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:: 2004 12 October :: 12.48 pm
:: Mood: indescribable

Orientation Last night was pretty good but it kind of was boring. What am I talking about... IT Was Boring!!! But I got to see David after. That's the only highlight of my night.
Wow am I the luckiest girl in the world or what? So I was sitting there last night just laying there with him watching Anger Management. It was just so nice. My parents and siblings love him and Brianna, you gotta meet him. He just, gosh, makes me so happy and I just have such a massive crush on him. We so just get eachother and I've mentioned that so many times before but there it is again.
Awww... finally- bliss!
I haven't felt like this for a while!

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:: 2004 7 October :: 1.14 pm
:: Mood: bouncy

Hey Brianna
What's up?
Not 2 much here.
Really bored and sick of school.

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:: 2004 7 October :: 12.33 pm
:: Mood: cheerful

Celebrity Upgrade?
It's a good day and no homework so far. I hardly have any homework which is pretty good and I just love life right now.
Going to Mitch's house after school to meet his mom and then he's gonna meet my mom and possibly dad if he's home.
Anyways, I just was typing to say "I love You" to all my 'friends' out there.

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:: 2004 7 October :: 12.31 pm

Happy Birthday Jessica
I love you!


:: 2004 6 October :: 7.56 pm
:: Music: Yeah- Usher

I so got the job at McDonalds!!!
An orientation on Monday will seal the deal. I'm so excited!!
I am gonna have a blast.
I really hope everything goes good with David and Jess tonight. He's such a riot.
Party this weekend? Girl's night or Becca style?
I prefer the last one.

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:: 2004 5 October :: 10.45 am

I hate writing things and they don't turn out as you planned. English= bleh
Going to the Forest of Fear soon. THe best Haunted forest in Michigan. I want to get a group together and go. It would be a blast. Maybe this time I won't fall down because my legs give out in great times of fear. The Haunt is so good.
I really have a crush on fear. God, I love Halloween.

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:: 2004 4 October :: 8.52 pm

Gahh... applying for a job. Guess where?
McDonalds. They said they were hiring and shoved an application in my face. It was kind-of to easy to be true.
It's not the best job but it will do for a while,... if I even get it.
Oh well. No use worrying until due time.

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:: 2004 3 October :: 8.41 pm

What is the worst thing that will ever happen to you?

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What do you think of camels?
Do they remind you of cigarrettes?
Do you like McDonald's?
What will happen:You'll catch leprocy.
It will happen on:June 05, 2009

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Would you still be my friend if I had leprosy?
More important, would I still get any action?

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:: 2004 3 October :: 9.16 am
:: Mood: cheerful

I love you so much!

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:: 2004 3 October :: 9.08 am
:: Mood: mellow

Well, last night was fun. I have to go home and Babysit now and people keep groaning in their sleep as I'm trying to type. Maybe I'm waking them up?
I don't know. Probably.

Hey Mitch if you still want to go to homecoming with me, I'd like to go. I was gonna call you on Fri night and talk but I had to leave early for the opening ceremony and I was gone all yesterday. I'll try and call you today prpbably. (But excuses, excuses right?)

Well, I'm out. Gotta go home.


:: 2004 29 September :: 9.11 pm
:: Mood: infatuated
:: Music: Flogging Molly- Salty dog

I love Flogging Molly soooo much I just want to get up and dance everytime I hear anyone playing or singing it.
Gahh, those Irish doggs. Ya gotta love them!
The life of a happy child requires at least 1 hr per day of Flogging Molly. God I'm just in love.

If anyone has the newest cd, would you mind if I burned it? cause I'm poor and need it really bad.
Fine- not need but want with an intense passion. A passion almost overpowering me.
But I don't let it get in the way of my everyday life because I am a perfessional like that. Except when it involves a great group of characters like Flogging Molly.

You might think I'm obsessed.....
and you'd be thinking right.

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:: 2004 29 September :: 8.52 pm
:: Music: The Used

Dowloading is so boring. I tried out for the play and I'm not sure how I did but I hope I made a good part. Oh well. I'll know Friday at lunch. That's good. No weekend long waiting, cause that really sucks left in maybe. 2 days sucks for that matter too.


:: 2004 29 September :: 1.29 pm

I am so trying out for the play today and I hope I get a part.
I guess we'll see later how I do.
I need to wake up.

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:: 2004 28 September :: 10.14 pm
:: Mood: crazy
:: Music: 45-Shinedown

Hey Brianna, how's it goin'?
This one's to you!

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:: 2004 28 September :: 10.07 pm
:: Mood: indescribable
:: Music: 45-Shinedown

Typical Conversations.
I love full moons and I love exploring and I love finding new places to do things at and adventures that arise from being where you're not supposed to be.
I hate homework and I hate people that confuse me. I hate being confused and left in the dark. I hate not understanding what people are talking about and not knowing how they could have known it.
Boys are baffling.
I have to go meditate.

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:: 2004 26 September :: 7.41 pm

wow. That didn't work out as I hoped it would. No more plans with Jessi. She's jinxed. Man I was just starting to enjoy myself too.

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:: 2004 25 September :: 9.36 am
:: Mood: Incredibly depressed

Worst Morning Ever!
To all you who don't know, my grandma died a little while ago ( like April or something) and I was okay with it. It was okay because I hadn't seen her in a long time because she lived in Kentucky for the last 3 yrs or so and I saw her like every 3 mnths or so. And I was prepared for it to happen because she had so many complications and such it had to happen. Well last night or this morning I guess I had a dream that this woman came up to me and she did everything like my grandma- even looked like her but wasn't. She sang the same stupid annoying old songs and liked to kiss me on my neck just to hear me giggle. Anyways, So I started feeling really bad in my dream and I saw this dog that looked just like hers ((a pomeranian)sp?) and I just sat there cuddling it and talking to it about how much I missed her. I woke up and I couldn't stop sobbing for Hours.
I'm still hicupping a little. So anyways after about five minutes of crying and I think I'm under control I need my Mom really bad. I go upstairs and she's sitting on the couch and Dina has her friend over and they are all watching TV with her and I go and sit by her and she see's I'm crying and I tell her I had a sad dream about Grandma and just starty sobbing so hard and crying so much it hurt. My Mom's all hugging me and crying too. And the whole time I feel really dumb because Rachel is sitting on the couch and the night before Dina told her I was the cool sister and all. Oh well.
I hate crying in front of people and will be emotional all day. I'm so ready to just have a good old time today. I need my friends. I need my music. I need my Grandma back.
I need to stop crying. My head hurts.

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:: 2004 24 September :: 10.03 pm

Jess and Sarah totally get a celebrity upgrade!

Band Is An Aweful Passtime For The Lovers of SUDDEN death.

I so want to kill you again, just to see you cry.

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:: 2004 24 September :: 9.58 pm

Gah... one day!! about this time tomorrow I will be partying it down with some really cool people.
I can't wait.
See ya there.

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:: 2004 23 September :: 12.58 pm

What to do when you like someone... who likes someone else.

A. Tell them straight out
B. Flirt and hope he takes you seriously
C. Cry and give up
D. Be devious,and sneak in when he's not looking

I need some help and some more options because they all sound good to me.
I hate boys. Look what they do to us.
I hate boys.

But you gotta love them!!!

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