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User:shootyourself (user# 15667)
Location: (Relam of Darkness)
Information: Welcome to my community. I made this for the misunderstood and the ones that are different in this society today. Join as you wish. Rules 1. Don't Harass others. 2.Honest thoughts are allowed. 3.Don't join just to annoy others. 4.Don't post test/quizes, 5.You may express your problems and we could try to help. 6.Don't piss me off. 7.Have fun. Emptyness inside ones self, leads to self termination (suicide). If you have anything for Interests tell me. [My.Woohu] [My.DeadJournal]
Members:(4) deleted, endoftheworld, shootyourself, unknownshadow
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Interests:(31) after-life, black majik, dark poetry, darkness, death, evil, fire, ghosts, heaven, hell, icp, insanse clown posse, kmk, lost souls, Muzik, pentagrams, Poety, satanic bible, satanism, Self mutalation, slipknot, souls, spirits, stone sour, Suffering, suicide, suicide poems, suicide thoughts, Twiztid, unwantedness,nothingness, wicca
Created:>2003-10-30 07:57:26
Last Update:11 03 2003
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