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[ xsilentxsuicidex ]

:: 2005 17 June :: 7.28 pm

I found some of my old writings... o.o;;
Constructive criticism, please?

As I look into your eyes, all I see is pain,
A chill of forsaken fear races down my spine,
Why am I scared of you? It's such a shame,
Am I scared of what might be going through your mind?

I stand- silent
The distant sound of rain,
I could stay here forever- violent
But all I'd feel was pain...

And all these things I'm feeling
Have all balled up inside
Some wounds are beyond healing,
I feel so alone... I'm barely alive.

I can't hold back these tears
That have gathered up all these years...
And I don't want you to see
The pain it is to be me

This feeling can only be described,
As the shadow of something inside of me;
A sillhouette of something that died.
And I've been here before, too many times.

I feel it coursing through me-
This poison in my veins.
I should be used to it by now,
But it's driving me insane.

Now I may be young,
And I might not know much.
But I know what it feels like,
When words hurts more than any punch.

I know there's got to be something more,
But I'm through with searching for the answers.
Because I'm sick of this feeling
That is spreading through me like a cancer.
[Not finished.]

Go ahead- Rip me open.
Fill the wounds with salt.
Watch me stand here- choking,
Knowing it's all your fault.

Go ahead- Make me bleed to death.
Mangle me; pick me apart.
And before my one last breath,
Visciously lacerate my heart.
[Not finished.]

It's just an urge you can't resist
When you place the blade against your wrist
The realease it brings is just sweet bliss
But the scars you see, they cannot miss...

Close your eyes; dissappear.
Your thoughts are filled with hate and fear
You scream out loud, but no one can hear.
Down your cheek rolls a silent tear.

This pain is so difficult to fight
It's getting hard to sleep at night
You feel like nothing you do is right,
So just close your eyes, close them tight...

You're safe from all of that here...
Here in my arms, dear.

Meh. Not my best work... But... Bleh. I donno.

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[ xSwtLilAngel666x ]

:: 2004 24 December :: 12.31 pm

I didn't even know this community was brought back to life! =x;

Sometimes I wish
Our lives never intertwined
You make things so hard...

I think we're closer than ever
But the truth is...
We couldn't be f a r t h e r apart

You forgive and embrace me
Hoping for a second chance
Only to be let down
As I slip through your arms...

And fade away...

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[ disturbeddragon ]

:: 2004 8 December :: 9.43 pm

-pokes this community-

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[ suzume ]

:: 2004 9 April :: 1.55 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: Testing 1, 2, 3 by Barenaked Ladies

Gift of love
A | anger, apathy, amusement, annoyance, anxiousness
B | bitterness, bitchy-ness, blank, bouncy, blissful
C | cheerfulness, crazy, cranky, content, comtemplative, cynical
D | disrespectfulness, depressed, distressed, drained, drunk
E | ecstatic, enjoyment, energetic, exhausted, excited, enraged, exaggerated, exasperated
F | frustrated, flirty, (cussing not the other thing... O_O)fuck, fear, freedom
G | gloomy, glad, goodness, grumpy, guilty
H | hopeful, hyper, hell
I | ignored, irate, indifferent, infuriated
J | joyful, jubilant
K | kindness
L | lonely, lucky, lifeless
M | morose, moody, motherly, maimed
N | never, numb
O | open, o.k.
P | playful, peaceful, painful
Q | queer, queenly, quizzical
R | restless, revengeful
S | sad, screaming, sore
T | trembling, thankful, thoughtful, tired
U | uncomfortable, used
V | vehemently, venomous, vengeful, vexed
W | weary, worried, weird
Y |
Z | zoo!

: Gift of Love.

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[ DisturbedDragon ]

:: 2004 6 April :: 10.08 pm
:: Mood: crappy

e.e *shining

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[ DisturbedDragon ]

:: 2004 6 April :: 10.05 pm
:: Mood: crappy
:: Music: Stuffs - Weebl

I traveled this far in search for something I will never find
My beautiful beloved, my shinning pearl, the one I left behind
But it was not my fault I had to leave and head out to the war
And had to kill so many people like the sins I had done before
So now my punishment is worse than death as my eyes begin to fill
I must sit here in place and suffer until the rivers run still
The final day I was about to end my fate with a sword to the chest
Until I found my love in her warm bed where she now rest
And to think what would have happened if I was here to save
I wouldn't have to bring forth 10 roses to her grave
And when my time comes and I fall to the earth, soon to be reborn again
I can finally rest knowing that my heart is no longer with his men
So I have traveled so far in search for something I will surely find
My beautiful beloved, my shining pearl, the one I left behind.

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[ xSwtLilAngel666x ]

:: 2004 5 April :: 4.40 pm
:: Mood: *shrug*
:: Music: "Leave" -- Jojo

Alone in the world with nobody there
I've been here so long, I don't even care
Clawing its way, controlling my dreams
Beckoning me to muffle my screams

Deceiving me so malevolently
Shrouded by lies so now I can't see
The clock counts down and the moments go by
Yet something inside me is aching to die

There is nothing left to mend my bleeding heart
Everything is falling.. falling apart
All I wanted was for this darkness to end
But slowly darkness became my only friend

I remember this nebulous world
From the eyes of a naive little girl
The sun was mighty and shone so brightly
Now it seems overtaken by obscurity

So now I yield and start to regress
Leaning into pain's harmful yet gentle caress
I have no will and that I must confess
As I bask in misery embracing darkness..

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[ DisturbedDragon ]

:: 2004 5 April :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: apathetic
:: Music: Wake Up Angel - Pita Ten

Hah. Just joined with the help of Meroko. /\_/\;; Anyways, here's my poem.

we, in whispers of quiet anger, wove time in tendrils like swans wings, the gentle and almost too subtle ripples left in the water becoming our sorrow, our tears. the suns pallour is akin to winter -- again, the metaphorical spawn of sadness and frigid emptiness -- but the sun is glamorous in its devouring heat, the very warmth and dawning, drawing light that unfurls the waxen leaves of plants, of plants, of plants. and the very arms of me.

we found shade, shadows that bloom and murmur away in rivulets (and tearful mascara) under the trees who flourished from happy.

i spy my body, a being in unsampled black water. ink, piceous and swimming, it covets me more than a mother to her child or an unlikely but overlavished pet. a shell, an exterior, something which receives the batters of weather and the unruly hourglass. please, never take me back if it is not your certain of wish, please, never take me back if youre not you who you were and if i am not me who i was, and please... please never let me erase you from me.

that is my teenage poetry, my freeverse. less poetry and more rambled poop. But no stealie. ._o

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[ suzume ]

:: 2004 5 April :: 10.16 am
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: I love you by Scanty (Full Moon wo Sagashite)

o.o; first post here.
:D I just joined this community and I thought I'd contribute a little, however suckie it may be...

Into the mirror I turned my gaze...
In my heart trembled passionate a melody
who enveloped me, swallowed me, caressed me as...
I twirled, jumped, leaped, smiled, laughed, and spun...
But all the time I saw myself,
I couldn't hide
who I was...
a lonely girl inside...

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[ Silently-Broken ]

:: 2003 9 November :: 5.41 pm
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: "Eyes on Me" -- Faye Wong

hrm.. first time I created a community.

Probably will be a big flop XD

Anyway, this is for people who wanna show off to everyone and brag about how good their poetry ish XP!!

j/p j/p, really, this is a place where people can post their poetry and get critiques and whatnot from other people =]

Cursing is allowed. I curse a lot anyway lmao.

This is also a place where you can post a poem not written by you if you feel it is really well-written. If you do give credit to the author by telling us his/her name before or after the poem.

Anyway, one of my poems. Pre-written, but w/e

Bask in the shadows of mercy
Ride the waves of despair
Fall in the pits of doom
No one will care

Watching happiness is painful
For those who are lost
Cause being happy and joyful
Is a path they yearn to cross

Keep all of it inside
And let it eat you away
The pain killing you slowly
A price that you pay

Hide the pain with a smile
Don't let anyone know
The tears building up
You can't let them flow

You're now but a void
Broken and alone
But don't let them see it
Only happiness is shown

Taking all your joy and pride
And all emotions too
Destroying everything
That was uniquely you

So how can you win
This unbeatable war?
Is there actually anything
Worth fighting for..?

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