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:: 2004 7 October :: 6.35pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: she's the blade - sugarcult

wrote this little diddy in english yesterday
the day repeatedly lulled around her as she wondered why she dealt with such dull madness. everyone and their voices blended and created a whirlwind dancing from wall to wall, engulfing her. she could feel herself sinking in her chair. the people stopped spinning around the room and went back to their normal places. she could feel the sun pouring into the room from the window that she sat by. although she felt imprisoned by the fellow folk, the window was the place she could always escape too. she peered across the field only to find a parade of colorful dots. eyebrows furrowing in wonder she squinted her eyes to catch a closer glimpse. carefully peering to see where her instructor was, she gingerly opened the window. the dots were slowly disappearing in the tall jade and golden grass. she found herself leaning bit by bit out in to the sky as she tried to follow the movement of the odd dots. she felt the cool rush of air then fell out the window. screaming, she plummeted through the air. wondering why the fall was so long she then noticed the blackness the surrounded her.

to be continued?
andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 1 October :: 5.18pm
:: Mood: :D
:: Music: the stills - lola stars and stripes

welcome to my world
last night was the incubus concert
i love live music
the thump of the bass drum as it takes over your heart for millisecond as it reverbates through your body
the shrill of the guitar as its notes travels down your veins
the fact that i could feel the bottoms of my jeans vibrate on beat
i love live incubus
'wish you were here' was magnificently beautiful
'circles' was so powerful and vibrant
i loved it all
but it was about the music
so okay brandon boyd was a nice plus
but i was like a zombie
just trying to soak this amazing music into my soul
this is going to seem salvador dali-ish
but i pictured the music coming out of a faucet as i heard it and it fell into a sink and i could see it whirling down into the drain that was symbolically my soul
'I don't do drugs. I am drugs.'-salvador dali
but i didnt really notice anything else that was goin on around me
twas the music
i was like in my own little world

andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 1 October :: 11.07am

hey everyone i just wanted to let u all know that im moving to Tampa! My parents are getting devorsed and when the papers get signed then we are leaving. So i dont really know when. But hopefully it will be tords the end of the year. Ive lived here all my life and now im moving for high school its gunna be real wierd not having u all around to be with. I will miss u all so very very much. I dont know what im gunna do with mydelf having to start all over for high school wehn people are gunna be even worse then in middle school . This is gunna suck. I will Miss garrett so much its not even funny. I will come back down every weekend that i can. To visit u all. Colleen says hi.-l0l- Well im gunna go im at school.. kk luv ya all!!

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:: 2004 26 September :: 12.37pm
:: Mood: just woke up
:: Music: travis - love will come through..i heart this song mucho

dont wake me up before you go go. i want to sleep some more more
i love going over to my aunt's house.
i hate staying over there for this reason only.
my lil cousins wake up at like the crack of dawn and then feel the need to come wake me up.

oh no no no no no

last night we all stayed over

this mornin i was woken up when ryan came into his room i was sleepin in..yelled at him to get out

then rachael came into ryan's room

then i went into the livin room to go lay on the air mattress but they kicked me off
i was sitting on the edge but was kinda sittin on their dog ali so i backed off and i like toppled off the air mattress and landed on my elbow. that is only a thing i would do

then i went back into ryans room
brandon woke up
then he and ry came in and started playing 007 on ryans ps2
sorry kids i cant sleep when you are blowing peoples heads off

then i moved into rachaels room
by this time...i am REALLY grouchy

she comes in a coupla times
i yell at her
she brats at me
'andrea i will kick you out. this is my room'
bring it on rachael

finally she goes away
aaaah sleep at last

so i was thinking

next time i sleep over at terris
i am gonna have a deadbolt
and two attack dogs chained to the door who will gnaw off the leg of anyone who even thinks about waking me up.

all i need to do now is find mind reading dogs..


good morning!
andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 19 September :: 10.04pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: pardon me - incubus

sunday night rumble
dial tones
phones ringing
frustrated tone
doors slamming
speed walking
questions, questions
yelling and yelling
no music
tapping on the side of the car
window down
red lights
left turn blinker
small feeling of freedom
comments, comments
boy yelling
keys jangling
door opening
phone call
loud music
cigarette smoke
slamming door
keyboard clicks
internet refuge
loud music in earphones
ruffled conversation
screaming from the heart
jaw quivering
more anger
louder music in headphones
counting to 10
hot shower
loud singing
comfy bed
sweet dreams
good night

andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 18 September :: 3.32pm
:: Mood: great
:: Music: blindside - all of us

autumn ambling
i could feel my hand starting to sweat
as it was intwined with yours
the crisp wind beating about vanished that worry of mine
it was so silent out
nothing but the wind, rustle of dry leaves, and an occasional whisper
the only light was of the few rays that managed to break through the canopy of leaves that were still on the trees
the rays of sunlight were scattered about the path
showing the worn out pavement littered with a bounty of colored leaves and the unchanging green in your eyes
my scarlet scarf blew behind me in the dominant wind
as my long jacket nipped at my ankles and the leaves crunched under my hefty boots
the wind picked up and i instantly moved so we were shoulder to shoulder
a tornado at leaves pranced around our feet
the path seemed never ending and i was happy of that fact
i looked up at you as you gazed down the winding path
you caught me looking and smiled
i wondered what was going on through your head
looking at the lofty trees looming above us
i blinked
our hands were apart
you were no where to be seen
had i just been dreaming?
i crossed my arms across my chest
with my scarlet scarf still dancing in the breeze
as i wondered what had just happened as i sauntered down the same path that was unchanging
like your eyes had been

andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 18 September :: 3.27pm
:: Mood: thinkin
:: Music: strokes - last night

lets talk about sex baby
pep rallies make me wonder about the sexual persona thy school has.
a.) you have the cheerleaders in their shorty short skirts humpin about the ground
b.) they had this game called pop the balloons. this is how you were to pop the balloons: a guy and a cheerleader had the balloon between them and had to hug to pop it. so you have the two of them thrustin about tryin to get the latex balloon between them popped.

andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 16 September :: 1.41pm

hey got an lj now.. britt h0oked me up..

gonna be updating on it noww.

lj's add me..

the 0's a zero. lol


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:: 2004 12 September :: 4.03pm
:: Music: taking back sunday

"what if what you think is great really IS great but not AS great as something greater

this weekend has been.. 0ok i guess.

rach's party long talks with goldman, nd hangin out wif everyone.

simon ...

i luVv you. i luVv you. i luVv you!

i love ya!! screw A M A N D A!! haha.

we're gonna hang out next weekend.

hey britt.. can you make meh a lj?! please?

justin's spanish!!

im done


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:: 2004 11 September :: 3.01pm
:: Music: dammit - blink182

im baaack
well this here computer scuba steve has been...errr....dead for a coupla days

miracle miracle he sprang back to life again just like 5 mins ago

i am so so happy right now


whats up with all these hurricanes?


ivan the horrible....number 3
well actually 4 but bonnie more hit the panhandle

if it is gonna hit my much beloved fort
ima boardin up my windows and am leavin
simple as that
maybe to ocala and maybe to alabama if its gonna hit up there

good luck to yall in the area

andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 31 August :: 8.38pm
:: Music: taking back sunday.


lying on the table with everything you said.

not gonna write my day because..
1)no one cares.
2)no one reads my journal.
3) my days are SO boring!

i miss britt nd kaela and all the other 9th graders.

let this be my lasttear.

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:: 2004 31 August :: 2.59pm
:: Mood: :)
:: Music: triple trouble - beastie boys

ice ice baby
ah my jaw hurts from laughin on the bus
gerbil rocket, lordy thats so wrong

art rocked
as usual
doing contour keith haring picture

dropped my pizzatop (crust)
on the ground today
i was so le sad

speaking of sad
still havent heard 'grace is gone' yet
excuse my while i go have a cry now

hahah ryan and i sang the captain planet theme song on the bus
he has ghetto flip flops like me
whew! glad im not the only one

im sucha geeker
but a happy geeker
so its all good

in the hood


andie andie oxenfree***

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:: 2004 29 August :: 7.01pm

Why is my life falling into pieces?
one thing after another?
My falt?
Best friends gone?
Got into trouble with wrong impresions?
Cant be trusted by anyone?
No life?
No dreams?
Never happy?
Always sad?
Never succeed?
Mental block?
NO fun?
Cant sleep?
Cant see?
Teary eyed?
wanabe cutter?
Fat ?
Cant fly?
Never good enuff?
easy to make fun of?
Endless crying?
cant fit in?

whole lifes a secret?
One big a lie?
Never to be told?
until the dAy i die
blocked up in my inside
my intentoins are tue.
i really would like it to get it trought to u
i love u more than words can say
but i cant keep it from u much to my dismay
-x0x0x bailey

Im not perfect!!

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:: 2004 27 August :: 5.13pm
:: Music: hope doesnt dangle on a fuckin string.. nothings there.

truth or dare

"life has its ^ups^ nd downs
.. we all get bumps in the road..
but why are my bumps so
godamm big..

dont have a cell phone for awhile.
daddy's gotta use it.. so dont call.

A big *plus* about being single
is that ur not supossed to have to deal with the typical shyt that goes along with a relshionship.
And im `so` over caring wat every1 belives and whatnot.
truth be told
i could care less anymore.
think w.e the hell u want and keep the drama going ---)
cuz as of now it doesnt phase me in the least.

Im beyond done with it.

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:: 2004 23 August :: 9.21pm

i want someone where i wouldnt mind spending everyday out on their corner in the pouring rain
i want someone who doesnt care what other peole think of him
i want someone who will dance the electric slide with me and have no shame in it
i want someone who is so laid back that they wear flip flips
i want someone who will make me happy
"i cant get n0 satisfaction" lmao. --andi

went t0 nd laughed in class f0r a freakin h0ur ab0ut japan and a potato fammily...?

p0or lil lacey has t0 be all bah herself in p.e... 0n the 0ther side 0f t0wn ::snifF..

nd since miZ jiZz never freakin ims me 0r c0mments.. =(

ima g0.. i <3 b0o!



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