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:: 2012 2 August :: 12.22 am

I think the biggest lesson I've learned with dieting so far is to just give up on making healthy shit taste good. For the most part it either already tastes good (fruits, meats, nuts) or you can make it taste slightly better with way to much effort (vegtables). Inevitable making it taste good usually makes it unhealthy anyway.

Extra processing time just makes it a pain in the ass to be on a diet. At the same time you'll never compete with the bag of pre-packaged chocolate-coated deep-fried butter-balls you really want to eat.

It makes it pretty simple to stay on the wagon when you concede the taste issue and push the convenience issue instead.

I should pen a health cook-book. Call it the lazy diet.


:: 2012 19 July :: 12.31 am

Going back to cedar springs for a few days.


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:: 2012 14 July :: 5.16 pm

Routine makes me happy. If only so it can be broken now and then.


:: 2012 12 July :: 12.26 pm

I just wanted to make some coffee.
I'm not sure why but I always end up cleaning after parties. I think its cause the alcohol makes me sleep very light, and I always wake up 3 hours before everybody.

In any case. Christ almighty will I be glad to be back at home, and not in the midst of the barely organized chaos of spent pizza boxs and drunken bachelors.


:: 2012 11 July :: 11.44 pm

I suggest thematic oveture of Jurrasic park. The first one, not the crappy ones.
Step one. Have a drink.
Step two. Have a few more.
Step three. Put on some good headphones. Turn everything up.
Step four. Close eyes.
Step five. Open up the way back when folder of music and play something nostalgic and awesome from at least ten years ago.


:: 2012 9 July :: 7.05 pm

Drinking just isn't near as fun as it used to be.

Dam getting old.

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:: 2012 4 July :: 1.51 pm

I think I've been having dreams in book form.

In the past, like when I was playing a given video game in some marathon week long stretch I would have dreams in that format. 1st person, 3rd person, etc.

I started re-reading the entire Wheel of Time series so I have some idea of what is happening in it when the final book comes out. It ends up being around 1500 full sized single spaced 12pt font pdf pages.

I've been reading like 4 hours a day. 3 of which are usually right before I go to sleep. In any case - I keep on having dreams that are very very heavy in dialog. They are vivid, and I can even recall what is happening. I can just never really put a visual aspect to it.


:: 2012 1 July :: 11.37 pm

On a roll.
See the problem with blenders is they always let you down.
Get a good one and it breaks. Get a bad one, it breaks.

I cant take another hit like that. Our microwave. Then the other one. Then the blenders. Thats right. An s. Now we have another blender. How many?

I want to love again, I'm just not sure.

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:: 2012 29 June :: 8.49 pm

The thing I really hate about the last week is that now EVERYONE is calling it "obamacare".

Usually when you steal back a word, you pick one that wasn't a turd to begin with.


:: 2012 27 June :: 12.32 am

I think the only thing I even remotely miss from Cedar Springs is Sue's kitchen. We don't really have a good substitute up here. Its something about the same waiter and the same old guys in the corner every time you go there. Even months apart. The pocket change coffee and toast was nice too.

I suppose I rather miss the countryside and green things and space as well, but as best I can tell Cedar Springs has lost these things. Last I knew it lost what small town charm it had. Its slightly less dilapidated, but in the cheap plastic veneer kind of way as opposed to any real positive changes.

I suppose real estate is still pretty cheap.

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:: 2012 23 June :: 10.42 pm

Because I've made it a point to be nice on facebook.
Its so hard not to respond to idiots on facebook. I'll probably start ranting on here for no other reason than I can, and I need too sometimes.

Its almost prime time political season. Its early, but you can sense these things if you pay attention. The political full moon is coming out and god knows what I'll turn into.

I do know that its already affecting other people. This seasons choice of information distribution has already been chosen. Its one liner thought-dumps in the form of words/picture/words. Lolcats for idiots, and that's saying something.

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:: 2012 30 April :: 2.39 pm

One exam and around 20 hours of paper writing to go.

Alllmost done.
Allllmost there.

*Que a bloke with a British accent*
"Almost where?"
"Whats there?"

oh fuck.


:: 2012 2 April :: 10.44 pm

When I shave my beard I lose like 7 years of age.

Space time travel ftw.

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:: 2012 17 March :: 4.36 pm

Happy drinking day Mount Pleasant.

Now step it up and finish passing out so I can enjoy my music.

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:: 2011 30 December :: 1.55 am



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