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[ LittleDamion ]

:: 2004 15 June :: 10.20 pm
:: Mood: ads
:: Music: asd


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[ LittleDamion ]

:: 2004 31 January :: 3.30 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: Incubus *Stellar

Yeah, well, no one ever puts anything in here... so I feel that it's my job to put stuff ^_^.

Let's just go through a whole bunch of stuff I want in life ^_^ (I hope I don't bore you)

Patrick - Patrick... he's a supposedly "straight" guy at my school. He always flirts with me and stuff but says it's just to screw around with other people minds. Yeah... I'd like to do naughty stuff with him ^_^.

Succeeding - I really want to succeed in life. Sometimes I just get so depressed and think, "I don't think I want to reach 20 years old and have all those responsibilities, maybe I'll just kill myself before then." Yeah, me, wanting to die. I don't come off as a depressed person, I don't come off as someone who doesn't want responsibilities either, but it just all seems so hard. I tend to be an optimist. But I haven't thought about things like that ever since I got woohu. But I want to be a lawyer ^_^. I'm good at arguing over issues, be it small or big, so bringing that further would be becoming a lawyer, right? Aw well... only time will tell.

Boyfriend and gay people - I really want a boyfriend. It sucks being gay and not knowing anyone else who is. Sure I know people online... but I'd like to know someone in person. Actually, I know three gay guys online. 1, Michael, he lives in Sweden so it couldn't really work out... at all and not to mention I haven't heard anything from him in about 2 weeks. 2, Nick, he comments on my journal but I don't know him too well, but there might be hope. 3, Brian, he's 3 years older than me and lives in Maryland, all the way across the country; he tends to be somewhat condescening because of the age difference. Sure, I suspect people, but still. Nothing's happening. It all just sucks! and not in a good way ^_^.

REALLY good friend - I have tons of friends (not to show off) but I only trust a some with EVERYTHING. The people I've met on woohu make up a lot of them. No one at school knows I'm gay except one girl. She was a great friend, but now that she knows, we don't talk, when we do, we always get mad at each other. I guess I do have really good friends online... but it would be different if I could talk to them in person.

Yeah... well, those are just a few things... I think I'm going to go update MY journal... later people...

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[ xMiyavixFanx ]

:: 2003 6 September :: 12.12 am
:: Mood: artistic
:: Music: Offspring- Way Down The Line

Hello! ^^
I'm new...The name's Adrian. Pleasure to meet you all! ...May our paths cross again. -bows-


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[ silentdreams ]

:: 2003 18 May :: 12.54 am
:: Mood: accomplished

welcome welcome
allrighty. well new community. its a community for anyone with a dream, a thought, a secret ambition, whatever. a writer, a poet, a singer, a hopeless romantic, someone with a problem, miss. merry sunshine, mr. fuck you i hate the world, who ever, whatever, wherever. everyone is welcome. so have fun. post away.

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