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:: 2004 25 June :: 11.08 am

ok i changed the song again i heard this song on MTV and i love it so yea

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:: 2004 24 June :: 7.52 pm
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: suerte

my mom thinks im depressed
but im really not
go figure


i talked to mark yep. well on im. i guess thats good. hes really awesome. i think im seeing him tomorrow. yay.

i like the song on my journal it sounds cute. and i think it has a good point coming across

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:: 2004 23 June :: 12.21 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: Memory

saras journal made me cry :0(

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:: 2004 22 June :: 10.20 pm
:: Mood: sore
:: Music: chrarmed

alright i hung out today, cleaned and i really forgot what i did this morning but olivia came over, we swam and then at like 7 we ran all the way to albertsons... we didnt stop we ran! according to my dad thats about 2 or 3 miles. i am so proud of myself! yay but um than olivia went home my legs hurt lol umm i have a feeling mark likes sara.. so i decided im not going to interfere in this anymore. if he wants anything to do with me ill let him come to me this time.. kk ttyl bye

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:: 2004 21 June :: 9.42 pm

aright i went to the library and i volunteered at the yacht club. than i just chilled at home and was happy that my company is gone. yay so than saras mom picked us up we went to dance and the dance wasnt at the normal place and AHH i saw mark walking around lol and we asked where "the lighthouse" or whitehouse something that rhymes with ite house was and he told us. than when we found it sara and me went back over there with mark and stuff and we played basketball and i sucked! grrr but omg i was so happy i saw mark! and when we were at dance he waved to me when he left AHHHHHH and i think he watched us omgomgomg lol great! but i saw him again so yay!! i may see him tomorrow but guess what else happened. WE MADE OUT AND HE ASKED ME OUT

just kidding :0P hehe naaa that isnt even what i wanted to happen lol what i want to happen is me tell him to his face that i like him which if i see him tomorrow i will do that definatly. but no making out (thank god) haha okk well ill write later love yas

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:: 2004 20 June :: 9.32 pm
:: Mood: crushed
:: Music: michelle branch

umm yeah id like to start this off by showing you something that sara wrote in her journal that someone told mark this and im mad that they did and i know who it is and shes a loser emo chick that needs to be hit with a hair straightener.

from saras journal-

yay!! i'm srry lisa i couldn't have gone w/ u fri. but ur night sounded eventful!lol.. but yea.. mark is gettin this idea that u don't like him.. so w/e u think u better let him kno before stuff happens.. so like deciede what u want to happen their.. or u just might loose it all togehter..kk.. luv-ya lisa..

okk listen people I LIKE MARK alright to clear that thing up and i am gonig to tell him i like him next time i see him TO- HIS-FACE!!!!!!! ENTIENDA??? gracias

well anyway i found out a certain young lady is out now to tell lies about me and ruin my whole life now. ok ask me if i care? no lisa i very much dont bc she will get what she deserves soon enoguht. even if its not by me. i believe in karma. alright well onward with my day

wee i woke up and went to target shopped. my mom embarassed me i fell in love with the word stupid. my mom fell in love with little baby barbie shoes and a pink baby pillow. she said aww alot and rather loudly alright i drove home. family went out to dinner cousin and mom embarasssed me, hott waiter he thought i was hott he was 19 and i like mark so i told everyone to not even think about it so i wrote i like mark all over the table so he knew. alright went home than to laurens fed the pets and went to eckard, it was closed. got tailgated by some guy and i did a little L with my hand bc i was mad and i kept pressing my breaks and he got mad but i told him he was a stupid loser lollygagger. went home said bye to maureen and sal they left went home made a plan with sara fell asleep woke up got online.. ok that was my day bye

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:: 2004 19 June :: 9.49 pm
:: Mood: cold
:: Music: yellowcard

ok well today was actually better than last night. i woke up slept again and yeah woke up again and cleaned. stephanie called me and we "patched things up" ok moving on.. around 2 mark called we talked.. hung up he didnt come over. alright thaaan i played marco polo with my dad and my uncle, my cousin and her boyfriend it was fun except everyone kept stepping on me and i got pinned against the wall lol ouuuuuch. um than stephanie called telling me thaaaaaaat her and mark were going to do something tonight and asked me what time i talked to him last... okk i was mixed up but whatever lol so i asked him and he told me they werent gonig to do anything so i was like ok not that i cared really but i was wondering bc of the whole coming to my house part. this time i didnt jump to any conclusions. wee go me ok continuing on i am shaking crazily bc im cold or scared idk

comment answering these questions

do i lie alot to the point where no one trusts me?-
how much do you trust me with your secrets-
am i a good friend??-
am i nice to others-
am i a slut-

(you dont have to write your name)

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:: 2004 19 June :: 11.20 am
:: Mood: confused
:: Music: everytime

alright lets vent now before i go insane to start it off i really dislike someone and she really needs to be quiet and leave me alone and out of her dramatic life that i really dont care about not trying to be mean but she does this all the time. ok anyway last night went awful. i was looking forward all day to the bridge so i can see mark. so in the time between i went to the mall with stephanie than went home and got ready, kelly came over and than we left. i went to the bridge and me and kelly were speaking spanish so i can tell her where mark is, what hes wearing and who everyone else is. than kelly was hungry so we went to the gas station it was very funny lol bc sheshe bought a whole lunch lol and we did some wierd stuff there and the lady laughed at us lol so she ate it and we went back and i watched mark play basketball and i was talking to these other girls. than he came over and talked to us and i was so nervous i think like everything i said came out dumb. and than we went to hess and the lady from before looked at me and kelly and started cracking up. ok we went back and tasha said something that i really wouldnt have preferred her to say mark gave me a look and he left.. yeah with that girl i talked about earler. me and him didnt talk for the rest of the night and i was sooo upset. no one can tell him but i was sitting there almost crying and kelly told me the mean girl wanted me to call her so i did and she started like yelling at me bc i thought at the time mark told her all my secrets so i hung up and i started bawling (spelling, it means crying really hard) and taira and kelly were like its ok its ok. but i was thinking like how can he do that and tell her all this. and a few mins later someoe called i picked it up and like i knew it was marks friend and i was just being a brat and kelly picked it up and was yelling at them. and i was like at the end "tell "anna" (the mean girl we will call anna) and mark i said hi. and i hung up. i was upset mark was around her. and after that i did the stupidest thing ever. he said bye to me and he was next to anna and i like gave him a look like i hate you go away and just turned my head when i knew i should have called him over and talked. than i realized at that point why was i doing this to him? but i had a talk with his friend jeremy and we just hung out and than we left i got online and had mark call me and we talked about everything and the way anna was yelling at me made me think that mark told her everything i told him not to tell

but he didnt, and i know he wouldnt

so i invited him over today to hang out idk if he'll come but i hope he does so i can talk to him about everything. i trust him, i really do and im really mad that i doubted him and i didnt talk to him more yesterday. i think he forgives me bc we talked last night for a long time and got everything straight. if he read my journal id say sorry but he doesnt so id say sorry to him i think i already said sorry yesterday. but still. i have a feeling he wont come over today, but i need to clean so ill talk to you all later! byeee

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:: 2004 17 June :: 6.11 pm
:: Mood: my neck hurts
:: Music: nothing

today was soooooooooooooo totally awesome!! okk well this morning well i woke up and i cracked my neck and it hurt so bad i couldnt move at all!! i was in bd for like 1 1/2 hrs and sara was trying to get me to stand so i did and in time i can move it... it still hurts when i move it left and down. lets just say now everything i did in gymnastics that i didnt tell my dad is catching up to me (falling on my neck all the time) ok me and sara swam all day than i went to feed laurens bunny and she just sat in the patio and omg there was a TRUCK PARKED ON A TREE!! ok later on me and sara went walking to the area when everything was gone we had little tubes around our waists (mine was barbie and it was pink, sara had blue fishies!) and what we predicted was (this is based on tire tracks and the way the car was faced) that the truck was going down the wrong side of the road and when another car came down, the driver swerved off the road and hit the tree. and wow the front of the truck was actually on the tree it was very stupid looking. ok than we swam more and talked about upcoming events and how she isnt gonig to the bridge tomorrow
:0( idk if i am going i mean i want to see "him" but i dont want to have to go myself. hopefully kelly can come even though the origional plan was me kelly and sara. sara cant go so hopfully kelly still can. we have company from NY here and im just like around mostly on the phone, hanging out w/sara or in my PJ's. just laying down. especially tonight bc of my neck grr! my mom put some stuff that smells minty and it feels so cold it kinda hurts a bit but its more cold than hurts idk i cant explain anything! idk its stupid. my dog is a sponge lol kelly yeah we got her shaved yesterday OH I DIDNT TELL YOU ABOUT ME AND NIKKIS DAY OKK WELL

we picked up nikki and went to drop kimba (my dog) at the hairdresser. soo we did that, about 10 mins later get a call from my mom saying "the haircutters called and said they dont have kimba" so at that point im like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY DONT HAVE MY DOG!!!!!!????" so we went back and im like omg wheres my dog! shes like "its ok we shipped her" ok im like "SHIPPED HER!! WHERE THE HECK DID YOU SHIP HER TO!!!!"... "next door....." "oh.. sorry for exploding" lol yep turns out there were 2 haircutters and they were both next to eachother so i felt dumb and nikki was laughing at me :0P ok after that me and my dad got into a "fight" about cell phone ring tones and he reached his hand back to get his and i spit my gum on his arm aand nikki said "you have gum on your arm" hes like "no i... oh" soo he took it off. lol than i got home and me my mom and dad were talking about ricky martin and how i was little i told my mom to divorse my dad and marry ricky martin. and my moms like " i think he is really cute" my dads like "yea so does his boyfriend" hehe i laughed buuuuuuuut okk ill talk to you all later!!

144 <3

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:: 2004 16 June :: 10.20 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: lisa singing in spanish

HI, everyone, its Sara, i'm updating lisa's journal cuz she's too lazy, lol, so yea, she has been w/ me and nikki all day. we swam for most of the day and ate food, and just relaxed in the hot tub. it was nice. We sang in spanish, it was we're soooo good. (w/e) But yea, sum evil dude named russel came over, he really scares us!! i believe he's a stalker, so yea, Guess what ppl???? I straighted Clint out today!! and i got him of Lisa's back, finnally! so like i'm proud of lisa, and me! Lisa talked to Mark<3 today, she tottally flipped out when he called. It was so funny, i was laughing soo hard.lmao!! But yea! I have no idea what else to say, besides me n lisa did sum dirty work today, lol only one other persons know bout this. its so hilarous!!!! I'm goign to go ya'll.... But like if you love lisa leave her comments, with much love<3

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:: 2004 15 June :: 11.26 pm
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: angel--- tv show

NINE HOURS of waiting.... he finally called me!! and i didnt get to my phone in time!! siiiiiigh this is stupid.... im stupid lol. nikki is coming over tomorrow yay! ok stupid lisa is going to go to bed grr lol sara i hope he didnt hear my voice mail! thats would suck haha

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:: 2004 15 June :: 11.57 am
:: Mood: creative
:: Music: popular demand

Suburban Legends is a really good band their good songs include popular demand, i want more, don juan, alternative is dead, and up all night!! they are really good! but popular demand is probably my favorite song out of all of them

I stayed out late last night
Why am I such a fool?
My alarm did not go off
Now I'm late for school
I sneak slowly into class with professional agility,
"Yer not saved by the bell," yells Mr. Peabody

Some people think that I should do my best,
Why should I when I just flunked my last test
Just Say No
To Popular Demand
Cuz everyone you know is workin' for the man
Just Say No
To Popular Demand
Walk when they say run, and sit when they say stand

The faculty is all against me
The Government is too
Ferris Bueler you're my hero
You'd know what to do
Live each day as if it was your last, that was always my philosphy
No! Try harder than the rest, that's what they yell at me

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:: 2004 14 June :: 10.17 pm
:: Mood: dorky
:: Music: i pray

alright the past few days i been with sara.. well yesterday was interesting. sara said something funny and i laughed so hard that i spit milk all over everywhere!! wow and then she hit her head on the lamp. we made up dances and i taught her some dances too... today we went kayaking i was so scared and then sara jumped in the canal and i screamed lol than we swam and came back to my house... we went to dance it was soooooo funny thats all i really have to say thats important but i saw finding nemo last night I LOVED IT! okk bye bye

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:: 2004 13 June :: 11.20 am
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: until the day i die

wow i never realized this, and it is very amazing for me to realize that i have alot of friends that would stick up for me and just go out of their way to help me... i thought i had 1 but i have about 8 sooo thats good. and its also kinda amazing to me that i have been SO bouncy and like more (hang on i need to look in a thesaurus) ok i found a awesome word i like... i been more sunnier that i have been before! WOW can you imagine that. yeah.. i think i mentioned i like someone TOTALLY new and only sara and nikki know... idk where thats going but its ok maybe soon ill announce the persons name... you may laugh bc it sounds like someone elses name but it isnt short for him. haha lauren.. if your reading this I PET TOOTSIE AND SHE DIDNT BITE ME!! hehe ok im gonig to go sooo ill ttyl looooove yas!

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:: 2004 12 June :: 12.06 am
:: Mood: awake
:: Music: the clock

i had a dramatic day. and today was actually the first night ive been upset in a while... but i was feeling sorry for someone i hate. i think i like someone i have for a time (ask sara (s) i told her when i realized it) but idk what im thinking maybe i dont.. but i may at the same time... im mixed up you know that and im kinda thinking about alot of things like how you make the marshmellows in lucky charms and stuff... and what im gonig to have for breakfast tomorrow.... i need a vacation. tomorrow im going out with nikki and sara and maybe someone else but idk. i hate dancing i mean its annoying... my nose itches i mean like really bad i need to scratch it ok i scratched it anyway well i went to the bridge and it was really awesome except i was quiet... very different bc im loud i just read this to my mom and she thinks im odd. im hungry so i think im goin to make something and ill try not to set the oven mitt on fire again hang on while i make them... ok i put them in the oven and something happened i guess... my house smells so bad grrr jake kept messing up my hair today and sara purposly poared her soda on his shirt and i told him to eat it. bc im stupid and i make up these things. god i am so hungry ok no one loves me so ill shut up bye

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