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:: 2008 3 October :: 12.40 am

i hate that he is working 3rd shift. i hate having to fall asleep with out him there beside me. it so lonely here without him that im going nuts.

cant wait until this weekend and see all my friends and what not. and yeah i want to see the band kids most of all. its amazing that you spend a good seven years with these people and you dont realize how much you love them until they are not there every
i dunno maybe i just miss Cedar. everything there was familiar and easy. its nice to come back and experience it all again.

being an adult is absolutly no fun

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:: 2008 2 October :: 4.58 pm

so i had noting to do for the evening yesturday so i decided to look back on my woohu, you know like when i first started it and wow i was shocked. Man was i a total BITCH how did any of you put up with me? well all i have to say is i had some real good friends back then and i am glad they are all a part of my life.

but i do have to say i have changed. im still bitchy but not as bad and i have Tj to help right.

in other news there is still baby on the brain and it cant go away, we will just have to to wait and see what happens....huh why does it have to take this long

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:: 2008 1 October :: 11.17 pm

gosh things are just so confusing right now... i guess tj want to buy a new truck and just put the motor from the one he has in this new truck, since it does only have lke 76 thousand miles on the thing. which is all great and all now i need to find a truck i can afford, and tsh all the drama with that....

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:: 2008 30 September :: 11.23 pm

Well the apartment is clean thank you TJ.... yeah he actually did most of it ha.
the married life is so awesome... no matter how horrible or sad i feel i still have him no matter what so it makes all the bad go away. yep he stuck with me forever now!

his teeth broke and i need 4,500.00 to fix them so if anyone wants to donate i am more then happy to accept.

still have little princess, calling the vet to see if they will give me some antibiotics cause her cold isnt going away.

Coming up to Cedar for red flannel and im really excited to come and see everyone. Actaully im just excited for red flannel this will be the first year i can enjoy it. dont have to work or anything.

for some reason we have baby on the brain.. and its freaking me out ahahahahahahaa
This is very random and i dont care.....

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:: 2008 27 September :: 1.41 am

today started out really shitty, got worse then actually turned out ok... thanks to a little thing i like to call alcohal.... amen to that

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:: 2008 21 September :: 7.30 pm

i know this is getting annoying for you all and i am very sorry i just need to find this kitten a home. i just uploaded a video of her on my myspace... its cute.... this should get you to see it

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:: 2008 20 September :: 2.01 pm

we still have the kitten.. no one wants her and its sad. i called the vet to see if there was anything i could give here to make her sniffles go away cause i cant afford to take her in and he said to just take her to the shelter, which i said no cause they will put her to sleep!!!NO not letting that happen. so i called my pal cassie for advice and she said her vet told her to give her puppy childrens benadryl to help with its allergies so i went and got childrens tylenol for colds and give her a small small amount and tadaa sniffles going away and shes up and playing again and well being a normal kitten. so pretty much fuck you mr vet man. tj said i can keep her unti i find her a home... so andyone know some one i will be in MI for red flannel and i wiill deliver! i just want to find her a good home...

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:: 2008 17 September :: 10.35 pm

... life is so complicated we all live to make others happy but forget about our own in the process

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:: 2008 16 September :: 11.33 pm

so i have decided i totally hate my job at ponderosa, and i need to find a new one. I feel bad, but i have to think of my happiness and working at a resturant just isnt cutting it anymore. It just too unorginezed and stressfull. its sad but i would really enjoy a desk job a simple 9-5. sounds crazy but my sched. is so different that a regular day to day would be a great change of pace.

the kitten is getting better i got her some vitamins and i think she is kicken this cold!! still havent found her a home but it is a work in progress...


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:: 2008 15 September :: 9.55 am

the kitten is doing much better, after a bath and some food she is up and playing, still congested though... and tj is even letting her roam the house!!! lol my two other cats hate her but im taking her to the shelter tomorrow if i cant find someone to take her so its ok...

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:: 2008 14 September :: 8.41 pm

So i am taking out the trach at work and this cute little kitten stunmbles out covered in motor oil, dirty, and sick as hell so naturally i took it home. it is currently in my bathroom, sick and i dont know what to do with it cause i cant keep it and i cant afford to take it to a vet and i dont want it to go to the shelter cause he's in bad shape and all they will do is put him to sleep.... god i hate that i am sooooo compasionate at least when it comes to animals and i just dont want to let the little guy go knowing what will happen to it....

in other news my parents came over today, i made cornish hens, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and it was all soo delicious... mmmmmm. game day so far has been good the colts won and that makes me happy, and the patriots won so tj is happy..

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:: 2008 9 September :: 10.34 pm

today has been a day of ickyness.... im just sooo confused.

maybe i just need to pay more attention, dig myself out of this hole i have created. i know nothing of what is going on in this world because mine has been so crazy and i just feel shitty about it... i guess i'll just have to catch up.

to the great debate.. to make or not to make that truly is the great question!!!!

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:: 2008 6 September :: 7.36 pm

Chicago was fun... dan was funny in his whites. overall it was an ok trip. i just now vow that i will never take derwood and tj on a road trip by myself ever again!!!!!!

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:: 2008 3 September :: 12.11 am

now that the weekend is over i can go back to schedule. at least i think i can....

im debating alot right now especially my job, its great and all but i hve been workin with food FOREVER and i would really like a good change of pace... having a desk job doesnt sound sooo horrible... something with a more set schedule would be prefered but i dont want to leave pondo, god its just confusing., i dont know what to do. andwe cant afford a cut in $$ so i'll stick it out unless a good opp. comes along then things may change i just feel the need to change something.

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:: 2008 30 August :: 3.21 pm

acd festivle rocks,,, they not only had a beer tent but it was a full block long, then you get too see all these kick ass cars with it.... who could ask for a better weekend?

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