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:: 2010 9 September :: 11.45 am

so i have not been here in a long time, some updates... going to college finally for music ED>>> had a son on valentines day his name is zander currently 6 months old...

latley i have been finding no time for myself and it rather makes me angry. the worst is that no one cares to help. while yes i am 23 married and have a kid i could use some one else to think about me for once....OH WELL

life is good other then that i miss my dad like crazy, he has been gone for almost a year and i still can not get over it

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:: 2009 16 December :: 8.13 pm

so much has happened in the last year its hard to believe its almost over, first i lose my first pregnancy, then 2 months later we get preggo again and its so far is working out perfect, then dad gets diagnosed with cancer in august and 3 months later im sitting at his funeral. god what a freaking year i am so glad its over and we can continue to move on. we have two more months until my little baby boy is here and i just keep looking to that right now cause its all i got

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:: 2009 22 April :: 6.44 pm

wow havent been here in a while, things are going good. we moved! yes we moved to a duplex down the road and we are loving it. there is so much more room and now he has a garage to occupy his time.

healthy again, at least for now, we will find out on monday what the chances of having another baby are and we will go from there.

work has been creative to say the least. Been taking on more responsibilites and having to deal with the snot nosed brats at work is making me all stressed but thats what work does and i may just deal with it.

finally got rid of princess, she found a wonderful home witha family in fort wayne, im so glad i was able to help her, i am also looking at getting something part time with animal control, mainly animal rescue so thats exciting!

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:: 2009 4 March :: 10.23 am

there was no real news the last time so here is the 411....

Im back to working 40hours a week and im glad. We are moving to a duplex a few blocks away in about a week which is awesome because there is more room and a garage for the boy to play in.

The chemotherapy treatment has so far went very well, my hcg levels are going down like they are supposed to. the good thing is side effect wise i only get nausiated. im just glad it was early and nothing too bad realy happened. i mean think about it a few more weeks and i could have died! its scary to think about. Unfotunetly as part of my treatment i can drink, or have ANY fun until my levels are at 0!! which is about 3-4 weeks....uck i just hope tj can wait that long if you know what i mean

Life in general is good right now, i really cant complain, but give it a week im sure i'll find something

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:: 2009 3 March :: 12.09 am

life has recently thrown us some curve balls especially this week, we have grown stronger. its been very sad, and boy have i cried but i am so lucky to have the support that i do and thanks guys for all the love!

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:: 2009 16 February :: 10.02 pm

its amazing how quickly things go, like i have felt sick all of the last two days, every time i eat i get sick to my stomach no matter what i eat. and working at taco hell doesnt help.

TJ is being so good right now. its amazing what being preggo can accomplish he now helps with all the cleaning and such. its like a little blessing.

still sittin here waiting for my taxes. after almost 3 weeks i would think they would be here since i had them direct deposited. but once we do get them i finally get to get my new computer!!! yaya

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:: 2009 13 February :: 2.37 pm

life has many changes
so, after just a short 6 months or being married im already pregnant! that sounded bad but its really not. We honestly didnt want to be pregnant yet but im soooo happy its crazy. i prayed all night that god will give me strength and i feel that this is right. its all nuts and crazy and i dont make any sense right now but who the hell cares!

in other news TACO HELL isnt really that bad i just have to deal with alot of redneck fuckers who are horrible racist and sexist. and the sadest part is my boss is in on it. but i plan to change all of that or at least try my hardest.

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:: 2009 1 January :: 8.59 pm

so i finally got a job! this new year had so far started out good, lets just hope it continues.

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:: 2008 30 December :: 11.43 pm

this job search bis is harder then it looks, however i do have a 2nd interview tomorrow for a shift leader position at taco bell...yay? hey at least its a job and money.

xmas sucked cause we had no money to do ANYTHING.

headed to Fort wayne for new years to a concert so that will be fun... actually its like the highlight of my week! I hope everyone has a SAFE and wonderful new year!

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:: 2008 17 December :: 12.55 pm

we're coming up to MI Friday!!!! im so excited to see everyone god i miss you guys. never realized how lonely i am till recent. guess the holidays make it happen.

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:: 2008 16 December :: 4.36 pm

eck, stil dont have a job and i hate it. everywhere i apply wants to hire the cheapest employee that they can and unfortunetly i am not that. cause of my experiene who knew having knowledge would be a bad thing...tsh

applebee's made me take some stupid personality test which means erin is not workin there i never do good on those things.

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:: 2008 10 December :: 8.42 pm

so my interviews did not go as well as i planned.neither one ended up in a job. oh well i do have another interview tomorrow at applebee's and they are actually hiring so i hope this one at least gives me something.

tj got 6 teeth removed on monday and now we are fightin the meds. they are makin him sick as hell so he had to choose sick or pain. poor baby.

christmas is coming up and i dont have any money to do anything and it makes me sad. :(

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:: 2008 4 December :: 7.59 pm

so yesturdays woe is now turned into happiness cause i have 2 interviews on Monday!!! yay things can look up.

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:: 2008 3 December :: 10.03 pm

Is there anything more stupid...
so today was one of the worst days of my life.... for one single reason, my ass got fired from ponderosa... for some of the fucking dumbest reasons ever!! there is an underlying reason of the company going under and i was one of the highest payed employee's and i think they were makin up a bunch of bullshit so they could get rid of me but its official i am jobless, and right before xmas.
its a fresh start yes, but i can be out of a job, i have bills to pay too.

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:: 2008 28 November :: 5.44 pm

Thanksgiving was ok. worked till 3 then tj and i went home and i made a meal for us. the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and a Ham, since there was only 2 of us i thought a turkey would be way too much. it was a nice thanksgiving i wish i could have went and seen familiy but we started a new tradition so i guess its ok.

not starting school as soon as eailier stated, waitin till spring so we can get our finances in order. but i am enrolled for four years and in $30,000.00 in debt at least for it so there is no turning back...

work still sucks and i am still looking for a new job. got a call earlier this week about a job, so we will see.

in addition to work suckin i think a person who also works there and is a "friend" of mine is trying to get me fired, or at least demoted. she intially told me that i should not go to school, that i should just stay at pondo for the rest of my life like her, then when i told her i was enrolling she got pissed and now doesnt talk to me, is scheduling me shitty hours, and is searching for things to complain about me for and i am getting really sick of it. the worst part of it is that our GM is sittin in her little pocket so everything she says he believes. its amazing i thought this person was my friend and it turns out that its all just fake!! dumbasS!!

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