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:: 2004 29 May :: 6.15 pm
:: Mood: good
:: Music: ..i miSs y0u -->> inCuBuSs..

. alL dReSsedD uPp nd n0wheRe t0 g0 .
Heyy playasz! Wut's crackiin?! Newh0, thuRsdayy, i w0rkedD nd then me, jeNny, j0n, nd miKe chylledD. g00d niite. jeNny spent the niite nd we juss chylledD nd then crashedD. fRidayy, i babysat wit eRin nd then went sh0ppiin wit jeNny nd then we went t0 T0WERSZ nd the beach. t0dayy, i had a haiir app0inment. i g0t my hair a LiL bit lighter bl0nde nd i g0t it angledD nd layeredD nd cutt sh0rter iin the fr0nt. l0l, iz relle c0nfusiin but i lyke it. It's relle bl0nde n0w th0. Newh0, t0niite i'm g0iin t0 the m0viesz wit eRin nd then she's sleepiin 0ver. t0m0rr0w, we're tanniin, then g0iin t0 the beach, nd gettiin 0ur nailsz d0ne. t0m0rr0w niight, we're g0iin 0ut wit 0ur h0ttiiesz phiL nd chaZ. It will be funn as hell! wh00p wh00p. m0ndayy .. hMm, juss dunn0 yet?? YaYy .. dun have t0 w0rk m0ndayy .. great stuff! havent talkedD t0 edDy but it dun matter nem0re .. i relle dun care .. i hardlyy thiink b0ut hiim .. thank g0d! last niite at T0WERSZ, me nd jeNny were findiin a place t0 park nd maLcoLm c0mesz upp nd putsz his hand 0ver my m0uth .. scariest thiing ever .. i th0ught sum0ne was tryiin t0 pull me 0utta the car nd rape me .. scaryy shyt! Iighty, imma b0ut t0 g0 eat my dinner nd get ready f0r t0niite. l0vesz y0u! x0. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 28 May :: 2.16 pm
:: Mood: busy

eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: 2 hoses from my hookah i waz ripping at once and he walks in and im like OH SHIT! blowing smoke every where
eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: that smoke trail from my hit waz like from my window 2 my walls when he came in i felt the sweat drop down these balls

(( best thiing EVER! l0l, i g0tta get readyy th0 .. g0iin sh0ppiin. Later h0esz. ))

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 23 May :: 2.07 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: ..sLoW m0ti0n -->> ??..

. WuT aN aWeSuMm WkEndD! .
0k .. s0 fRidayy i g0t payedD nd jeNny g0t her license. We went sh0ppiin nd t0 T0WERZZ. Saw maRteLLa nd ch0pskii nd a bunch 0f 0ther pe0ple. Then we pickedD upp j0n nd the 3 0f uss went t0 the beach. l0l, j0n is awesumm! We hadD funn nd i didnt get h0me till midniight. T00k a sh0wer nd then eRin calledD nd said there was c0ps at chRis hernanDez' h0use. So0o we dr0ve 0ver there nd i was cryiin cuz he was gettin arrestedD. But then i saw hiim satuRdayy..?? So0o yesterdayy was straight. Went sh0ppiin wit my m0m after my d0ct0r's app0inment nd g0t sum cute shyt. Then, jeNny pickedD me upp nd we dr0ve ar0und. We met al0tta h0tt ass guyyz. We met phiL at c0mmercial pier. 0mg, wut a fuckiin h0ttie. He has a 6-pack nd h0ly shyt .. he'z g0rge0us! s0o he gave me his number. Then me nd jeNny were guna g0 t0 deeRfieLd beaCh cuz there was a surfiin c0mpetiti0n 0ut there but we endedD upp an h0ur nd a half n0rth in weSt paLm. l0l, we DEF missedD it. So0o we dr0ve back nd we met these guyys .. they were straight nd jeNny dr0ppedD me 0ff at 1opm nd i wasnt b0ut t0 sit h0me f0r the rest 0f the niite lyke a l0ser s0o i calledD eRin nd t0ld her b0ut phiL nd i wantedD her t0 chyll wit phiL, me nd his friends. She was wit her h0megurl, haiLee .. but i t0ld her juss t0 bring haiLee. We all went 0ver phiL's nd met sum 0f his friendz .. ZaCh (( red )), daNieL (( funniest guy EVER! )), nd sum 0ther kidD. We sm0kedD nd then we all wantedD t0 drink s0 me, eRin, haiLee nd phiL all went t0 his friend's h0use. We g0t there nd his friend (( miKe )) was barredD upp nd s0o fuckedD. Nd his 0ther friend chaZ was there t00. We drank nd g0t fuckedD upp nd then haiLee was all upp 0n phiL nd i g0t pissedD nd left nd then phiL came 0ut nd saidD he didnt lyke her. Nd me nd her are s0 straight n0w .. she's awesum! Nd eRin nd chaZ h00kedD upp all niight .. l0l, it was great. I hadda be h0me at 2am s0 i did sum shyt wit phiL then t00k hiim h0me nd went h0me nd decidedD t0 spend the niite at eRin'z m0m'z wit them .. s0 i t0ld my dad nd it was straight. But eRin'z m0m didnt kn0 i was guna be there. Then we went bak t0 miKe's nd i triedD t0 call phiL s0 he c0uld c0me 0ver but he fell asleep. So0o we juss all chylledD at miKe's. HaiLee was passedD 0ut in the bathr00m after pukiin her brainzz 0ut nd eRin nd chaZ were practically fuckiin 0n the c0uch .. l0l, they're madD cute t0gether. But miKe was lyke hittiin 0n me the wh0le niite nd he was lyke 0h, y0u lyke phiL .. that suxx. Nd he was lyke damn, eRin nd chaZ r makiin me jeal0us .. i was h00k upp wit h0tt gurl lyke eRin .. that w0uld DEF be y0u. Nd then he pickedD me upp nd alm0st threw me in his p00l .. i was s0o scaredD nd then his m0m g0t madD cuz it was lyke 3am nd we were beiin l0udD. So0o we left after awhile nd i talkedD t0 miKe b0ut hiim nd me beiin friendDz nd he was c00l wit it nd i think me nd hiim r guna be tight .. he'z fuckiin awesum. So0o we left nd g0t back t0 eRin's at 4am nd her m0m didnt even care .. it was awesumm. It was such a g00d niite. t0dayy, me nd eRin are supp0sedD t0 chyll wit phiL nd chaZ nd pr0lly miKe. Nd we're guna try t0 h00k upp haiLee nd zaCh. Yea, g00d fuckiin wkendD. Newh0, later h0mezz. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 20 May :: 9.33 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: ..BehiindD bLuE eYeSs -->> LiMp BiZkiiT..

. PiXi STiX - my NEW addicti0n .
PiXi STiX are defiiniitleyy the new FUNDiP! l0l, me nd ChRiStiE are the best! <33

This wkendD sh0uldD be g00d. T0m0rr0w i'm gettiin paidD nd then me nd jeNny are g0iin 0ut .. she gets her license t0m0rr0w!! satuRdayy, pr0lly g0iin 0ver niCk's nd then guna chyll wit amBeR ch0psKi nd maRteLLa .. i l0ve y0u guyys! Nd that niite, i'm gettiin fuckedD upp at my sis' h0use. SuNdAy, i'm puttiin m0ney d0wn 0n the kitten i'm gettiin. It's 0nlyy 3 weeks 0ld s0o i cant get it f0r atleast 2 m0re weeks. It's the cat i've ALWAYS wantedD .. 0range nd white! I'm 0fficially namiin it CRUSH .. 0r SQUiSHY (( l0l b0neR )). It will be an awesumm wkendD. RaNd0mNeSs --

EvErY1zAnGeL02: hey butthead
x BABiGURL387 x: hey p00p
EvErY1zAnGeL02: are we going 2 get FUNDiP 2moro!
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l yes!
EvErY1zAnGeL02: so what time do u want me 2 come 2 ur housiieee
x BABiGURL387 x: lyke 7.2o or 7.3o
EvErY1zAnGeL02: okie dokie
EvErY1zAnGeL02: i'll be around then
x BABiGURL387 x: g00d stuff
x BABiGURL387 x: imma buyy s0 many 0f them
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l .. iz guna be my new drug
EvErY1zAnGeL02: MiNE 2!!
EvErY1zAnGeL02: we'll be the "dippers"
EvErY1zAnGeL02: ha wow..
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l yay! we can fundip addicts
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l dippers
x BABiGURL387 x: g00d 0ne
EvErY1zAnGeL02: i know i know
x BABiGURL387 x: y0ur a genius
EvErY1zAnGeL02: o my
x BABiGURL387 x: we're guna be super hyper in sk00l t0m0rr0w
EvErY1zAnGeL02: i know
EvErY1zAnGeL02: im gonna be loud and crazy
x BABiGURL387 x: oo n0 .. n0t a g00d thiing
EvErY1zAnGeL02: haha
x BABiGURL387 x: wuts a g00d name t0 name an 0range kitty sides crush
EvErY1zAnGeL02: AWW thats cute
EvErY1zAnGeL02: SQUiSHY!
EvErY1zAnGeL02: haha
x BABiGURL387 x: haha
EvErY1zAnGeL02: umm i duno
x BABiGURL387 x: n0 .. thats the name 0f 0ur w0rm, fish, fr0g nd starfish
EvErY1zAnGeL02: uhh AND clam
x BABiGURL387 x: 0h yea
x BABiGURL387 x: u kn0 all 0f 0ur animals r dead
x BABiGURL387 x: we're badd 0wners
x BABiGURL387 x: i dunn0 .. i f0rg0t
x BABiGURL387 x: cuz clams are s0o squishyy
EvErY1zAnGeL02: hahaha

^ i l0ve chRistiE .. haha .. nd eRin, imma miiss y0u this wkendD .. but y0u'll be riight hurr!! l0l heart y0us. Nd anGie buRke .. we are DEF the 0nlyy whiite chix that lyke menth0l ciggs .. w00t! * is the GREEN * l0l, 0f c0urse that is DEFiNiTELYY the reas0n. riight!

<33 shaWna

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 19 May :: 9.24 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: ..NiCk MatHeS' h0tt ass v0ice (( HaHa ))..

. HaPpYy SwEeT 16 niCk .
l0l, even th0ugh his bday was yesterdayy .. newh0 .. juss g0t h0me fr0m w0rk. Yesterdayy was g00d stuff. ChRiStiE came 0ver ar0und lyke 7 am nd we went niCk sh0ppiin. l0l, we're d0iin it t0m0rr0w t00 nd we're guna buyy sum f00d. l0l, us crazyy bytchezz. SENi0RS leave t0m0rr0w .. sadD shyt.

Me nd edDy are 0ver .. t0tally 0ver. I endedD it t0day nd finally t0ld hiim exactlyy h0w i feel. Shyt will never be the same as it usedD t0 be wit uss. Wutever th0, his f0ne is disc0nnectedD s0 i hadda call his m0m nd she startedD bytchiin at me. DuMb bYtCh! Iighty, n0t much t0 sayy cept f0r i l0ve niCk! Nd me nd jaX r straight n0w .. kinda?! LatEr (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 15 May :: 1.00 pm
:: Mood: un-loved
:: Music: ..s0 yeSteRday -->> hiLary duFf..

. t0dayy w0nt be g00d .
i knew t0dayy wasnt guna be g00d. my m0m hatess me cuz i never g0t her a m0ther's dayy giift. I'm a h0rrible daughter. I make her regret haviin me. I screw upp at everythiin. I'm the daughter she DiDN'T wanna have. I d0 druggs, g0t pregnant, gettiin badD gradess, nd i didnt get her shyt f0r m0ther's dayy.

EdDy is bein a bigg fuckin assh0le. I'm s0o sick 0f hiim treatiin me this wayy. He juss dun give a shyt, but i DEF d0. Nd i l0ve hiim s0o much! I juss cant st0p cariin lyke he can. I dunn0 h0w guyys can't have str0ng feeliinz. How theyy can act lyke they never even caredD. haRsh. Tom0rr0w iz the day we 0ffiicially br0ke upp last year. I dun wana replay of that m0ment again this year . .

JaX nd me we'll never be as cl0se as we usedD t0 be. Me nd eRin went 0ver there at 11 last niite nd haRris0n was there. She's changedD s0 much. I wish shyt didnt change between me nd her. She was such a great friend nd there was never a b0riin m0ment. st0ners f0r lyfe! =(

The 0nlyy thing stayiin the same iz my TrUeSt, eRin. My BESTEST friend f0r 6 fuckiin years. I'm guna hate it wen she g0es t0 c0llege. Next year, she'll be a seni0r. Well, i'm 0nly a year behind her. I sh0uld be g0iin there s00n. I l0ve her s0o much. `4`7`7` <33

0k, dun bytchiin again. Lyfe suxx. Shyt aint the same n0 m0re. I wana g0 back t0 5 m0nths ag0 .. everythiing was s0 straight. I'm g0iin sh0ppiin wit jeNny in a lil bit, then g0iin t0 niCk's h0use nd guna g0 fuck upp my lyfe again .. d0in stupidD ass crack. I alwayyz t0l myself i'd never d0 druggs nd n0w i'm gettiin addicted t0 fuckin crack! Weed nd crack .. wut a lyfe?! But is the 0nly thing that makess dayyz lyke this better. Nd t0nyte, guna get fuckedD upp wit riA nd g0 see a m0vie while anDy stays wit my dad nd gets drunk al0ng wit all their p0thead friendz. Yea, an0ther drunk partyy at my h0use t0niite. Awesum . .

I'm g0ne. Later bytchess. -->> i want t0 leave this place nd never c0me back. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna

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:: 2004 13 May :: 10.19 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: ..i PrAy -->> aManDa PeReZ..

. RanDoMnEsS .
Videogroove: i hope i dont use all my white on sat night
x BABiGURL387 x: crackhead
Videogroove: its a good possibility
Videogroove: naw ima save some i really want to do it on my bday
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l
x BABiGURL387 x: i think y0u guna be a crackhead
x BABiGURL387 x: nd y0ur guna start sh00tiin upp
Videogroove: yea prolly
Videogroove: jk
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l im n0t kiddiin
x BABiGURL387 x: haha
Videogroove: fuck u
x BABiGURL387 x: assh0le
x BABiGURL387 x: n0 .. ur guna be an anti drug teacher
Videogroove: yeaaaaa
x BABiGURL387 x: .. after y0u get 0utta rehab
x BABiGURL387 x: haha
Videogroove: fuck u lol
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l that was g00d
Videogroove: im not gonna ever shoot up
Videogroove: i used to want to but not nemore
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l i thiink y0u will
Videogroove: no
x BABiGURL387 x: maybe n0t
Videogroove: i dont think i will
x BABiGURL387 x: i think y0u'll g0 thru a stage 0f sh00tiin upp th0
Videogroove: no
x BABiGURL387 x: then u'll try it
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l i have a feeliin y0u will
Videogroove: no bitch i wont
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l 0k
x BABiGURL387 x: ( y0u will )
Videogroove: (fuck u)

x BABiGURL387 x: yea .. heyy, wheres a g00d place i can buy a pipe that ripps g00d but kinda cheap
eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: no where lol
eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: head shops in broward county r illegal
x BABiGURL387 x: that suxx
eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: but broward county is tryign 2 be drug free
eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: which wont happen
x BABiGURL387 x: l0l i kn0 .. t00 manyy p0theadss live here
eLeCtRiK cRaYoN: exactly

l0l, maj0r rand0mness. edDy iz bein a dickhead again. l0l, wuts upp wit hiim lately?? Tom0rr0w iz fRidAyy .. sm0kin wit FaNFaN nd WeiNeR .. maybe piPeR t00 <- h0ttie. (( oNe ))

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 12 May :: 8.42 pm
:: Mood: flirty
:: Music: ..MoRe tHaN LyFe iTseLF -->> KeLLy osb0urNe..

. n0 0ne l0vess me lyke y0u d0, unc0nditi0nal nd tru .
This s0ng iz s0o me riite n0w. It makezz me cry cuz i feel everything she sayys. Newh0, me nd edDy r back t0 n0rmal. He has sum surprise f0r me .. but he w0nt tell me wut it iz. UgH, i hate wen guyzz d0 that .. l0l, but he sayz it has suttin t0 d0 wit me nd hiim s0o iz g0tta be g00d! yAyErZz. Work iz gettiin t0 be crazyy funn. I w0rk wit 4 gurlz. They're all lyke 25 or 26 nd they're awesum t0 w0rk wit. I l0ve them. JeSsiE nd X-iE r my favezz. They're all lyke g0rge0us t00. l0l, i l0ve them all. Yea, t0day was g00d .. we juss sat ar0und nd talk b0ut fuckiin nd wut n0t. l0l, iz great shyt.

Me nd ChRiStiE r makiin planzz f0r niCk'z bdayy which iz this TuEsDaYy. l0l, we're makin f00d nd gettin ball00nz nd p0sterzz nd everything iz guna be PiNK. l0l, he'z guna hate uss. l0l, he'll get 0ver it. Well, AnThoNy FeRrEr g0t expelledD t0day .. damn drugg d0ggz. I swear, 0ur wh0le p0thead clique iz gettin smaller nd smaller. Nd n0w there iz lyke s0o much drama between all 0f uss. We're alwayyz fightin. Nd if iz n0t b0ut wh0 t00k the weed, iz ab0ut y dint y0u ask me t0 sm0ke 0r stupid friendshiip shyt. We usedD t0 all be c00l nd we never f0ught because that wasnt 0ur thang nd n0w iz lyke m0re drama everyy fuckiin dayy. Iz gettiin crazyy .. newh0, me nd jAx r tryiin t0 straighten shyt 0ut. We're the 0nes that startedD all the drama. An0ther thing wit beiin best friendzz wit a bunch 0f p0theadz iz we all suck at listeniin t0 each 0ther'z pr0blemz cuz all 0f 0ur brainz r s0o fuckedD upp that we cant think straight .. nd i'm definitely beiin t0tally seri0us. . .

ChRiStiE t0ld me t0day that i'm lyke her best friendD. l0l, that'z madD cute .. i l0ve her. We've g0tten crazyy cl0se nd we never usedD t0 talk lyke at all. I fixedD shyt upp between her nd FaNFaN. l0l, i'm s0o pr0ud 0f myself. ?? Questi0n .. why iz it that as s00n as i'm n0t feeliin hiim nem0re, coLLin hitz 0n me a l0t ?? UgH, madD crazy shyt!

Thiz wkendD shuld be g00d. Me nd my ErBeAr r definitely chyllen nd 0f c0urse imma be wit my JeNNy-p00 0n satuRdayy. l0l, g00d stuff. 0h nd anDy hadda get his head shavedD cuz he triedD t0 cuz his 0wn hair. l0l .. aww, he'z such a cutie! w0w, this entry was maj0rlyy rand0m. I'm l0viin it. HaHa, later bytchezz. i l0ve y0u babyy!! x0x (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna

0h yea, nd i l0ve my j0ey-p00 too. l0l, i dun think ne0ne can sayy 'i l0ve y0u' t0 each 0ther as much as we d0. iz DEF tru l0ve .. oo yea, M0ST DEFiNiTELY .. HaHa! x0x

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:: 2004 9 May :: 12.11 am
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: ..LoNeLy DaYy -->> Pp..

. Guyyz can be DiCKZ .
Last niite was crazyy .. lyke alwayyz. Finally g0t t0 see my truest. Got fuckedD upp 0ff 0ur assez nd went sh0ppin. This m0rnin, we g0t all ready f0r HeAthEr'z funeral. We left early cuz we were juss cryiin lyke crazyy. Veryy sadD. Then, we went m0re sh0ppin .. cuz i g0t payedD .. nd i b0ught the cutest purse ever nd cl0thezz. jeNny iz jeal0us 0f my purse. l0l, t0dayy me nd jeNny went t0 the beach nd saw NY MiN. l0l, it was cute. She gave me 0ne 0f th0se MADE hatzz. Wen i figure 0ut h0w t0 put upp piczz in here, ill sh0w u me wit my new hat .. l0l. EdDy iz beiin an assh0le .. he g0t his fuckiin peri0d 0r suttin .. haha! But n0, he relle iz bein a dick. It all startedD thuRsdayy wen i made the mistake 0f tellin him i was g0in t0 chRis heRnanDez' h0use. l0l, badD idea. Yea, s0o i dunn0 .. have t0 see wut happens.

iin mem0ryy 0f . HeAtheR WeiNtRaub
- ][ 1 // 13 // 1987 -- 4 // 29 // 2oo4 ][ -

'God saw y0u gettin tiredD nd a cure was n0t t0 be. So he put his armz ar0und y0u nd whisperedD, C0ME WITH ME. Alth0ugh we l0vedD y0u dearlyy, we c0uld n0t make y0u stayy. A g0lden heart st0ppedD beating, hard w0rking handz at rest, God br0ke 0ur heartz t0 pr0ve he 0nlyy takezz the best. It will be l0nelyy wit0ut y0u, we'll miss y0u m0re each dayy, lyfe w0nt seem the same f0r us, since y0u've g0ne awayy. Each tiime we see y0ur picture, y0u'll smiile nd seem t0 sayy :: Dun cryy, i'm in God'z handz, we'll meet again sum dayy.' We l0ve y0u nd we miss y0u ... <-- cLiicK tHat

Nd my tw0 FAVE liinez ever ::
-->> Real eyez realize real LiEZ.
-->> REAL treezz . chr0nic leavez . n0 seedz
. l0l, DEF the sec0nd 0ne f0r the st0nerzz .

<33 shaWna

W a N t . a . K i S s ?

:: 2004 4 May :: 10.03 pm
:: Mood: angry
:: Music: ..RuN aWaYy -->> Lp..

. GaYy aSs ShYtt .
GawdD, i cant wait till i'm 18 .. w0nt have t0 w0rryy b0ut wut parentalzz sayy. I cant even see my best friend because parentzz are gayy. I never get t0 see her nem0re. Thiz DEF suxx. I l0ve y0u eRin. I'm tellin 0ne dayy, me nd u r juss guna start bytchiin lyke crazyy. Are theyy tryin t0 make us st0p bein friendzz .. cuz wutever theyy d0 .. it aint guna happen. Nuthin can break uss .. l0l, we benn thru t00 much. Good talk t0niite. We DEF talkedD l0tz 0f shyt b0ut them. 5 yearzz 0f friendshiip .. nd iz juss guna keep gettin higher .. 6 yearzz, then 7 .. it w0nt endD. Parentz are MADD gay. // eRin .n. siSi `477 \\

Missing my baby. Tom0rr0w iz JENJEN'z bdayy. wh00p wh00p lyke craziiness. 16 FiNALLY!! I l0ver her! << crazyy bananaz >> I'm dun bytchiin b0ut shyt f0r the niite. Later bytchezz. (( oNe ))

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