take you to get ready? Depends on where i'm going....School - 25 mins. Out with friends or family - 1 hour tops.

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:: 2004 3 November :: 10.04 pm
:: Mood: amused

LoL...I can't write anything in this journal can I? So I deleted the last entry...i'm just such a bad, bad girl lol. To rephrase the last entry: We lost the game 10-12. It was a big let down but oh well. Homecoming dance was afterwards and it was pretty fun! Afterwards I went to Sarah's. Had a grrrrreat time! I went home the next day and slept all day long cause I only had like 2 hrs of sleep. Tiredness! Sunday I didn't really do much, and then I decided not to go to school Monday cuz I didn't wanna go on that field trip then Tuesday there was no school cause of Election Day (BuSh WoN!!!) and then last night me and Cody went with mom and dad to the mall and seen Surviving Christmas. It was really good. Ben Affleck is pretty much hottness =) HaHa...Today school was pretty boring like usual. Nothin outta the ordinary! Friday is the last home football game which is kinda sad...Christmas is less than 2 months away!!! Can't wait. I love the feeling! Well i'm gonna go y'all. ByeBye!


:: 2004 28 October :: 2.39 pm
:: Mood: anxious

Well yea...this whole week has been spirit week. I haven't really been in the spirit tho. I dunno why! I dressed up in PJ's and a hat on Monday and Tuesday me n Sarah were Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker. Pretty great lol. Tommorow i'm gonna wear the shirt I made, cause it's Spirit day! Right now i'm sittin in 4th period...I hate this class, we don't do much but that kinda gets boring at times. I like the room it's in tho I can't wait to go home! I'm goin shoppin to get a homecoming outfit. I'm not sure what i'm gonna get yet, but I have an idea!=] Ashley W and Bo jus had me feel somethin really weired on the back of his neck it's like a bump and it pops. Weiredness! I have a rib like that...when I push in on it, it pops back out. Kinda gross, but cool...haha. Ugh, it's 20 til n the bell don't even ring til 10 after 3. I guess i'll be able to deal with it for the remainder. Blah! I am tellin ya. I hate this school and all of it's gay new rules. I better not get myself started so...i'm gonna go!!


:: 2004 24 October :: 12.14 am
:: Mood: distressed

Oh...where to begin!? Well Friday night, Me, Sarah, Alan, Ben and Jonathan went to out. We left at about 10 til 5 and Alan called us when we were bout halfway to Barboursville and him and Ben had blown a tire lol, but they get er fixed n got there on time. We ate at Outback first, then we went to Cabell Midlands game and then we decided to go to Alan's sisters for a lil bit and Alan almost got pulled over on the way We got home around midnight, maybe a lil before. Then today I got up and got ready and went to the Marshall game with the football team and a few cheerleaders. They played the Buffalo Bulls and they whipped them BAD. It was awesome =] Afterwards we all went to eat at Golden Corral and some of the Marshall players were there so ofcourse, they had to hit them up for autographs. Oh and I can't fail to mention a few ppl tellin the Golden Corral employees that it was PETEY (Alan's) birthday and they made him stand on his chair and they sang and Alan like danced in his chair. I was pretty much sittin at his table and it was embarrassing I laughed soooo hard. Good followed the bus down there so afterwards we decided to go to Wal-Mart to get some stuff then we got home around 11:45 and here I am. I think Sarah's comin over tommorow. Monday is hat day...but we're makin it get up and go day. I can't wait! hehe lol. Well i'm gonna go, ttyl! <3~Shama


:: 2004 20 October :: 7.44 pm
:: Mood: bored

Ahh...I haven't updated for awhile. I guess i'll tell you bout my week.
Sunday-Went to Church in the morning then Cody came over...watched Love actually n got pizza.
Monday-Was a JV game...we tied with Southern 6-6. Awesome game =]
Tuesday-Didn't do much of anything but go to school. So exciting! Then I hadta stay after with Mrs.Matheny <~ that was sooooo fun, let me tell ya! But at least I have a C in there now.
Today-Cody came over at 7:45 to bring me some money for school shirts. School=Boring, as usual. Something took place in 3rd period that I think we all may get in trouble for...and other things took place. Eh. Let's not go into that. Anyways, Mom and Dad went to town today and got me some new hot pink PJ pants with Eeyore on em and some hot pink sheets for my bed. They're perdi. =] Oh yes, my mommy got a job <~ I need one of those here ina few months, lol. Anyways, she starts at Target sometime in November =] They got Jazzie a squeaky lil ball and she won't shut up with it. It's VERY loud...
Oh yes, the penny war is gettin serious. We've got something in the works though...! Tommorow I might go do sumthin with Cody, then Friday, I may go to a football game n out to eat with Sarah, Ben, Alan, Jonathan & Trent. Not totally sure bout the people. Hmm, well i'm gonna go now, talk to ya'll later!!! Bye*


:: 2004 11 October :: 9.37 pm
:: Music: Rascal Flatts - Here's to you!

Rascal Flatts song dedicated to their fans =]
-They got three in the front and four in the back of a civic
Camped out all night on the sidewalk just to get tickets
With their hands on the fence in the back by the buses and the limousines
Just to get a glimpse of a drummer or a singer yeah anything
And they come from miles around
For that moment when the lights go out they scream
-It's the girls in the front row singing
It's the boys with the wheels that bring them
It's the lighters in the air and you guys up there
You're the heart and the soul and the reason we do what we do
Here's to you
-There's a silver tongue blonde trying to sweet talk her way backstage
There's a mom and a dad in the aisle not acting their age
There's a wet corvette red lipstick print on a Coors Light cup
And judging by the way she's dancing I'd say she's had enough
The guitars come alive
And you make us want to stay all night when you scream
-It's the girls in the front row singing
It's the boys with the wheels that bring them
It's the lighters in the air and you guys up there
You're the heart and the soul and the reason we do what we do
Here's to you
-It's the girls in the front row singing
It's the boys with the wheels that bring them
It's the lighters in the air and you guys up there
You're the heart and the soul and the reason we do what we do
Here's to you


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:: 2004 11 October :: 4.50 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Kenny Chesney - There goes my life

11 weeks til Christmas!
Oh my i'm watchin Oprah, and she is havin a special baby show...theres like a million pregnant ladies on there. She gives away soooo much stuff I would just love to go to one of her shows. HeHe. They just showed a woman havin a baby and now Kenny Chesney is on there singin!!! It's great. Martina McBrides posta sing too, I think. I wanna baby...not now but in 5 years. I can't wait!!! lol. =] I'm in a really good mood cause when we went to Wal-Mart yesterday we bought 3 movies and one of em was Love Actually. It came out last year around Christmas and I wanted to see it but I never got to. And yeah it was all romantic and Christmasy and i'm so excited for Christmas. I got out the calendar and counted how long left til Christmas. I sed only, 11 weeks! Yay! Anyways =] Yesterday when I got to the mall I got me a couple shirts, a skirt n some shoes then I went and got my hair cut. It's cute =] Then we went to Wal-Mart and I got Rascal Flatts new CD =] I won a free fan club membership. Pretty great! Today was awesome...I was soooo glad I didn't have to go to school. It = Blah. Thanksgiving Break...only bout 4 more weeks lol! Well i'm gonna go y'all. <3SHAMA!


:: 2004 10 October :: 1.03 am
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Keith Urban - My better half.

Last night, me and Cody went to see a movie. I wanted to see Raise your voice. It wasn't girly at'd think it would be, but it wasn't. It was really sad at some parts. I almost cried!! lol. Me and Cody didn't get back here til like 12. I was sooo tired so I went to sleep and I ended up sleepin til like 2 somethin today. I am so After I got ready, at like 6 haha me and Cody decided to go to the mall. He had to take some shoes back and get another pair and I wanted to get some clothes. I didn't get everything I wanted so I think me and mom are gonna go back tommorow so we can both get our hair cut and I gotta take sumthin back and I need to get a few other things.
I cannot figure out why there was one point in time that I guess I had to do everything with someone else with me n Cody (he said I was like that, I really didn't know it but now, it's like I just wanna be with him by myself all the time. I mean I want my friends there every now and then but I guess since then, i've changed my perspective a lot...ehh. Almost 10 months =] Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my last entry that at the last dance, I won 2 free tickets to homecoming. That's so awesome, lol out of all the people that were there...I won it! Me n Cody were like YES!!!!!!!! haha. I can't wait til homecoming, it's always really fun I need to get an outfit! I was gonna wear a skirt but I changed my mind I think i'm just gonna get a dressy outfit. I also need to get some PJ's for Get up & go day. That's always my favorite day of spirit week. Eh. I have until bout, the 24th to get that stuff, so...
Anyways, like I sed me and mom might go back to the mall tommorow then i'll probably go to Church tommorow evening, and then I have Monday off. Thanx to the holiday =] YaY! I can't wait til Thanksgiving Break. I'm so sick of school, it literally makes me wanna gag when I think of it. That's not good...
Well i'm gonna get outta here. LOVE~SHAMA


:: 2004 8 October :: 7.12 pm
:: Mood: groggy

Hey Everybody.
I guess me and Cody are gettin ready to go see a movie. I was supposta baby sit my lil cousins but only the 11 and 6 year old. The one thats 9 was gonna stay with my Grandma but this all ended up gettin messed up and not happenin. MY aunt is probably mad at me ughh. I'm so sicka my life. It blows. I get so sad over everything whether it be at home or school. Yeah, it's like that until I have Cody there to make it all better. I'm such a dork nowadays. And obviously everyone thinks so...hmm I dunno what to think about that. Anyways, they gave out progress reports (or something like them) today I got an A in all my classes except for Chemistry. I think I have a D in there. That class is so hard and I have no idea how to handle it. It depresses me! Anyway, mom and dad went to town and to eat and i'm here all by myself...and it's dark. I hate bein here by myself when it's dark. I haven't been lately but yeah it's 7:20 and Cody's supposta be here at 8 or so. Blah...i'll be gone soon enough I guess...heheheh i'm watchin Phil of the future and it's a halloween show. It's kinda dumb but I like it haha. Yep, I FINALLY got my Jessica Simpson dessert stuff's pretty awesome. The whipped cream lotion stuff is caramel/vanilla and the lip gloss is butter cream. I'm so excited...haha. Well I think i'm gonna go y'all talk to ya later!!! ~Shama~

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:: 2004 5 October :: 12.45 pm
:: Mood: annoyed

So...I came home early cause my nose was all messed up and I needed medicine and we didn't have any here so me and mom had to go to the store and get some. I just took it and I guess i'm gonna go back to school. Maybe at 2...we'll see. I love first period for some reason. It's always great when Mrs.Pyles is in a good mood. Second period is pretty boring but I guess it's easy. In there today I filled out like 50 some envelopes for the corn maze thing. It was such a! My nose ran the whole time I was doin that and I used about 20 tissues (no joke) It was annoying. I'm sooooo sick of it! ERRR. There's a rescheduled varisty game tonight. I'm gonna go so I can see Cody. I hardly see him through the week cause of his classes and mine. So, if it wasn't for him I would be layin at home all evening cause right now the medicine hasn't kicked in and I feel like shizzzz....ugh. I hope I feel better tommorow I don't wanna miss a lot of school...or feel nasty in class. When I feel bad I dress skankily lookin and then I feel nasty all day and my self esteem is like 0. Bleh! Well I guess i'm gonna go i'll update later...ByeBye!!


:: 2004 2 October :: 11.11 pm
:: Mood: blah

Sad Weekend.
Yeah, when I got back from Morgantown I found out my great aunt died. I can't say I was or wasn't close to her. I didn't see her very often, maybe once every 2 or 3 months (cause she lived in Parkersburg) but we talked a lot when she came in. It's really sad but it's life so you just have to deal. She was a revrend and yeah I trust that she's in a better place now because she knew God. Her viewing was today and I went at 5 when the family thing started and we stayed til 8 when it was over. I saw some family I haven't seen in awhile, and some family i've never ever seen. I saw my cousin John (who's brother Jason reminds me a lot of Brad Mates) and yeah he's really onrey (sp?) He's like 24 and he has 2 little girls. They're pretty mean But yeah, after the viewing we all went to my great grandmas to eat and he called my mom a "nigga" lol and he had a mouthful of food and he felt the need to show it to me and he told me I wasn't allowed to have any food. But he ended up basically gettin it for me...I haven't seen him for what seems like forever...i'd say is has to have been 5-10 years. VeRy SaD! =[ It's like my other aunt sed...bout the only time the whole family gets together anymore is for marriages and deaths. That's so true for my family. Anyways...If Cody still wants me to i'll go over to his house. The funeral is tommorow, but I don't think I could handle it with everyone crying so therefore I don't think i'll go. We have a game Tuesday night. I hope we whoopem' lol. Go Wildcats! ehh...Well, i'm gonna go. Talk to ye'all later! <3.SHAMA.


:: 2004 26 September :: 8.56 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Gavin DeGraw...singin on American Dreams

Oh my!
It's been awhile...Morgantown was pretty fun. I was glad to be out of school. We got home around 3 Friday and I went home and got ready and Me and Cody went to the game at Southern. They did really good in the first half but I guess they just started slackin. It always happens that that's nothin new. I'm sick of hearin about what people think of my dad and what they think of the team they can all shove it. I hear about it way too much and I just get sick of it. Blah. I hope this year goes by fast i'm so sick of school it's stupid. Very, very sick of people. But anyways...Me, Cody and Tabi went to church tonight. First time for me ina felt pretty good to go back. Now if I just keep it up i'll be in good shape =] lol. Well i'm at a loss of words so i'm gonna go. C-ya'll. <3~Shamarie


:: 2004 21 September :: 11.04 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: Keith Urban - The hard way

Hey everyone...thought i'd oughta update cause i'm goin to Morgantown and I won't be back til sometime Friday. I'm so's gonna be fun but i'm gonna miss Cody eh, I guess you'll have that when you're in love =] HeHe! Oh yes, he got me Keith Urbans new CD today (yes Ben...another CD! HaHa!) and it's awesome so far. I love Mr.Keith. He's sexii! I hope I do good in my contest tommorow i'm really nervous. I don't know what all I need! A calculator?! Ahhh! I need to stop thinkin bout it. =] You know I pray for this country actually this whole system, seriously almost every night. (I'm watchin the news right now) I just hate hearin all that awful stuff on the news everyday. It makes me sooo sad. It's awful. I wish we lived in Perfectland. such thing but that'd be cool now wouldn't it? Ehh. Hmmm well I guess I oughta get off here and finish packin and all that GREAT Tabi and Cody came over today and we watched Scooby Doo 2 and wasn't plannin on it, but we got pizza. OmG we were watchin The Real World...cause it's my shoooow. And like Willie brought this guy Daniel in and they were like takin a shower together and they got in bed naked together. It was hilarious...Shavonda was like OMG! I just saw a naked butt and she kept lookin and like told MJ to stop spyin. It's sad to say but I probably wouldn't have been able to quit lookin either i'd be like holy crap! haha...Cody was like pukin the whole time. HAHA. It was great! Earlier in the day they brought my car up here and we cleaned it...i'm talkin major scrubbin, and I put all my stuff in it. It's all pretty now =] They're takin it to get it fixed sometime soon. So, I shall be drivin at least by 2005! Yayayayay! Well i'm gonna go now. I will miss you all...HAHA. <3-Shama!


:: 2004 19 September :: 11.47 pm
:: Mood: accomplished

I'm now complete!!!
Me: Mrs.matheny is emailin me the lesson plans ;-)
Ben: good luck with that
Me: lol she is tellin me what pages i need to look over and stuff
Me: im like =-O
Ben: you should ask her if she'd like to go out for a steak dinner
Me: lol okay
Me: im seriously goin to
Ben: lol
Ben: i have to see

Me: Me: Ben wants to know if you would like to go out with him for a steak dinner?
Mrs.Matheny: That ben is a kidder isn't he. Tell him i'll accompany him if he pays for all the expenses and takes me to a romantic movie afterwards Haha

Ben: i didnt want you to mention me, i wanted you to ask her if she wanted to go with YOU! lol
Ben: a romantic movie lmao
Me: LOL she didnt really say that
Ben: lol
Me: omg i am laughin so hard i have tears in my eyes

Auto response from benkorn2000: "You don't have to be naked to dance like a stripper, just wiggle that tail like your name is flipper"

Me: that was a good one wasnt it
Me: I gave Mrs.Matheny your screen name and told her you were on and she saw your away message
Ben: lmao
Ben: thats from a song i was listening to
Ben: or is this just another joke
Me: joke
Ben: >:o
Ben: i shall get you back
Me: ive got you good
Me: its usually u doin this to me lol
Ben: i'll get you back, not sure when but i will
Me: lol
Me: sorry
Me: I LOVE YOU! lol
Ben: no, i cant live with that lol
Me: yeah you can
Ben: no, you've got one coming...actually i'll prolly forget about it by tomorrow
Me: youre mean
Me: you dont love ur bestest girl friend!!!!!!!
Ben: keep it up, and you'll be replaced
Me: you know I am the shiz and you wouldn't be able to live without me around to make ur day 100% better
Ben: you dont make my day 100% better, nobody can keep me from wanting to smack myself in the head through 3rd and 4th
Me: :'(
Me: you have succeded in making me feel worthless
Ben: payback sucks doesnt it
Ben: you punked me, i destroy your self-esteem
Me: but i was bein nice i was all like i love you youre great im great were great and you just blow me off :
Me: :'(
Ben: fine you can get me back by blowing me off
Me: what
Ben: pay me back, you can blow me off
Me: are you bein perverted
Ben: very
Me: :'(
Ben: :-X
Ben: yoda wants me to apologize
Ben: but i dont want to do what yoda wants, because he's old
Me: you make me sad
Ben: :'(
Ben: WKBW...Wimpy Kitty Baby Whiners!
Me: ok jim carrey
Ben: im drunk with power
Me: no seriously you make me very sad
Ben: we'll end this when you apologize for your hate crimes
Me: im sorry but u have to admit it was funny
benkorn2000: it was, but i cant let people win on me like that, it deflates my ego
Me: lol
Me: i scored on you
Ben: do you want me to destroy your self-esteem!
Me: no
Ben: lets call truce
Ben: until we meet again

Hadta be the best joke in the history of my jokes on Ben. Uh yeah, if that made any sense. HeHe. ANYWAYS: No school tommorow YAY! Well i'm gonna go. Bye-Bye!


:: 2004 18 September :: 11.58 pm

I Love You.
Hey everybody. I love this journal. I couldn't leave it. I realllllly like that other journal but woohu has been awesome so I think i'll keep it and write in it more than the other. LoL! Hmmm Tabi came over and Sarah came and got us and we went to the little basketball thing they had out at the school. It was pretty fun. I figured it would be really boring but it wasn't. I hope my dad definetly coaches next year so I can sing at the lil thingy they do in May. That'd be greatness =] I've been kinda sickly since I got home. Well actually ever since I ate the food out there, it was really good but I guess it kinda made me feel blllllahhh.
I went into jean designing this evening, lol. I got an old pair of pants that I had previously taken the hymn out of and put bleach spots all over em and put holes all in em...and i'm gonna see how they turn out lol. I dunoooooo! But yea me and Cody are all good now. I didn't feel aggravated and all weired like I useta when I was around him. It was just But, we will see how it goes. Lately, i've just loved the way things have been...i've gotten to talk to my friends a lot more and all that jazz. haha...I love my friends!!! I have talked to Ben this past week more than I talked to him the whole summertime. I missed it Benjiii =] I luv you! lol. I've also talked to Sarah, Luke & Alan a lot more too. I guess that's good. Tabi, well we always talked a lot! LoL, and Jenn. Hmmm. Can't say i've talked to her a lot! HA.
Today is the 18th which means I just saw Emerson Drive a month ago. I wanna see my Braddy again. I miss his beautiful voice and his beautiful hair, smile, body, eyes, AH, everything! HaHa. I am soo obsessed! Ahh, well, I guess I need to go to bed soon. I'm talkin to Cody right now I probably won't leave for another hour but, I should go to Church in the morning, but i'm just gonna go tommorow night I guess, UgH i'm awful. Amber just told me I should go in the morning cause she's tired of bein the only girl
Oh yes, you know what, I am determined to lose there's not 1 moment of the past 5 years that I haven't been but i'm really determined this time. I want to lose like 15 or 20 pounds by next year. Let's just say i'll weigh between 110 or 115 and that's what Sarah weighs. That's gonna be really hard. LoL! What motivated me was Ben callin me a fat cow the other day. [J/K Ben lol.] But yeah, i'm gonna getter done! Oh you know what...I want that new Scent stories air freshener thingy. It plays Shania Twain! That's awesome. Mom said she saw it in Wal-Mart and it was like $25. I was like WOAH. That's a definite NO for me right now cause I have like $5 and that's all. I need a job SO bad and i'm gonna get one in the spring. That's a long time away but I probably won't have a car til then...and that's not my fault so the parents better be ready for me to be beggin them for money for the next 7 months. LOL! Well i'm gonna go guys. Talk to y'all later!

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:: 2004 17 September :: 5.15 pm
:: Mood: blah

Hey everybody. This flood is pretty's kinda scary. A few roads around here are closed down because of it, and it's only gonna get worse cause the water is just gonna keep risin. I was so glad when they let school out at 1 =] but I was sad too cause they had cancelled the football game for tonite. I was lookin forward to depressed me. They're supposed to have it Monday instead now which sucks cause yea...that means we can't have a dance afterwards. Dances are Ben's wood is lonely in his locker. It could have been home tonight with Ben after the game. I freakin hate rain, it's gay. BLAH. Yes, well Tabi and I passed the test to go to Morgantown...YAY. I can't wait it's gonna be fun. Mrs.Mullins said she would put me and Tabi in a room together but she's gonna have to throw two more people in with us...hehe. Okay just now on the news they are sayin it's gonna stop rainin tonight so...humhumheee! Well I don't really have much to say so i'm gonna go guys <3-Shama


:: 2004 12 September :: 8.23 pm

Even though i'll still write in this randomly.

Go there and tell me whether you think I should stick with Woohu, or switch to that for frequent updating.

I'd appreciate it! ;)

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:: 2004 11 September :: 10.58 pm
:: Mood: listless

I've had an okay weekend so far. LoL. All my classes [excluding Chemistry] were pretty easy on Friday. Not alotta people were there. During 4th, we had a class meeting and yay...we are gettin a DJ for prom! HeHe! But yeah, Friday evening we stayed after for FFA practice. Boring!! Cody came and got me from that and then Tabi came over, and Jenn was gonna come too but she got grounded and around 8 we went up to Embassy Suites and stayed the night...we ordered pizza and watched Toy Story 2 when we got there...hehe! It was great, but Tabi made fun of me cause I laughed at the movie so much. It was depressing! LoL...we got up this morning at like 9:30 and went down and ate some breakfast. I had pineapples and a banana. YuM. HAHA. Yea we went back to the room and watched a lil Fairly Oddparents movie We found out you can get on the internet at the hotel so we got our showers then went n did that. No one was on so me and Tabi just talked to eachother, lol. Great fun! We finally went over to the mall at about 1:00, we went crazy haha. I got a shirt in Deb [that someone I know might LOVE haha!] A bracelet in Claires that says "I <3 Brad" I got it cause of Emerson Drives Brad =] Ryan Cabreras CD, 2 pairs of earrings in Claires, Some sandals that have a lil heel on em in JcPenney, A pair of those old school shoes [like know, lol] Also, I got some dark brown dye cause i'm gonna dye my hair again and some new shampoo. I think that's all, I dunno though!! Yep, Great. I got home today at like 6-7ish and I had been up since 9 so I layed down and took a nap. I'm really tired now I need to go to bed but i'm not goin to at the moment, sooo. I dunno what i'm doin tommorow? I should sleep all day...that's what I wanna do, but if I do that I would probably stay up all night and then I would like die from bein more tired than I already am at school. Blah...i'm gonna go eh, do something I dunno. Bye!


:: 2004 9 September :: 5.15 pm
:: Mood: cheerful
:: Music: Yellowcard - Only one

Paris Hilton is a whore!!
I'm so excited...Ryan Cabrera will be on TRL in a few minutes and tonight the new 'Joey' show will be on...YAY! I need to get a life. LoL, oh well. School wasn't too bad today, I slept in til like 9:15 and got all ready and mom took me out there n I was a lil late, I got there at like 10:05, the bell had just rang. We were in first period til like 11:20 then they dismissed us for lunch. It was yummy =] Chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, rolls, and all that good stuff. I pigged out! lol. Thursdays rock! HaHa, Yea today I had to stay after school for Morgantown practice. Blah. Okay so I really like Yellowcard...they're a great band. The main singer has an awesome voice. I need to get that CD too. Oh yea, regarding my subject...Paris Hilton is so nasty, I can't stand her. She's so fake and nasty lookin. She trys to be so hot and personally I jus don't think she's pullin it off. Pretty much, thinkin the only people she pulls it off for is sex crazed maniacs. UgH. Okay i'm gonna stop talkin bout her i'm gettin Sorry if I offended anyone! Tommorow evening after dad gets home from the Bishop Donahue game we are spendin the nite at Embassy Suites for dads class and then comin home Saturday evening. I'm really excited cuz I wanna go shoppin at the town center =] yayyyz! Jazzie keeps fartin and i'm serious, it's bad. Me and mom are like pukin...haha! OmG!!! They just showed Ryan backstage you could only see him from the back but thats totally fine with me, haha! Ahhh! Well i'm gonna go before the show comes back. Bye Bye!!

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:: 2004 8 September :: 11.24 pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: Ryan Cabrera - True

I love Ryan, hehehe...
Yayyyyyy. 2 hour delay tommorow, that's awesome. Although I wish we could get out all day, i'm Today was gross! It rained all day, I don't think it stopped once.'s supposta be like this all day tommorow too. I'm takin an umbrella! I stayed pretty dry today but ya know we have some idiots who decide they're gonna jump into the big LAKE that formed on the front lawn of the school! Also some idiots were like hittin Kenny and pushin him in the water and he was runnin from them. I think they crossed the line a little bit there. It's funny with the not so special people, I mean yeah, Kenny can be annoying but he can't really help the way he is. You all know what I mean. Oh well, i'm thinkin they're gonna be sorry some day. That's all i'm gonna say! LoL...anyways. I'm lookin up some info on college stuff after school. I think I decided that i'm gonna go to school for (I think it's 2 years) to be a dental assistant, or somethin along the lines of that. Cause i've always thought that'd be a good job for me cause I love the dentist =] lol. Then later on ima probably go back to beauty school. Who knows? But i'm bein really serious about the dental assisting thing. Me and Cody had some interesting conversations on the phone tonight. HAHA. Another one of those great, but stupid convos. Ahhhh! Crazyyy. Well I don't have anything else to say so i'm gonna go dry my hair and go to bed ina lil bit. I'll c-y'all. Bye!!!


:: 2004 7 September :: 11.06 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: Mom & dad are watchin law and order...blah!!

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day...
It's always good when we have flooding rains comin our way. It's been rainin all afternoon and evening, Frances is a biz. She must be mad! They just called her a fiesty lady on the news, lol. I guess she ain't that bad, we aren't gettin any of the actual BAD's gonna rain ALL day tommorow, and I couldn't help but think about all the stupid little kids that stand out in the rain and get all stinky and go in class and then ya start smellin an odor (example:) dirt and stagnite water. It's so disgusting!!! When it rains at school I hold my pants up so they don't get wet and I make a mad dash for wherever I gotta be. But yeah, also I couldn't help think about this lovely couple that makes out and practically scroggs by the trashcan (the hot spot of the school) NO joke, it seriously makes me wanna gag. Maybe if they stay out in the rain makin out, they'll quit stinkin so much. Ladies and Gentlemen, please cross your fingers. Miracles do happen =] I feel so mean, but my gosh people how much effort does it take to turn on the hot water, scrub ALL OVER and repeat daily. I am sooo sick of dirty people. I do pity those who absolutely can't take a shower cause they don't have one or whatever but these people that do and are just to lazy, and too absorbed into their drugs to jump in the shower, they have no excuse whatsoever, I guess they just enjoy making all the clean people miserable...ugh. Okay i'm gonna stop talkin about this subject...onto somethin else. Have I ever told you that my dog Jazzie is the sweetest most beautiful puppy in the world? Well she is!! She's so little. I feel really sorry for her right now cause she wants to go to bed but i'm not ready so she's like sittin in the floor by herself staring. She looks really sad, but yea she just jumped up here in the computer chair with me. Awwie...I <3 my Jazzie!
Yeah, last night 2 people I know from Church were in a really bad accident and they really need everyones thoughts and prayers right now. It was a pretty bad wreck.
Today we had a class meeting...officers are: President - Alan Dye, Vice President - Tabi Bowman, Secretary - Jenn Griffith, Treasurer - ME! yay, and Student Council Representative - Ben Midkiff. What a lovely bunch? LoL. From lunch kept gettin worse. The Convertible Blondes incident at the meeting was enough to push me. Blah! Me & Tabi volunteered to DJ the next dance. I'm kinda excited about I guess that tells ya what an exciting life I live. Ha, NoT! Anyways, I was gonna go to bed like 30 minutes ago but I started talkin to Cody. I'd rather do that than sleep...most days, lol. Love ya Cody ;] Well i'm gonna go continue talkin to him then try to get in bed at least by 12 [It's 11:35 right now] TTyL!

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