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:: 2021 3 May :: 3.53 pm
:: Mood: Seasonal

A staggering proportion of humans are allergic to the semen of plants.

A perennial reminder.

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:: 2021 29 April :: 11.03 pm
:: Music: Tauk - Sir Nebula

Jet Lag

I used to have arguments with my uncle about language. I insisted that there were grammatical structures and rules in place in order to keep the meaning of language consistent. If we are to communicate and exchange ideas, it is critical to have the same words and sounds mean the same thing to both parties, in order to successfully transmit all information in the idea accurately. I thought that the rules helped to keep those meanings from shifting.

His primary contention was that language was alive, constantly evolving and changing in meaning. Different languages cherry pick words and phrases from other languages, sometimes at random, sometimes by conquest. New words are constantly being born, while old words slowly die off and are forgotten. I think he viewed slang as some kind of nursery for future linquistic possibilities.

I have to admit, he may be right.

After all, they condensed an extremely specific phenomenon - in which one traverses the surface of the planet at such an incredible rate, that their biological rhythms have difficulty adapting to the dramatic change in diurnal cycle - into just two syllables.

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:: 2021 1 April :: 10.30 pm
:: Music: The Great Outdoors (1988)

life goes on, man.

finished a painting gig today. gonna try to hold off on any more work until after the trip to phoenix. aside from the laundry list of chores amassed for me by past chris. occasionally he surprises me, but usually he just kicks the cans down the road for future chris to deal with. hopefully some dedicated time will help future chris in his efforts.


the spirit of god is alive wherever people are helping others, and growing in understanding. in places where people are wrongly harming others, the spirit is dead. even if that place is a church. or a school. or a home.

this may sound like a bummer, but it is actually very encouraging to witness the spirit thriving in many diverse and unlikely places. don't let the trimmings fool you. look at the people. see who's helping. join them. doesn't really matter where.


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:: 2021 13 March :: 8.43 pm
:: Music: Breaking Bad

There's a Martian yelling, "CUT! BOOM IN THE SHOT. EVERYBODY BACK TO ONES!" but you can't hear it above the wind noise.

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:: 2020 19 March :: 4.00 pm


If I get stuck at home, you can bet your sweet booty I'll be uploading lots of recordings ;)

As it stands, I still have a job, and we're staying open, so I get to continue working. But if that changes, expect to be seeing some updates <3

Stay safe out there, friends.

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:: 2020 1 March :: 8.01 pm

Recorded on 2.29.20

In which I am joined by a host of promises. I gave an open talk at the alano club in Grand Rapids, and didn't really talk about booze that much.

Links to stuff I mentioned:

(Ultraclean floss is rad, btw. It is stretchy and doesn't break or tear like normal floss. Get you some ultraclean.)

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:: 2020 2 January :: 1.12 pm

Recorded on 12.31.19
POD 22

In which I am joined by Katie <3
We dissect the annual Christmas gauntlet to which she was subjected.

Links to stuff we mentioned:

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:: 2019 7 October :: 4.42 pm

Recorded on 9.20.19
POD 21

In which I am all alone

Links to stuff I mentioned:

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:: 2019 25 July :: 11.27 am

Recorded on 7.21.19

In which I am joined by Trevor, who wields an axe with superior majesty, and has the hair to match.


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:: 2019 15 July :: 2.45 pm

recorded on 7.10.19
POD 20

In which I am joined by Nick and Sam. Nick wrote the songs. Sam is an open mic legend here in Grand Rapids.

We were rehearsing for a gig at Mulligans Pub; an establishment whose threshold I had not darkened in nearly a decade. It hasn't changed at all.

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