And that's the day I knew there was this entire life behind things, and...
this incredibly benevolent force that wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever.


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:: 2006 11 September :: 11.43 am
:: Music: snow patrol

So here I am, at the University of Massachussetts in Dartmouth as a nuring major, just like I always wanted.

I'm watching the breeze come in through the closed curtains, and the sunlight's pouring in too. It's quite lovely. And it's only 12:00pm, still seems like barely morning to me.

It's 78 degrees with no humidity and it's silent except for the fan - it's perfect.

There is so much light.
If I sit still enough, it looks like the beginning of a movie..

Sometimes it's overwhelming when you realize how old and young you are at the same time. I am nearly 2 decades old, I feel that I have experienced a lot of things. Though I know it's nothing in the long run. There is probably so much more I can't understand fully until I experience it, even though I think I can understand what it might be like now.

I kind of like it this way, for now.

Funny to think that five years ago on this day, at this hour, people were mere hours away from dying at the World Trade Center. Sorry, had to be brought up. Obligatory 9/11 reference.

And yeah.. here I am, enjoying the light and air that is coming in from a cheap dorm window.


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:: 2005 14 January :: 7.18 pm

Beauty can be found in the most awkward of places.

In other news, my car has gone to a better place. Now I am left with a 96 Honda Accord which has insensitive steering, is bad at taking corners, and worst of all, no stick shift.

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:: 2004 19 December :: 5.47 pm
:: Mood: contemplative
:: Music: Lovin' Each Day

There is so much stress in my life right now. That is, in terms of the home life as well as school and applying to college. It needs to end soon before I explode. Thank God for Christmas vacation, which starts next Friday! Then Rachel comes back from England and we will all have a great big party, and it will all be great.

Unfortunately I haven't gotten anyone's Christmas present yet.

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:: 2004 19 December :: 3.46 pm
:: Mood: tired
:: Music: REM - End of the World

I wonder sometimes why I care so much about things and people.

Maybe I shouldn't care so much.

And then again, I look at the world around me and I wonder, how could I possibly not care as much as I do?

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:: 2004 8 December :: 10.53 pm
:: Mood: happy

Sometimes the littlest things, like saying hi to someone, can make their day.

Today at Emerson I realized for the first time how much I really like the other volunteers (even though they are over 30). Bob likes to talk about the width of people's eyes (especially Oprah's), Deb is a sweetheart, Chris is hilarious and down to earth, Mary has an English accent and probably Alheimers, and then there was Jim who I met tonight..with eyes that pointed in opposite directions. I think he may have been mentally handicapped as well. And then there's that woman who I LOVE..she is the funniest and nicest person I have ever met. I forget her name. :( Ah and then there is Elizabeth..she looks just like Martha Stewart (and isn't overly friendly..however, she likes to play 'lets snowplow the city of Boston' on Then there are the two 90 year old ladies who run the front desk. Though they are forgetful, they are SUCH sweethearts. And the list goes on and on...

I met this patient tonight who must have been 50 or 60 and was talking about his motorcycle and how he and his wife bond over motorcycling. I was amazed at his good spirits after his motorcycle accident.

Anyways, they are awesome in their own ways. The hospital is like a second home to me. Everyone is just so GREAT.

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:: 2004 8 December :: 2.40 pm

Sometimes you have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to get what you desire.

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:: 2004 7 December :: 5.57 pm
:: Mood: happy

So I have yet another journal, but this one is the coolest, because I was invited (given a free account) by Andy; I am THE FIRST PERSON TO TEST OUT THE NEW SYSTEM.

Lets see, since this is the first journal entry of mine, I shall talk about my day. Today...stuff happened. Not too much that I can remember except Ashley and I skated our way to the parking lot after school because EVERYTHING was covered with ice, and let me tell you, it was disgusting. Today was so cold it was unbelievable. It hasn't been cold in so long, and now all of a sudden...but I suppose it is winter, so what do I expect?

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