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:: 2009 17 February :: 9.40 pm

:) I read in a magazine a mention of Woohu.com and I thought I haven't been on in like years so I decided to check it out. :)

Man o' man do I miss blogging. Time is not easy to come by these days but I think blogging would make me smile occasionally!

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:: 2006 28 October :: 10.26 pm

It been awhile but I thought I would just say that I'm the best I have been in years. College has changed me into a better person...

I dont really know what to write... Lindsey call me when you get the chance:)

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:: 2006 20 August :: 5.04 pm

Packing up for college is very tireing yet exciting all at the same time! I am moving into my dorm in on wednesday!

*Got my computer set
*Office supplies
*School supplies

I get to meet my roomate on tuesday and she seems nice:)

Well I bearly use this journal anymore the only reason that I do is to keep curtain people updated. Well I will talk to you later.

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:: 2006 20 July :: 9.21 pm

Starting a new chapter...
I was thinking about alot of stuff today... an I came to the conclusion that we change, we grow up, have different outlooks on our life and the people in them. So... I decided to go through my journal and delete/ private my entries from the past. I will still write in here and it isnt friends only. I just decided that when I write something on here I will leave it up for a week or so then I will either delete it or put it private for my own memories.

Well Thats about it. I am doing great! I am excited for school to start and so I can meet all these really cool people that I have already started talking to on facebook.


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