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:: 2010 12 May :: 8.25 pm

the interviewee today didnt show i'm still looking good and it was over hear the boss was really thinking about hireing me!


:: 2010 11 May :: 1.43 pm

had an interview for the shipping department today at borisch went really good should hear back in about a week or less..

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:: 2010 16 April :: 7.52 am

>< alarm clock didn't go off this morning... gonna late into work... wonder what the VP is gonna say about me not wearing my uniform! haha


:: 2010 14 April :: 3.15 pm

i was looking back at past posts of mine and the times sure are changin. its been mega crazyness since my accident with my mustang about 4 years ago, my fall 3 years ago, my apartment at ramblewood and all that jazz.. pure crazyness.. it feels like i was so young back then. well that should be enough for today i think...

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:: 2010 13 April :: 5.01 pm

wow... its been i think 2-3 years since i have logged in here >< ages have come and gone.. so much changed in my life and the world..

3 years and 1 day to be exact

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:: 2007 12 April :: 2.05 pm

I Don't use woohu anymore. i use faceass... if you are not on my faceass then there are 3 possible reasons why you are not

1) you don't have a faceass
2)i forgot to add you or i haven't found you yet
3)(most likely) i dont like you and i dont want to be your friend

have a good day!


:: 2007 11 April :: 9.46 am

i cant ask for anything more, i have no money, but who cares.. life is great


:: 2007 20 March :: 11.37 am

you want a rant???

well look else where!


:: 2006 30 October :: 11.52 am

well since i cant get into myspace, i guess i have to update here. i have started to get my arm sleeved, its going very good. well, i dont know what else to say

FOREVER INC. muthafuckers


:: 2006 16 October :: 2.17 pm

well.... this sucks... i have to go to the libary cuz our computer got a really bad fuckin virus, and my sister dont have the money to pay for it to get fixed. i'm sick, running low on money, in a wheel chair, but on the bright side, i have beer at home, I rule.


:: 2006 23 September :: 6.18 pm

well jackass 2 is fuckin sweet

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:: 2006 14 September :: 9.36 am

permant injuries...

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:: 2006 20 August :: 10.58 pm

i have 2 brke wrists, 1 busted foot, i crushed vertebra

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:: 2006 7 August :: 10.30 pm

holly you cant run me, you will never run me. Nobody can run me damnit. and holly just put my name in the post, dont make it a big fuckin secret you fuckin slut

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:: 2006 26 July :: 7.06 pm


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