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:: 2006 20 July :: 10.15 pm
:: Music: spineshank ~ forgotten

you are forgotten
You're the one who
You're the one who steals the life from
I'm the one who feels the falling
I believe you're nothing but a problem
Everything is so fake
You're just a motherfucking sight to see
And time will block the vision
Life with you is so vague
It's like I'm living in a dream

I have wondered why this always happens
Everything just falls away
Soon you'll be the one who is forgotten
It's so close but it's so far away

You're the one who
You're in disbelief of what you
Thought you could achieve or try to
Once I thought this life was never ending
Must've been my mistake
You're just a motherfucking accident
Offending yet amusing
I should have known that you
And your intensions weren't for me

You're the one who fed the violence
I'm the one who broke the silence
I will sew the hole you left inside me
Leaving you in the past
I will release


:: 2006 19 July :: 7.21 pm

1. are you missing someone right now?: yes
2. are you happy: no
3. are you talking to anyone right now: no
4. are you bored:yes
5. are you german: no
6. are you irish: yes half anyways
7. are you french: no
8. are you Italian: no
9. are your parents still married: yes, for now
10. are you in love with someone right now: no

1. hometown: GR
2. hair color: dark brown
4. hair style: no hair
5. eye color: blue
6. shoe size: 12ish
7. mood: undecided
8. orientation: i dunno
9. available?: yes
10. lefty/righty: righty

1. have you ever been in love: yes
2. do you believe in love: yes
3. why did your last relationship fail: i thought i was gonna get something better but i didnt and i havent yet
4. have you ever been heart broken: yes
5. have you ever broken someone's heart?: yes
6. have you ever fallen for your best friend: no
7. have you ever liked someone but never told them: no
8. are you afraid of commitment: kinda
9. have you ever kissed someone you liked: yes
10. have you ever had a secret admirer: yes

1. love or lust: both in moderation
2. hard liquor or beer: BEEEEER
3. night or day: night
4. one night stands or relationships: relationships
5. television or internet: both
6. pepsi or coke: pepsi
7. wild night out or romantic night in: depends on my mood
8. colored pictures or black and white pictures: colored
9. phone or in person: person
10. aim or phone: phone

1. been caught sneaking out?: yes
2. skinny dipped?: yes
3. done something you regret?: yes
4. bungee jumped?: no
5. been on a house boat?: no
6. finished an entire jaw breaker?: yes
7. wanted someone so badly it hurt?: yes
8. been caught by your parents with a hickey?: they dont give a shit
9. danced in the rain?: yes, when i was like 4 or 5
10. had a hang over?: hehehe...

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:: 2006 16 July :: 3.59 pm

remodling menards that is my new job that i start tomorrow


:: 2006 7 July :: 12.47 pm

'What will your obituary say?' at

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:: 2006 27 June :: 11.48 am

i been hangin out at the shop lately prally gonna move in at Todds with chris and keith. well g2g to court bye people ncie knowin ya


:: 2006 22 June :: 6.16 pm

court tuesday the 27th

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:: 2006 5 June :: 9.44 pm

Hopefully, 16 days till i am part of the U.S. Air Force.


:: 2006 3 June :: 11.55 am

well turn onto old alpine from alpine DONT try to take it at 110, espically when you have been drinkin. not good, if you go by there the skid makes are from me and Unk. lol i actually didnt get an MIP(edit) and i told the cop i was a minor and i had been drinkin.

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:: 2006 20 May :: 12.13 pm

every friday night the Tat 2 Kid is goin to be tattooing at my place, to come you have to be 18 or older and only people 21 and up can drink. unless you make it onto the V.I.P. list. there is a $5 cover charge to get into the door

if you are 21 and older 5 bucks will get you a cup that you can tap the 2 kegs all night long.

people come and support Forever

my number is (616)835-5896

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:: 2006 18 May :: 9.42 pm

it takes a lot of sand to be a turtledove


:: 2006 10 May :: 9.47 pm

wow, whiskey wensday sure kicked my ass, i'm goin to work with 1 hell of a hang over, but ya know fuck it, who cares

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:: 2006 6 May :: 2.39 pm

well goin to the CP prom tonight, my cousin brittany's friend likes me and i didnt have anything to do so i was like fuck it i'll go why not.

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:: 2006 22 April :: 1.40 pm

last night at parkway was fuckin ausome, damn i love titties... i have been in an ausome mood latley, i have been goin out and doin more stuff then ever before

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:: 2006 17 April :: 10.31 am
:: Music: johnny cash ~ cocaine

so i'm gonna save up money and get my tattoo on my back covered up. probally with a tribal design

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:: 2006 16 April :: 12.19 pm

well some dumbass was beepin me, the other night about Holly and my mom, and the ficticous charater kelly miller. there was no kelly miller, there never will be, i just said that to get the point acrost. there is a girl however, i dont feel to put the name in here, i dont feel like having her bein stalked.

oh if the guy that beeped me reads this i live at 224 lake in sand lake, lets see if you can man up to what you say?

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