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User:squishylover (user# 19953)
Location: Delray beach, Florida, United States
AOL IM:Blueicingfairy [add buddy]
Bio:Just ask meh foo's
Friends:(9) A-Demons-Angel, epicyclebanana, jus4fun06, lifestourniquet, LOSERxDORK, musicalbabe, rachel, SquishyLover, xxinterrupted
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Interests:(25) Sam Kinison, Acting, attacking people, Cali, dancing, dust bunnies..., eating, hanging with my darling squishy Ryan...that sounds weird, JTHM, killing popups, kinky fun things,evanescence,biting,shopping,listening to showtunes,seeing shows,hiding in the confines of my room, Love, music. I think that's all for now that I can think of. Bondage, Nightwish, Opera, poetry, reading, sex, shiny things, Singing, skateboarding, sleeping, staring at walls, writing, writing in this thing
Created:2003-12-23 20:05:39
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