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:: 2008 21 November :: 1.53 pm

alrighty so i enrolled in school this afternoon, yayayaya i know its gay but im really excited to go back. i am gettin my bachelors in Legal studies, and then the world!!!

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:: 2008 20 November :: 10.30 pm

well like hasnt given me much but lemons lately. my district manager wants to fire me for no reason other than i cost the company the most to pay out of all of the employees at the store, fuckin dumbass, and no one else is hiring so that totally suc

have a meeting with the financial aid people tomorrow and hopfully something good will come out of it i know i need to start school and im a total bone head for not going already but right now i am totally committed to being enrolled for at the latest summer semester.

dad lost his job AGAIN cause he cant stop fuckin drinkin, this is the 3rd job this year and mom wants me to fix it cause she's sick of it when half the reason he drinks is shes suck a bitch to him all the time. i wrote the VA in hopes that they can help in some way. just pray for me.

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:: 2008 6 November :: 3.52 pm

applied for a few jobs onine today lets hope something bites.

oh and i got the new phone yay me

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:: 2008 3 November :: 10.45 am

so i lost my cell phone on saturday, found it smashed up in the parking lot Sunday morning, so now i have to use tjs old ass ugly phone until my new one gets here. instead of getting the same phone for like 50 bucks i upgraded for 80. its awesome cause i actaully talked the boy into it. heh i love him sometimes and now he wants to upgrade his phone too so next month i might just do that for him.

work still sux, just holding on until i can get a new one....


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:: 2008 1 November :: 7.13 pm

Halloween kinda sucked cause i had to be to work at 7am this morning... ahh well i do need a new job though i only have 23 hours this week and i am a fucking manager,

th is still a pain the the ass but we love him anyway, buttheads eye is getting better ( he has an ulcer in it and it almost ruptured last week)

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:: 2008 26 October :: 11.12 pm

so i still have that kitten, but i have a home for, she is coming to get it this week... and this cat i think is part fish!! the last few days i have been taking baths to relax, well anyway when i get out and start to drain the tub she just jumps right in and plays with all the bubbles its cute... then i have to dry her off.

Ponderosa Corp. just filed Bankruptcy and i dunno what that means for me but i am looking for a new job. posted my app online and browsing things here in town.

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:: 2008 24 October :: 1.01 am
:: Mood: contemplative

there are just so many things in my head. I have decided to be rational about this election, and just vote for nadar. Cause either way its not good and no matter who i vote for someone will disagree.... no one hates nadar right?

I look at it this way...If John gets elected, Good bye ecconomy hello rich getting richer and me gettin poorer and my healthcare can just lfy right out of the window and lets not forget that the man is like 70 and is soon to die so we get what Sara Palin. i dont think so. ... if Barack gets elected hello no more guns and tons of illegals still living off of my money. And lets be honest with ourselves, if he does get elected this country will slowly and SURELY become divided. ( and yes its sad). You all know it because there are still all those bigots out there who because he's black will think on way or another about him and i understand its wrong but i also understand that thinking of that nature still exists and we have to step up to reality and see that its not the time for it. as a country we are not ready for it, we're not mature enough. and thats horribly sad to say and i am some what embarassed that it still goes on but there is only so much i can do about it.

like i said we are F*ed either way and i dont see much improvment in out future....Canada Anyone??? lol

asside from all of that i have an eval coming up and i am not looking forward to it at all. i know i am going to get an ass chewing and i am almost to that point where i dont care...tsh can we just go back to like 7th grade it was all much simpler then

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:: 2008 15 October :: 11.16 pm


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:: 2008 15 October :: 5.18 pm

life is so confusing, one minute your happy and the next ur pissed and u dont now why

the truck tj wanted to buy got sold so now i have to find him a different one. its sad cause it was perfect.

i am trying to type but the cat keeps biting my fingers so i must stop it frickin hurts

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:: 2008 14 October :: 11.30 pm

i hate it,,, i just hate it soo much that right now im being burnt from the inside out.

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:: 2008 12 October :: 10.14 pm

i have decided i hate pondo. i just dunno anymore.

i feel so sick right now i just want to throw up and go to be but i cant

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:: 2008 10 October :: 4.50 pm

today sucked at work but i am home now so its ok. it just sucks that its all alone and i have really nothing to do but laundry

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:: 2008 8 October :: 6.51 pm

so i got my wedding photos today. and they are great.

i totally cleaned the apartment today and i am sooooo happy i got it done. yayayayay. we have had a few people call about the truck so i am hoping we sell it soon so i can get him his truck

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:: 2008 8 October :: 11.34 am

blah thats what today is. i get to stay home and clean to get ready for our inspection

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:: 2008 6 October :: 9.54 pm

red flannel was fun, got to see some friends i havent i a long time... god i makes me realize how much i miss it but i woudnt change moving down here for the world.

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