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[ godessalthena ]

:: 2012 3 March :: 2.40am

I'm sorry I couldn't be everything I was meant to be.

I'm sorry I am myself.

I'm so sorry I fuck everything up.

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[ aerii ]

:: 2008 11 March :: 6.11am

You should be sorry that you're a chimo
and that your new girlfriend is a stuck up bitch.

Good luck with that bud.

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[ xsilentxsuicidex ]

:: 2007 2 April :: 12.21am

i'm sorry.
that i can't fall out of love.

and i'm sorry,
for believing every fucking lie you feed me.
i'm sorry the way you're treating me,
isn't helping me get over you.

i'm sorry that we're not together,
and i'm sorry that i let you take advantage of me.

i'm sorry about it all.
i'm sorry about my weaknesses.
i'm sorry you suddenly decided to be anti-society.
i'm sorry you "hated the title all along."

i'm sorry. for making the both of us miserable.
i'm sorry that i'm sorry,
when i know that this is both of us.

but one of us has to be.
and you obviously are not.

so i'm sorry.
but this time,
being forgiven won't fix anything.

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[ godessalthena ]

:: 2007 28 February :: 11.19pm
:: Mood: nostalgic

my life repeats itself.
it always feels like this is the end...
even though i know better.

i'm sorry. i really do love you.
and i wish i could take those things back.
but i can't.

i'm sorry i'm not a good daughter.
and i'm sorry i'm not beautiful....

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[ xsilentxsuicidex ]

:: 2006 22 December :: 8.56am

i'm sorry that you're not yourself anymore.
i'm sorry that you let drugs get in the way.
i'm sorry that i couldn't help this.
...i'm sorry that i wasn't enough.
that everything i did, was not enough.

you are not the same boy that i fell in love with,
and there was nothing i could do to stop you from changing.

i am not sorry.
but you should be.

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[ poisonedheart ]

:: 2006 19 November :: 10.01pm

I'm sorry I'm such a dick all the time.

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[ illusionofgaia ]

:: 2006 9 August :: 6.25pm

I'm sorry for being me.
I'm sorry I never do my best
and have settled with mediocracy.
I'm sorry I'm not much
and my best could never be enough.
I'm sorry I can't see in the dark
and that the light blinds me.
I'm sorry I pain you
and pain myself.

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[ godessalthena ]

:: 2006 3 August :: 4.07pm

i'm sorry i don't believe in you sometimes, love, but you just let me down all the time.

and i have my doubts that you are literate enough to write a book. much less a faerie tale.

i'm sorry.

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[ godessalthena ]

:: 2006 10 April :: 7.57pm
:: Music: Angels and Airwaves _ The Adventure

I'm sorry I exist in this world like this.

I'm sorry I feel like this sometimes....

I'm sorry I can't just forget about how horrible everything seems to be...

I'm sorry that I just can't get over you and I can't get over me...

I'm sorry.

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[ xsilentxsuicidex ]

:: 2006 28 March :: 10.51am

I'm sorry for complaining.
I'm sorry that even though I love my life right now, I still have to find things wrong with it.

I'm just sorry.
I'm hoping I'll be better about it.

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