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:: 2004 30 November :: 12.43 pm

Who is your ideal partner in the wizarding world? by Silvikins
Percentage of getting together: 42%
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Proffessor Snape!!!
A former DeathEater!!!!! Is that Hot??? Oh YEAH!

Who is your ideal partner in the wizarding world? by Silvikins
Percentage of getting together: 2%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

A Werewolf!!!


:: 2004 30 November :: 12.30 pm

Well, my break was pretty good... until my guinea pig got sick and I rushed him into the emergency animal hospital at 12:00 on Sat. night.we were there for 3 hrs and he has a urinary tract infection. At least the meds that he is on are working so it must have been that. I hate it when doctors guess. But it must work. At least it's an educated guess.

Anyways, then I went to work on Sunday morning around 8:30 and I was up until 10 that night. I was literally dragging my butt around the house Monday morning. I was just about to walk out the door when I saw Dina sitting in the chair and she was talking to Kassy about how she was gonna stay home alone. There was my chance!!
I got undressed and brought my pillow and blanky upstairs and slept ALL DAY on the couch. It was nice. Lazy day for Becca. Well, someone had to keep her company!

Well, I am just tickled pink Edgar is recovering and I hope he never has to get sick again. He's alot nicer now that he knows I can hold him down and let people shove things in his butt.

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:: 2004 22 November :: 1.13 pm

I am just so glad it is not raining today. Rainny days really put a damper on my moods. I love being happy and awake. I really have not felt that way in a while...

I hope work on Thurs. is not to boring with cleaning and the like or wlse I will regret not taking it off to sleep. Hmmm....

Aww.. I want to Bowl. It is fun and I haven't been bowling for like a year. I'm not to good but that's okay. Gotta go.
Homework at school calls.

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:: 2004 18 November :: 12.34 pm

Bst sucks and pig lungs are cool.

Current Issues keeps me sane and helps me open up to if that makes any sense. I guess talking about things that I relate to in animated ways makes me feel open about shareing my opinions in a class. And Mr. London is fricken awesome.
I'm gonna miss this class.

Everyone should work at McDonalds. I don't want to be the fry girl forever.
I need new service people tp take over so they can stop laughing at me. Awww...


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:: 2004 17 November :: 10.27 pm

Woah. Talk about mood swings. Sorry guys. I hfate it when that happens. I'm all better now I think.
I just needed to do just that. Think it out.

Anyways, I am excited about this whole All day Band orgie with Just invitation only participants. Ummm... I think you should all know... there was only 3 invitations sent out . I think Mr Robuck got one too though. Well, hopefully he received it. Anyways, I am likeing the whole 1 1/2 hr drive. Maybe another raising of the dead presidents? Who knows.

Bowling too next Tues. Wow. Soo busy.
I want Friday to come so I can go shopping and spend all my hard earned money- cause what else is there to do?
Save it? Hell no. I better change my ways soon.

I am tired

I'm gonna sleep



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:: 2004 16 November :: 1.13 pm

I haven't been in this kind of a mood ever since about a month and a half ago. Cause?
It's not like it's PMS. I hate being a girl. There is one excuse for everything that goes wrong in life. The Menstrual Cycle.



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:: 2004 16 November :: 12.22 pm

I hate not knowing how to feel or how to express myself. I like him so much and I just fluster him more than myself. What the hell?
Why can't I think straight? I don't know what the hell to do.
I want to cry. This isn't suppose to be this difficult. But so is everything else.

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:: 2004 10 November :: 12.51 pm

how bad are you??
X the ones you have done:

(X) I have been drunk
(x) I have kissed a member of the opposite sex
(X) I have kissed a member of the same sex
( ) I crashed a friend's car
( ) I have been to Japan
( ) I rode in a taxi
( ) I have been in love
( ) I've had sex
( ) I've had sexual relations in public
( ) I've shoplifted
(X) I have been fired
(X) I have cut myself on purpose
(X) I have smoked pot
( ) I still smoke pot
( ) I've had a 3-some
(X) I've snuck out of my parent's house
( ) I have been tied up. (yes...in THAT way)
( ) I pissed on myself
( ) I have been arrested
(X) I've made out with a stranger
( ) I've stolen something from my job
( ) I've celebrated New Year's in Time Square
( ) I've gone on a blind date
(x) I've lied to a friend
( ) I've had a crush on a teacher
( ) I've celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
( ) I have been to Europe
(x) I've skipped school
( ) I have thrown up in a bar
(X) I have purposely set myself on fire
( ) I have eaten sushi
( ) I have been snowboarding
(x) I have been happy with myself
(X) I have met a movie star
( ) I had sex in a pool
(x) I went to a dance with someone of the same sex
( ) I've bungee jumped
( ) I have been to a pop concert
( ) I have dated someone for over a year
( ) I sold naked pictures of myself
(x) I have been in a car accident
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(x) I've eaten cheesecake
( ) I've had jury duty
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( ) I've done ecstasy
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(x) I've worn boxers
(x) I've milked a cow
( ) I've got in a verbal fight with a teacher
( ) I've cheated on someone
( ) had sex with a best friend
(x) Lied one time in this survey
( ) Lied more then once in this survey.
(X) Lied to a friend you see everyday
( ) Kissed a person that has a g/f or b/f
( ) Used ice cubes as a foreplay accessory
(x) Wasted time filling this out instead of doing something productive
( ) Have nude pics of yourself on your computer
( ) Walked across 8 lanes of interstate highway
(x) Have been to camp
(x) Have read a book(s) more than one time
(X) Have eaten cat food
( ) Have been pulled over by a cop
( ) Own porn
(x) Am a Republican
(x) Likes classic movies
(x) Own a kitty
( ) Carried a lunchbox in high school
(x) Buy gumballs to watch them swirl in the machine
(X) Likes to be dominated
( ) Likes to drive with the windows down and the music turned up
( ) Eats PB &J for breakfast because there's nothing else

I guess I'm okay. Not too bad right?

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:: 2004 4 November :: 12.57 pm

Bleeding Hearts of the World Unite!
Gosh I like that kid...

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:: 2004 4 November :: 12.38 pm

Thinking of a wonderful weekend full of work, fun, and skateing. And maybe if I'm lucky, a 4 wheeling escapade. Rain go away.
I am in love with life right now. It's just so good.

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:: 2004 2 November :: 5.44 pm

Staying home from school is the best. Wow. Do I ever feel rejuvinated. I love getting out of bed and just watching TV all day. I hate having to do homework you know you missed. I hate essays. I love candy. I've got to go clean now. Did I mention I hate cleaning?

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:: 2004 28 October :: 12.44 pm

Work is not all fun and play. It also involves messing with people's minds. I haven't been taught that yet but I think I can catch on fast.


:: 2004 27 October :: 1.13 pm

McDonald's is a great place to work and play. That's all the workers do anyways. I really love it there! You have no idea. It's the easiest job I've had in forever and I am dah dah dat dah dah... I'm loving it.

I know. I'm a complete dork.

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:: 2004 24 October :: 11.09 pm
:: Mood: sad

Baby -I'm really sorry we couldn't hang out on Friday night. My mom was being really retaded and she wanted to have talk with me that night with my father. Anyways, I really want to see you again though. We use to get together all the time and we just suddenly got lives or something like that. I really miss those marathons of Dawson's Creek we use to stay up watching or cuddling on the couch with you and Joe. Or just laying on your bed thinking of boys and what to do with them. Or making out. That was fun too. Anyways, we really need to do something soon. I really miss you and want to be best friends again. And I understand with your schedule and My own filling up it makes it difficult, but when I start driving, things should get easier. Ah well. I'll call you Monday and see if you're home. Love you!

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:: 2004 24 October :: 10.29 pm
:: Mood: full

My weekend- or just Saturday
I hate it when my freakin dad cooks. I eat too much. It's just to good. And the worst part is his cookies. To die for. Yum. Raisin. I have to bring one to Sarah. She loves her raisins.

Brianna came home this weekend and I'm glad I can tell her a few things like I do Katie. She's really cool now. I'm gonna go stay there sometime with her at CMU. Maybe in November or something. We'll see.

Yesterday was fun. We just hung out at David's house all day and watched movies and talked about anything imaginable and that was awesome. You know The Cat in The Hat is a pretty funny movie once you ignore the fact that Mike Myers is The fricken Cat. I guess I never really like that book, but David's obsessed with the Dr. Suess so he wanted to watch it really bad. We watched the Secret Window twice because he didn't really get it the first time. He doesn't pay attention very well. And he interupts me all the time when he thinks of something else to say and I'm still talking. But I'm a chatter box around him anyways.
I'm gonna go see "The Saw" on Friday. It looks pretty scary.
2 weeks today. He keeps better track than I do. That's different for a guy, but I guess he's different anyways.
I am just really happy. Content. Satisfied.
I loved the thunder storm even though it only lasted like 1 hour.
I'm making a fort out of hey bails in David's barn this Saturday maybe. It's way cool there. They have so much land and a few horses and pigs.
I am starting training this week for work and I am kind of nervous. I have no reason to be but I still am. Oh well. It shouldn't be as hard as the last couple jobs.
But I can't talk to David at all. That sucks. I don't want to be distracted anyways. I have to stay proffessional at work. We'll see how that works.
Well, I have concluded that I like taking walks to relax me. It's kind of an obsession now. Music isn't working anymore like it use to. Shit.
David hate's Flogging Molly. He didn't say it to my face, and he deserves some credit for that, (the kids got brains) but I really think that one's gonna be a "too bad, shut up and listen anyways kid"- thing.

I just want November to be done so I can drive already. And Jessi can be ungrounded. And The Incredibles will be in theaters. And The 3rd Lord of the Rings Extended Version will be out and I can watch it. I completly can't wait.

I need to go to bed because I'm rambling.
I need to change the colors on my journal because I'm annoyed. I guess I'll keep that really hot guy as my picture though. He's just too cool to cut.
Or.. not.. to.. cut ....with a .... knife.
Anyways, Concert band tomorrow and no more retarded stupid Pep band. THANK THE LORD!!!!!!

Sarah, why do you seem so sad all the time in your journal? You know our love will last forever. No need to worry. Becca's here to stay. Kiss Kiss.

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:: 2004 20 October :: 11.20 pm
:: Music: German Techno

4 wheeling today and I suck! but it was fun. I don't suck- it was a shifter one and not automatic so don't tease me about that. I got better.

Tried something new today. Making out while driving. It was fun but make sure he pays attention to mailboxes and stays on the road. It was stimulating.

Anyways, so the freaking weekend can't come any sooner?
Sleep makes everytning go quicker. I better sleep more.

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:: 2004 15 October :: 10.12 pm

Ahhhh.... A whole day with David ahead and no dumb stupid family. Sweetest day tomorrow? That's what they tell me.
Wrong Turn is suppose to be good? I guess we'll see soon.

Anyways, no more marching forever and a day. And ... and!.... I get to play my Barry in a quartet for the intermission for the play and for a small Christmas Concert treat. I really like this Hubert thing. He's a beast!!

(Hubert=Barry Sax for those who can't follow.)

Anyways, I need my rest. Long day ahead tomorrow. wink*

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:: 2004 14 October :: 1.11 pm

True Story
I'm not gonna lie- I had a little corn last night. You got a little somethin' right... there. Okay we're good.

True Story.

(Dangle Dangle)

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:: 2004 13 October :: 12.55 pm

So cuddling sets a bad example for the little one's. Since when?
Brothers who spy should be shot and burned.
I think I'm gonna like this 3 day weekend.
Hope everyone has fun at homecoming!
And for those of you who are grounded. Boy does that suck. Too bad.
Not really.

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:: 2004 12 October :: 12.59 pm

Hey these entries are for us to correspond with eachother via internet. Write something interesting. I dressed up as Jack Sparrow again today and I am better than last time. More beads and such. Yeah- you?

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