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:: 2004 3 March :: 8.22 pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: maroon 5 // this love

I was brave, I conquered, and then..I was defeated..
I think it's funny how when people break up, people who were your best friends, when they break up with one another, suddenly, you're back in the picture. But I mean, dont get your hopes up, because then they find someone new, and suddenly, you're no one again. Fuck that, I'm not doing it again, yeah, we're friends, but you can't use me as a back up friend. Screw you.

This week sucked, so much. I hate FCAT days, they should just give juniors // seniors the days off, I dont' see a problem with that. Here are some lovely pictures from this past weekend, there's lots...enjoy!

title or description nicole and peter!
title or description hazen! what a cutie ;]
title or description duncan and nick!
title or description hazen and duncan!
title or description paris paige and ilana
title or description haha, nicole walked me out to my car, cause she's a lady. And we thought it'd be nice to document how sexy our two cars are next to each other, hers is on the left (86' cressida) and mine is on the right (89' cressida), we're so sexy ;]!!

title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description the guy at the end, how lovely =)
title or description they were playing a song on her boobs

title or description title or description
title or description hahaha my dad got picked at the ren fest, it was funny. ;]
title or description I kinda liked her hair, so I took a picture, it's a pretty shade of purple..

title or description
title or description
title or description I was really cold and bored, so I took a picture of my pink blanet and me<3
title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description I dunno how it happened, but it turned me red! =\
title or description my spiffy new pants i got in the mail yesterday, the best part about them...THEIR TOO LONG! haha and on the butt there's a star, well, it forms one, lol..yeah..

Comment and love me!.

x to the o.

p.s. TOMORROW IS LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:: 2004 28 February :: 10.38 pm

I have the dreamstreet song in my head, thanks to Solange...thanks =O.


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:: 2004 26 February :: 1.57 pm

all I wanna do is go to the beach to take pictures and NO ONE will go with me, what is this madness!


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:: 2004 23 February :: 7.06 am

the carwash i went through yesterday!

title or description the stuff on the car, was all multi-colored, pretty!

title or descriptionme in the car, staying dry =)

title or description water on the windshield

title or description the big blower things started, hahah..

title or description the sign telling me what was happening!

I visited my grandparents and their two dogs<3
title or description

title or description

title or description I told him to smile, look what he does, silly grandpa<3

out, with my camera, never stopping taking pictures ;-)!

title or description hahah, jackie got paint on her pants, curtesy of me!

title or descriptionlauren, i dont know what to say!

title or description lauren looks like she's beans in EVERY picture, this was us trying hard to keep her looking normal...we failed...brian discovered what things look like blurred, haha.

title or description heather!

title or description danielle passed out, poor sickling<33

title or description dan and his...twitch? haha jk

title or description

title or description this was our sad faces, cause jackie chickened out ;]!!

title or description

title or description on my way out, realizing i should probally clean my car, thank you lauren for cleaning it for me =)

title or description we should learn how to take a picture

lol, enjoy


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:: 2004 20 February :: 2.25 pm

Top Reasons to Date A Paintball Player
1. We aren't afraid 2 get down and dirty
2. We know how to listen 2 directions
3. We at least have a 10" barrel
4. We can fire off 100's of rounds without getting tired
5. We always wear protection
6. We love to be aggressive
7. We like to push hard, but not hard enough to get hit
8. We clean our barrels a lot
9. We always have to have the best 'cocker on the field
10. We're good at moving our fingers extremely fast in small places
11. We can move & contort our bodies into weird positions
12. We usually leave our "condom" on so we won't spray u
in ur eye

haha I need to find me one of those...I think i'm going paintballing this weekend, dun dun dun.


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:: 2004 19 February :: 9.46 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: everything // fefe dobson

I REALLY need to get a life...
these are cross posted from

title or description chemistry is too boring, so i made a tag<3

title or description

title or description

title or description

title or descriptionthis is my favorite work shirt =)

title or description and this is just me being gay :]

yeah, i'm a loser, leave me be.


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:: 2004 18 February :: 12.12 am
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: big yellow taxi // counting crows

I wanna see him roll his eyes at me, because I stole a french fry.
I just finished watching One Tree Hill (i taped it because I had to work.) Anyways, it definitly made me cry..but more than makes me want a friendship like Haley and Lukas have, its something i'm missing. I need a friendship like that in my life. hmm..

x to the o.

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:: 2004 15 February :: 2.00 pm
:: Mood: good one
:: Music: watching josey and the pussy cats

I'm a punk-rock prom queen, Brown paper magazine.
So let's review my Valentine's Day:

Woke up at 8, went bowling, bowled like crap. Then went to my work meeting from 11-12, instead of them re-training us, we gossiped for an hour 8-). Then met my dad at my house, and he picked me up, we went to Tamarac for my bowling lesson, which surprisingly was amazing. I learned some awesome new things, and my average is going up, wooo! Came home, rushed to get to work, and then got to work. I was talking to Candace, someone I work with, and I was feeling sad, then dun dun dnu, Lauren walked in with an amazing thing of balloons, it totally made me smile. I got cut at 8, came home, changed, did things around the house. Went to Krysta's for like .2 seconds, then went to Deerfield to say Happy Valentine's Day to m'loves. I miss Solange a lot, it was cool, i guess. Went to Roadhouse to see Jessica, and give her a flower. And omg, Mauricio was there! AND WITH A GIRL, I'm assuming it's the girlfriend that he claimed he didn't have, hahaha, busted. Went back to Krysta's to say goodbye to Tommy. Finally came home at like 10:45, and had a massive headache, called Jen (my ex-manager) to tell her i wasn't gonna come back up, cause my car wouldn't start, and just blah, stuff went wrong. So I watched TV, waiting for Lauren to call...she never did =(. Finally I called her, we're not doing anything tonight, dammit sad face x 200. So now I'm sitting here, I'm hungry and I'm sooooooo bored. Grr, this is like my 453590 update for today/yesterday sorry guys. If anyone has any ideas to keep be entertained, let me know ;]


p.s. here are my lovely pictures of my balloons<3

[edit] I forgot to mention how I talked to Andrew, my valentine ;] <3

title or description

title or description

title or description

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:: 2004 12 February :: 3.23 pm
:: Mood: dorky
:: Music: suga suga how you get so flllyyy<33

A little bit of me just wanted to be beautiful.
Let's see, haven't updated in woohu, in a while. I kinda miss woohu, I should start balancing it btwn livejournal, we'll see.

Oh i just have to say, CHRISTINA DRUCKER gets the award for best woohu-er cause she's the only one who updates enough! <33

So nothing new in my life, I like my job, at first i did, than i hated it for like 2 weeks, but i like it now, a lot. I like the pay<3 and I like the ppl I work with, La and Steph<33.

I like a boy, but I'm not gonna worry about it like i normally do, ya know? And Saturday, I'm just gonna keep myself VERY busy, so this way I don't think about what's going on around me. THe only thing that sucks is that I'm working Saturday night, at a restaurant which means, couple after couple will be walking in :-(.

But maybe after, Lauren? Stripper anyone? lmfao, jk ;]

I'm off to straighten my hair for work.

x to the o.

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:: 2004 9 February :: 11.50 pm

I hate being sick, this sucks so much :-(

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:: 2004 8 February :: 4.48 pm

Opinion's needed.
OKay, so in my room right now my bed is a twin soft waterbed meaning its a mattress with a zipper and then a waterbed inside. IT's cool, it's fun, i love it. ((same bed i've had basically my whole life)). My mom just bought herself a new bed, and she wants to give me her old one which is a queen waterbed. I think it might be better cause it's bigger/longer. But, I dunno how I feel about getting rid of my bed. What do ya'll think I should do?


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:: 2004 5 February :: 10.53 pm
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: backstreet boys<3

Maybe things aren't as bad as I make them be, maybe I should start looking past things.
Jackie said to me today, that maybe I'm over analyzing a situation. It made me realize, all I do is over-analyze. I think that's my problem. I think I just need to sit back, relax, and just go with the flow. Maybe that's my problem? I dont know, but I dont think listening to these "love songs" and all this other sad stuff around me can help my situation. I'm going to make a goal for myself, I'm gonna try hard too. I'm going to try and change, but for the better. I'm going to try and sit back and just let things take place, stop getting attached, and attempt to be a little more outgoing. I'm going to try and quit old, bad habits, and maybe I can take in some new good ones. So thank you for everyone who has caused my sadness, and thank you to those who have done nothing but help. I think I just needed a wake up call, and I think today I might have gotten one. Will see where this goes.

x to the o.

p.s. Ryan, I didn't lie, I promise. I was installing this SAT prep thing, and once it was done my mom came in wanting to look at it. I'll tell you, I promise, I wasn't lying. =)

p.s.s. Jackie, thank you, for all my bullshit, Imma make it up to you, how about that parking lot driving on Saturday<333

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:: 2004 1 February :: 3.51 pm
:: Music: skye sweetnam // billy s

I am her garden, her legacy.
Let's see what's new in my life:

*I miss my woohu journal, livejournal has just taken over my brain.
*I really like him, a lot.
*I love my new job, but miss the theatre people.
*I love getting paid $7.25, it's absolutely amazing.
*Im starting to love my shitty car
*I miss some people being in my life, a lot.
*Me and Paige bonded a lot on saturday, it was nice, really nice.
*I hate spending my money
*I really want him, hmm, this needs to happen, lmao.

okay, i'm off to work, woohoo, superbowl sunday, a bar filled with obnoxious people, woo, fucking hoo.

x to the o.

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:: 2004 29 January :: 1.47 pm

I just had a very lovely lunch, sushi with Jenna and Mikey C. =)

Thanks Guys

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:: 2004 25 January :: 1.08 am

I think its safe to say boredom took over me

title or description

title or description

title or description

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