beauty was not meant to be understood because it was meant to be recognized.


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:: 2005 8 October :: 2.20 pm

my tongue is dry.
i can't write anymore about our legacy. don't take offense. my heart is just too heavy.
squinted eyes and tired streets. we got so lost.
the streets all looked the same.
perfectly planned chaos in all those crazy lamp stores.
i have a solution.
we'll stay there forever.
sleep in tents in cozy groves lulled by forgein flutes.
let the air get the small town out from beneath our fingernails.
we'll sell sunglasses.
bigger than our own eyes.
somewhere i fell between the cracks.
don't look back.
my taste gets bitter after a while.
i want you to always smile.

and be proud of those freckles.

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:: 2005 2 October :: 1.29 am

a long hallway. white and gray.
broken words hung in every corner.
dont think of me as the fool.
i won't do this. my eyes are too green.
maybe that's my problem.
soft eyelashes. and. a pocket full of chosen words.
i've played harder ball.

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:: 2005 28 September :: 8.54 pm

empty holes at the end of these fingers trying to clean up any evidence. burnt petals outlining you name for me. i never thought it would be so easily. the end of this war is at the tip of my tongue. holding on for stubborn pride and broken shoelaces. plastic as the sun we try so hard to be bright. my sunglasses are on at night. i won't be caught in the glare, where i know i cold have solved a million broken letters. my hair keeps getting cut and i'll follow the trend. sweep it away with all the misunderstandings. that didn't mean i never loved you. it just ties it rope around my next and pulls until i don't want to understand. this was how it was suppose to be. we always relied on fate. but i never thought, fate would be so cruel. steamy eyes reside in my pocket and i'll keep them there for every halloween but until then know, just call the police.

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:: 2005 27 September :: 2.01 am

the habitual ritual of these custom words leap from lips onto the dirty floor.
swept into a corner.
waiting for a taste of an absolution.
stale and old. we'll wait.

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:: 2005 25 September :: 12.28 am

sultry lips against steamed glass.
i always leave an impression.
outlines of what i have to give. full and subtle. can't you hear me.
it won't take to long to tell you where we've been before.
i'll just trace the outline down your spine and you'll remember all the chills you've had before.
can i be any more fitting for you.
a few steps behind you.
i don't play games anymore lover.
time is of the moment. and it burns within my chest.

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:: 2005 20 September :: 2.16 pm

accustomed to a certain shade of breathing.

anxious tears sting my eyes, this sight was too bearable for any of us.
certain memories flood my lungs, making it hard to breathe.
all those empty smiles.
all those hopeful eyes.

beeeeeeeee back.

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:: 2005 16 September :: 2.35 am

spoonfuls of distaste hung around my tongue.
i dont prescribe for disaster any longer.
it left ash on my cheek and scars on my knees.

bahh, bad writing.

with one graceful movement she tears it all away.
far, far away.

just far.

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:: 2005 8 September :: 12.22 pm

see the massive world form lines under GREEN eyes and cracks on soft lips.
i have created better beats with a nervous pulse.
that's the nature of eager. spelling each word with deliberate force.
eyelashes spell everything we need to know.
that you are suppose to get hot under the collar.
just for me. written in the lead lines that lead to this working heart.
you'll be the end of me.

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:: 2005 25 August :: 11.52 pm

we hung around that corner before. under pages of scrapbooks and all the layers of this thick skin. my skin was once soft too.
dark streets of fleeting innocence .
i squeezed your hand harder when we passed that old house.
those days remain in a matchbook hidden among a box of virgin emotion. ticket stubs and mindless doodles keep company to you.
my eyes were lighter then. and smile so wide.
we have calenders between us. we would only get paper cuts if we tried anything foolish.
when i slip on my shoes and see a sunny day. i hope you see it too.

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:: 2005 19 July :: 1.47 am

when you feel nothing.

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:: 2005 16 July :: 1.29 pm

so here...

our smiles have been painted in distaste just to pass as ideal. REMEMBER that word freckles? i deal, we always forget so easy. that's what happens when you turn young eyes old. i'll never call you numb, i couldn't even whisper your name near it, but all and all, i isolate. and hate myself for letting magic leave my fingertips. but i always take this detour, constant and unreleneting, so 'll watch the comfort of your words slip away. i'll send a thousand letter to your heart full of what a girl like me can truly offer. but you already know better. you can't forgive and forget the fall of an empire, i wouldn't. i ask too much and give too little. but my come away with me girl, those city lights will always be ours.

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:: 2005 4 July :: 9.40 pm

how can you describe beauty with bitter colored eyes.
we've lost our dance among the hands of time.
so the tall building couldn't hold you here, so this is where it ends.
a nasty case of forgetting motives. think about it, pain on purpose. not these hands sweetheart.
i can sing these songs alone. but we're best together.
at least i thought so.

loooooooong day, napping till morning.

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:: 2005 27 June :: 11.54 pm

sleeping across the land of a mangled man while stars sing outside the window.

while my fingers bleed out these insecurities, that hole inside my chest seems to stop growing. holding you inside me this long, it's against all rules. against all advice. but i'll bite my lip and promise to always whisper your name to my pillowcase.
waking up each day missing you more isn't easy. but i suppose it's time to grow up and stop believing in fairy tales. and maybe learn other names to whisper.

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:: 2005 27 June :: 2.17 am

lovers tongues drunk with hate, i spill every nasty words on cardboard tables. i hate what fate made me. but the empty beer cans and the smell of fire on my breath calm my nerves for the next hour. you can't take your eyes away from the pieces i've become. what a scene. bold and beautiful. remember? i can't even see straight. this is how it feels and i'm done.
those soft words know how to make it better.
so i'll wipe some tears. and leave black on white for you. but in the end. it's ok. just say this will be ok.

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:: 2005 18 June :: 12.40 am

red lighting in a careless room with mild attitude.
each thinking of our own escape to outer space.
minding the silence like a forgotten friend, we sit and bleed.
open hearts with closed eyes. we've seen so much and learned so little.
each strand of hair knows it's limits, but we've come again for some more.
life don't lose us, we have so much riding on tomorrow.

ekashflkajsf. cant write

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