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User:shootinstarz (user# 23066)
Location: ~`*~`*~`*, Florida, United States
Information:x.whisper it kayla x.runaway cape, florida x.first breath december 12, 199o the math thirteen x.strands in her eyes green hair x.tears fall from green eyes x.physique 5'2, athlete x.greatest fan basketball, running x.enters the 'real world' class of 2oo9, 7Th x.her everything in life grant; i love you more than anything. x.all we ever need lilia, julianna, kayla, meagan, bailey, rachel, kristi, heather, lauren, brittany, lauren, chris, justin....
Friends:(3) Bugga3, LaLa91, lovethehibiscus
Members:(4) deleted, deleted, deleted, simplycomplexed
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Interests:(255) 17 55's, 579, 76ers, 7th heaven, a&f, acuras, adam sandler, adrienne, aerosmith, aim, alan jackson, all american rejects, amc, american eagle, american Hi Fi, amusement parks, anti-smoking, aol, ashley, ashton kutcher, autumns, b182, bands, Bands, barenaked ladies, baseball, basketball, bass, bcr, being me., being sober lol, beyonce, billiards, blues clues, BOG, bowling for soup, box car racer, boys, brittany, bucs, calli, care bears, cat country, cats, chad michael murray, cheerleaders, chevelle, chingy, chris, chris klein, chuckling, CMT, collin farrell, comedies, comedies, compoforting, concerts, corvettes, country, cramps?, cubs, cutie, daffy, dances, dancing, daydreaming, demi moore, disney, dog shows, dogs, dogs, dolls, donald, doodling, dora the explorer, drawing, dreaming, dressing up, drinking, drums, eating, eight crazy nights, erica, evanescence, evil, experiments, faith hill, fantasizing, ferrets, field hockey, figure skating, finch, first place, flirting, florida, fooling around, fountains of wayne, frankie, freddy crooger, frogs, fun, games, gator country, geography, giants, giggling, gnomes, golden retrievers, green day, green day, guitars, halloween, heat, heather, hello kitty, hilarie burton, hockey, holding hands, horrors, hot tubs, hugging, humorism, ice cream, iced tea !!, IM, infatuation, irish, jason, jason biggs, jelly beans, jimmy, journals, judaism, karate, kenny chesney, kermit, kickball, kissing, kittens, knicks, korn, kristi, language arts, laughing, lauren, lauren weisberg, lilia, links, lotioning, malls, marquee, martina mcbride, miami, mike, mike myers, mistubishies, movie theatres, movies, movies, msn, MTV, music, nicola, olive garden, one tree hill, online, orlando, painting, parties, paul walker, pc, piercings, pigs, ping-pong, pizzas, poetry, pool, poppycorny, puppies, rachel, raking, rancid, raquetball, reading, rock, rollerblading, romances, running, sanctuary skatepark, sandra, saves the day, school, scooby doo, screaming, scripts, sean william scott, self-defense, shopping, shoveling, showering, simple plan, simple plan, singing, singing in the shower, skateboarding, skimboarding, sleeping, slides, snakes, soccer, sophie bush, speed jog, spring, stiffler, summers, surfing, swimming, swing swing, system of a down, talking, tampa, taproot, tara reid, telephone, temple, tennis, terriers, the ataris, the beach, the calling, the devil wears prada, the distillers, the used, tim mcgraw, toby keith, tom cruise, tracy morgan, trailblazers, tv, usa, VH1, vin diesel, volleyball, wakeboarding, water, webpages, wet seal, wiggles, winters, woohu, writing, yankees, yankees, yelling, yellowcard
Created:>2004-02-03 12:17:53
Last Update:05 26 2004
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