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User:spoiled-kisses (user# 15686)
Name:.~. ShAwNa .~.
Location: .9.5.4., Florida, United States
AOL IM:LiLbLoNde115 [add buddy]
Bio: NaMe: .-. ShAwNa .-. WuT u cAn CaLL mE: SiSi, NaNa, aLiSa, ShAy, ShaNaeNae, ShaNae, NaeNae, miKe's gurL, Blonde, Dumbass, nd other shyt. My DiGiTz: 0NE SEvEN LiViNg iN: 9ine 5ive 4our LeArNiNg At: StA..c/o 'o6 My b0o b0o: miKe - 6.21.o4 WuT ii Do: Chyll wit my friendz (( eRin, jeNn nd KiKi!! LoL, u kno who my tru onez be. )) moviez, mall, beach, partiez, smoke, drive, nd lots of other shyt! xoxo [[ miKe . it's me ndD y0u againSt the w0rldD. <33 ]]
Friends:(3) playmate101, spoiled-kisses, xSwtLilAngel666x
Friend Of:(2) playmate101, SpOiLeD-KiSsEs
Interests:(77) 2004, 311, 420, 69, alcohol, all american rejects, armor for sleep, ashton kutcher, ataris, bacardi, beach, blink-182, blue, bowling for soup, box car racer, brand new, camping, christmas, chronic, civics, coach, d12, dashboard confessional, driving, eclipses, eminem, eyeliner, eyeshadow, friends, getting high, good charlotte, guys, hanging out, hoobastank, incubus, jay hernandez, jessica simpson, kisses, less than jake, lipgloss, lit, louis vuitton, love, makeup, mest, movies, mxpx, my babyy mike, new found glory, orlando bloom, parties, phantom planet, pink, purses, radio, sean william scott, seventeen, shoes, shopping, simple plan, something corporate, stoners, sublime, sum 41, summer, switchfoot, talking, tequila, the starting line, the used, thrice, thursday, unwritten law, vodka, weed, weekends, yellowcard
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