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User:silentdreams (user# 5399)
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Information:this is a community for the thinkers, the dreamers, the hopers, the wishers, whatever. i created it so it could be a place where anyone could go and express their feelings and emotions. it doesnt matter who you are, where you came from, what you do, you are welcome here. so yeah have a ball.
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Interests:(71) #2 pencils, black, black markers, blood, blood red, broken hearts, clouds, cloudy days, cruel intentions, crying, cuts, darkness, death, drawing, dreams, extra thick milk shakes, fishing line, fog, gays, hate, hating everyone, hating everything, hating in general, hating people, homosexuals, humor, ice cream, imagination, insanity, knifes, laughing, lesbians, lonelyness, making noise, metal, music, pain, people that hate me, pie, pizza, poetry, quietness, rain, razors, reading, roudyness, ruberbands, shamoo, sharpies, shiney things, silver, smerfs, stealing signs, strange phenomenon, suicide, swimming class at school, taking pictures, talking, talking loud, things, things that are unwanted, torture, tragedies, walking, whatever, where ever, whoever, wishes, writing, yelling, you
Created:>2003-05-18 00:48:27
Last Update:06 15 2004
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