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:: 2004 20 June :: 11.57 am
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: coo coo chee - RicAche

i'm srry i haven't wrote in a while but ok Summer's here n SHANE'S HOTT! I LUV HIM SOOO MUCH!!! lol we're not goin out but i'm had my doubts like thinkin he hated me n i dunno he's so sweet n he's got a unique personality that's part of what i luv about him
he's spanish black or brown hair (it's the same to me), brown eyes. omg he's perfect n i luv the FRO! heehee it's really tiny were not talkin full out were talkin he's got tight curls till he piks it out then the fro is hott him n jeremy have fro's cept jeremy's is a white boy blonde fro lol it's cute too btw they're lookin for some1 to braid the hair n no offense but they want some1 spanish or black cuz they dont' trust white people lol it's ok cuz they ask me to n i'm like no to bad cuz i can't lol i'm not good wit braids n shit like that...... pretty much all summer has been - fine ass hott guyz, hot weather (which makes fine ass hot guyz take off thier shirts ;-) n sweat lol wow), talkinto meg on the phone n chillin wit the hommies lol btw jeremy has a 6 pak n ladies he's single lol .... he's a wannabe sk8r no i'm playin shane n jeremy are my sk8r thugs lol it's a good mix trust me!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET SHAWN TO ADDMITT HE'S A SK8R SO HE'LL GO TO HEAVEN INSTEAD OF HELL!! ya him n megan are gonna hook up i think ....... this summer i been to sunsplash wit meg court ty les n marcus for more details look at this site - www.livejournal.com/users/babiigurli143/
ya n ummm i went bowlin like 2 days ago wit meg n ty n shawn n my forearm hurt like a bitch neways i'ma go this is alot for me to rite right now i will rite in it lata but for now i gotta bounce pz out

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:: 2004 11 May :: 3.22 pm
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: freek-a-leek BY Petey P

award n ty
ok since like saturday ty's been goin out wit abbby n everyone's askin me if i'm ok n i'm sayin yes i'm ok wit it plus i like this kid shane who lives behind me. omg sk8r/thug. omg hottness n now ty's like u don't luv me nemore blah blah blah.. but i still luv him i just dunno what's gonna happen yet.. time will tell me. i was talkin to him about how many different things i hear so i decided i'm never gonna lie again no matter how much it kills me!! n for the last two days i've gotten awards one from lees county for takin the s.a.t.'s n scoring a 960 n then from duke university today i got a medal for my"high" score ya neways i'm smart! ya kno smart people watch lifetime n "otha's" watch dicks n robbers i mean dickie roberts former child star. lol i/j elyse n ty kno what i'm talkin about.... i'm srry i haven't rote in this in a while but i'll ttyl luv ya - shorty!

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:: 2004 9 April :: 3.53 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Dirt off ya sholders - JayZ

Omg have u ever had a dream come trU?!? well i just had one of my biggest dreams come tru this mornin i was tlakin to ty n sendin him some of my pics n he asked me out!! i couldn't believe it but i asked if he was serious n he said yes n i said yes n now wow the best day of my life rite here me n elyse r like woah happy cuz were in it togetha n she's hopin somethin good will happen to her tonight :-) ;-) good luck gil u my sista gurl n i have a great feeling about it lol!!! today is GOOD FRIDAY! lol it sure is GOOD!! lol wow i'm smilin :-D from ear to ear u don't understand !! :-) he's at sunsplash n i wish i was thurr wit my babi!! but i'm wiatin for him to come home we kno we won't see each other alot but we both agreed that talkin to each other is good but seein each other is great! the only thing i'm not sure about is how long it's gonna last i hope forever i can't live w/o him!!!! thanks to everyone who's happy for me fuck u who's not ur just jealous! get over it cuz he's mine!

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:: 2004 4 April :: 10.36 am
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: thugs mansion - 2pac

color guard
we got back lastnight from our color guard competition n we got 5th outta 9 in our class. "right before i sleep dear god wat i'm askin remember this face save me a place in thugs mansion" i guess 5th is ok i'm mean it's not great but we beat 4 teams n lost to 4 ya know?!? i dunno it's kinda weird but i'm sore cuz i keep havin to do my strattle over n over again n it started to hurt n then friday nightin the hotel room i think i slept rong or somethin n it was the funniest thing omg(friday) on the way to the hotel room there was this bmw who thought he was the shit n he was in the middle lane n we were in the far right n i guess he wanted to turn right so he cut across in front of us n ms.demott n ms.tracy were all like ASSHOLE! n flipped him off after he flipped us off damn those bmw's! o ya she's like a lesson to u girls that's wat u call a DICK! but it's all good when she slammed the breaks she hurt my boob cuz it slammed into the seat n michaela kicked it 2 times it hurts! o ya lata that night we went to eat at ponderosa across the street (we walked) it's a buffet n the food was good!!!! there was this kid we thought was hott from the side but turns out he wasn't :-( n wen i went to get ice cream i pilled it in the bowl (they were small bowls) n then i put carmel n chocolate on it n omg BIG mistake it was drippin all over the place n the counter was full of chocolate it's was funny as HELL! (i went back to clean it up though 0:-) ) great stuff o then we went to the souvenier store nextdoor n we found the 2 funniest shirts one said "save the trees wipe ur ass with an owl!" funny brittani costa wanted to get it so bad! n the there was this shirt n the writing kept gettin smaller n smaller n it said "while ur reading these ordinary letters on this ordinary shirt your getting closer n making it easier for me to picture u naked n really close to my dick p.s. if ur a guy step back slowly cuz ur scaring me!" it's funnybut not as funny! i was gonna get that for some1 lol u kno who! if u don't ask me n i'll tell u. o n i got these pins one for bobbie that said "normal people worry me" n one for brittani costa it didn't say nuttin but it had a bunny turned around wit lip prints on it's butt and pointing to it so it's sayin kiss my ass. n i got 2 for me one says "beyond bitch" n the other on is a pic of golem. lol the last one is an inside joke. when we were done we went outside while waiting for the rest of the peeps n we saw this pimpd out car wit the stereo blastin n we were yellin "yeah!!!!" it was funny he was smilin then another guy came n they knew each other n were tlakin then he went down this rode next to us to turn around (this guy was HOTT) n when he came back we gave him the east side gangsta sign n were yellin ya n he was lettin us watch tv cuz he had one on his sun visor n had it facin out towards us n was cool cuz u could tell he like us yellin he was smilin n luaghin n sayin ya! lol great stuff so i was in this gangsta mood there was this big group of black people walkin by n i yelled SUP?!? wit the hand in the air thing n they all looked back at my n everyone around me started to yell taryn no! ur gonna get us killed n then the big group of black people stayed at our hotel n i got scuured n shut my mouth lol it was great neways everything was good this trip! but i missed ty a lot !!!!! n everyone else elyse,triplets,les,heather,sara,court, n alot of others i just though of everything that's goin on in my friends life n mine n wow i wanted to cry cuz i relized how much i can't live without u guyz n no matter how big or bad ur problems are that's i'll do my best to help in neway possible!! well i gotta go i'll ttyl luv, LiL t

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:: 2004 28 March :: 6.24 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Tipsy - j kwon


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:: 2004 20 March :: 8.24 pm
:: Mood: high
:: Music: my band - D12

omg me n bobbie n sara went to sunsplash today is was so fuckin cool omg i luved it sooo much!!!!!! I LUVE THE WALL - MY WALL DON'T TRY TO TAKE IT! HEY THAT'S MY WALL BITCH WANNA FIGHT LOL I'M GONNA HAVE SEX WITH THE FLOOR LOL TO THE CEILING!!!! LOL TOUCH IT TOUCH IT JUMP!! lol it was great! omg we had more fun then ne1 LOOK IT'S THE 8TH GRADE KID LOL N HE'S FOLLOWIN US OMG LOOK SARA N BOBBIE HE'S STILL THERE LOL omg omg omg that's great lol so many inside jokes u guyz it's so cool we, sara i'll give ya the $5 lata lol maybe tomorrow at church hee hee much luv i'll ttyl goin to a cape fear game peace out! luv ya ttyl - LiL t

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:: 2004 18 March :: 2.52 pm
:: Mood: amazed
:: Music: i miss you - blink 182

perfect girl friend wtf?
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:: 2004 18 March :: 10.19 am
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: popin' tags - jay z

ummm.. ok yesterday EVERYONE went to sunsplash but ME! i was so pissed!omg not funny no1 called me cuz i'm a loser, i could have seen ty n elyse n lauren n courtney n everyone omg i'm so not happy! everythings cool i guess. ty needs to get up it's 10:15 n he's a loser n won't get out of his bed n get off his lazy ass! lol neways this morning is ok cuz i've talked to courtney about nathon n sunsplash n hott mike, n arguing were ty lives lol but it's all good were like gonna stalk him or somethin lol n i talked to elyse about r.kelly n how we like his music but not him n wtf is up with that mask in the "hotel" video. omg lol n this guy on 105.5 said he didn't see anything wrong with a 13 or 14 yr. old goin out wit a 30 yr. old. i talked to ty cuz he's a loser! n won't wake the fuck up!! lol n umm... i'm waiting for elsye to call me back like she ever will lol well i'm gonna go o ya me n kelci r gonna go to sunsplash by ourselves without nebody lol we ain't gonna call no1! lol tha's great stuff ttyl luv ya ~LiL t

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:: 2004 17 March :: 10.25 am
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: ya by usher, lil jon, n ludacris

HAPPY ST.PATTY'S DAY! lol ty's so cute he was gonna cuss out hunters cuz but he got offline lol it's was ggreat stuff well i gtg much luv ttyl muahz ~LiL t

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:: 2004 16 March :: 11.02 am
:: Mood: helpful
:: Music: x gonna give it to ya - dmx

i feel like the past few days have showed how much of a good friend i am i dunno if it does in the other people's eyes but in mine i think it shows that i am a good person who will be there for them cuz i have no life n i sit by the phone lol rite elyse? ok get this will start wit leslie n andrew! andrew likes leslie but she don't wanna go out wit him cuz shes afraid n i get were she's commin from n i told him if he likes her as much as he says he does he should respect what she wants to do n give her time to relize everything that's goin on she needs time to kno that everything is real ya kno? n now to elyse awwww gurl i'm so happy that ur happier now she i kno what u did n i kno y so i understand u n he was bein a jerk n that's not cool cuz what he compared this to was bullshit that's not cool at all james broke ur heart n u dealt with it u didn't break his heart n he's no dealing with it so in away ur a better person then him ya kno? but like courtney says people deal with things in different ways but as old as he is he should be a lil bit more mature then he's bein n he's not so that's a lil fucked up, i kno why u wanna go out wit him but don't cuz i went out wit frankie again after i broke up wit him n that was a mistake cuz he hated me for doin it ni could tell the whole time we were goin out after that n i didn't feel like it was workin now ryan is gonna remember this forever n later on if u go out again he's gonna bring it up in ur face n ur gonna be pissed but i want ut o make ur own decission cuz i'm just hear to give u all the advice i can i can't make ur decissions for u just like u can give me advice but u can't tell me what i can n can't do even though i listen to u way to much lol ;-) but if we listened to everything everyone says then the world world be perfect n that's no fun lol in ways problems help us out cuz they give us experience that we'll need lata in life n all i wanna say is that anyone who has problems n i kno u i'll do all i can do to make u laugh n help u with ur problem n that's all i can do i'll be the sholder for u to cry on i'll do anyhitng n everything i can do i luv everyone! ur guyz are all n more than i could ask for i luv u more then anything in the world!!!! muahz ttyl luv ya bye bye ~LiLt SHSWFL 4-> n BabE n ShorTy we in it togetha 4-> lol mauhz!

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:: 2004 15 March :: 10.38 am
:: Mood: bored. sexi
:: Music: lolipop porn - crazytown

wating for ty to come back
~I N F O R M A T I O N~:
Name: Taryn
Sex: Babi Gurl
Grade: 7th
Age: 13
Birth date: October 7,1990
Birth place: Ft.Myers,Florids (lee memorial hospital) lol
Hair color: Dirrty Blonde wit natural blonde highlights
Eye Color: blue/green depends my mood
Height: short 4' 11'' i think
Weight: 93 ty i lost 3 lbs. lol
Shoe size: 5-6-7 depends the shoe
Pants size: 0-3 depends the pants
Piercings/Tattoos: 3 in each ear
Live with: mom, dad, sis, gma
Live in: house
Single/Taken: Single n wishin
Longest relationship: frank i dunno how long
Crush: Ty i love u !
~F A V O R I T E S~
Color: Blu n Black
Song: yeah -usher, lil jon, n luda & dirt off ur sholders -jay z
Music: rap / rock
Movie: haunted mansion lol
Band: Crazytown / 9in. nails / korn / lunatics / DTP
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actress: Drew Barrymore ? i dunno
Clothes: tommy, bongo, express
Shoes: Phat Farms / kswiss
Bra/Underwear: outlooks lol i dunno
Food: ice cream - coffee
Drink: root beer / those coffee things i get, that EVERYONE ELSE drinks! heehee
Person: my friends
President: Lincoln
Car: 2004 Toyota Celica Gts lol Black wit a blu "t" on the hood hell ya wit spinners!
Truck: ford F350
State: Florida tha dirrty south holla!
Place to go to: the mall / movies
Country: U.S.A. holla heehee
Name: Alexys its' so pretty lol it's my sis' name (james thinks it's pretty don't u lol)
Book: When dad killed mom
Play: idk
Childhood Moive: Finding Nemo, i'm still in childhood lol
Sport: Football Go buccs lol
~T H I S ~ O R ~ T H A T~:
Dr. Pepper or Coke: Dr.Pepper, james n his diet coke lol
Black or white: Black lol
Car or Truck: Car
Sea Doo or Boat: Sea Doo? i pick Butt i mean Boat lol
River or Ocean: Ocean
Pool or Lake: Pool
Sports or T.V: Sports
Basketball or Baseball: Basketball
Long Hair or Short hair: Short i hate long it gets in ur way even though it's prettier
Fat or Thin: Thin
Pizza or Hamburgers: pizza
Scary Movie or Romantic: Scary Movie
Candle lite for two or Popcorn and a movie: Just a movie i don't like popcorn
Shoes or sandles: Shoes my toes r ugly
Cats or dogs: dogs
Hoodies or Jackets: hOodies
Day or Night: Night
Making love or one night stand: luv .. lol
Sponge Bob or Rugrats: Rugrats
Cartoons or MTV: MTV
Lights on or Lights off: Lights off ;-)
~ W H A T ~ P E R S O N ~
Hate: frank
Trust: all my friends even though they don't trust me :-(
Dislike: brad
Annoying: david
Nice: Heather
Sweet: Ty and Andrew
Funny: Elyse n Heather n Courtney
Hottest: Ty! n Brad! n Frank!
Cutest: Leslie
Dorky: Janielle ...lol
Most likely to be a striper: ummm... me lol no i dunno
Most likely to have many kids: April
Most likely to live off their parents: don't kno
Most likely to die before 50 years of age: Heather.. her n her drugs lol i <3 weed jp gurl, prolly sara but don't kill ur self ok? plz i luv u girl, sammi did n i miss her
Most likely to be Miss America: Lelsie lol
Most likely to complete dreams: Maria or Megan
Most likely to be a doctor: none were all dumb lol jp
Most likely to be alone: David :-(
Most likely to be Rich: Ty with all his drugs lol
Most likely to be Poor: me
Willing to put feelings aside and help other people: all of them sepecially the triplets
Willing to make people happy: elyse n court
Talks a lot: Def. me n bobbie n maria n kahliegh n court n meg n elyse n heather n leslie n kelci n lauren all of us lol
Ask to many questions: me! i'm always confused n bobbie
Day dreamer: les... lol she's not listenin
Immature: Brad chris frank david kenton
To mature: the triplets lol
Knows what they want in life: the triplets n meg
Rude: David
Mean: Frank
Sarcastic: Heather
Up Front: all of them who don't LIE thanks for tellin me what u thought when i needed u to
Honest: no heather she lies lol umm lauren
~ Y O U R ~ D R E A M ~ M A T E ~
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Shoe Size: 10 big lol big hands n big feet = big socks n big gloves lol
Pant Size: 29
Funny/Lame: funni
Cute/Sexy: sexy
Honest/Liar: hOnest
Romantic/Boring: romantic
~ O T H E R S ~
Nail Color: pink w/ playboi bunnies
Toe nail color: light blu
Favorite number: 7 or 14
Pets: 1 cat / jackie
How many bothers and sisters: 1 biological, alexys
What kind of car do you have: chevy venture (van) chevy impala, n a F150
What is your biggest fear: Loosin some1 i love
What is your biggest accomplishment: Living
What is your biggest Failure: way 2 many
What is your biggest dream: to marry the guy i luv n be a lawyer
Are you sweer or sour: sweet yet sour
Are you a goal getter: nah
Are you realistic or a Dreamer: Dreamer

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:: 2004 12 March :: 6.03 pm
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: Bubba Sparxxx kuntry folks

Ms.Wray! :'(
awww i'ma miss ms.wray! but i'm goin to north so it's all good GO RED KNIGHTS! lol i'll see the triplets n heather n a bunch of other peeps there cough cough ty lol not really though cuz he's dumb n i'll hang out wit the smart people lol Frank's a girl lol rite? ya he's go a secret it's great n me n keely are bitches hell ya go us heehee i luv ya gurl omg Frank is HOTT though! :'( o well hee hee i'm sad n i'm srry ty that i was mad at u things are ok now i guess it just hurts for rumors to go on about u even though i kno people make fun of u but i'm ok i'm srry elyse for actin mad at u lol this SPRING BREAK IS GONNA SUCK i'm not aloud to GO NOWHERE n don't ask plz if u want to know u can im me n i'll tell u who to ask if u realy want to know well neways these are the main subjects :
I luv ms.wray n will miss her


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:: 2004 7 March :: 2.13 pm
:: Mood: depressed
:: Music: streets of Heavan

i miss everyone
this is a list of people i miss alot cuz they are gone forever:

no matter if they are still here they will neva be as close to me as they used to be.
LitMissT714 [1:52 PM]: i miss james n eric :'(
anonymous[1:56 PM]: i miss them 2 :'(

i'm so sad!

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:: 2004 4 March :: 8.32 am
:: Mood: flirty
:: Music: Cadilacs on 22's

ok this week has been ok i guess but i'm kinda scared lol!! omg get this april told me that u can get this disease called.. well i don't member what it wass called and it was from getting fingured well that's what her doctor told her i didn't believe her then when we got in science i called ty n told him he gave that to me lol he said he didn't lol so in geography me n lauren decided to see how much he cared about lauren and i rote her a note just playin about how i didnt' have the first one that was swelling of the brain lol but i have syphilis lol it's a sexually transmitted disease that u get from oral, she showed him n he called me n told me he researched it and found this: The syphilis bacterium is very fragile, and the infection is almost always transmitted by sexual contact with an infected person. The bacterium spreads from the initial ulcer (sore) of an infected person to the skin or mucous membranes (linings) of the genital area, mouth, or anus of an uninfected sexual partner. It also can pass through broken skin on other parts of the body. i told him i was kidding but he says he get sores on his mouth n i kissed him so i could have it he's goin to get tested omg i'm scared! it's treated with a shot of penicilin so i dunno ne thoughts or info leave a comment! i luv u guys help me! lol i'm scared other than that i'm hapy

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:: 2004 28 February :: 10.02 am
:: Mood: sad
:: Music: crying






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