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:: 2008 16 April :: 11.09 pm
:: Mood: happy
:: Music: Rainy Saturday - Brown Recluse Sings

A Colloquial Introduction
So... this is different.
Ummm, hello there!
My name's Chris.
I'm 20. Je parle un petit francais.
I'm insurmountably more profound conversing through the English dialect.
I love music. I write in a music blog.
I will be a novelist. I have a few stories floating about.
I have a girlfriend of one month, as of tomorrow. She is wonderful, and sort of the reason I procured this journal.
I decided my first entry would have a survey so you could get know me a little. But I didn't know what sort of survey to fill out. So I went to some site and asked for a random one. Ironically enough, it gave me a significant other survey. So, I dedicate this first entry to Jean.

good old fashioned love

About your bf/gf...
what is his/her name?: Jean Nicole
What is their birthday?: June 23
What is their deepest fear?: Insects
Have you kissed?: Yes!
Do you want to kiss?: Yes!
If so Where?: Somewhere cute/romantic.
What color do you associate with them?: Black, red, and/or purple.
What is their favorite tv show?: A(nd)N(ow)T(he)M(odels!)
Why do you think they like you?: I know how to treat her right, and respect her... and we're both totally dorks together.

Physical, and everything else
what is their best physical feature/s: Oh gosh... where to begin. Tie between lips/hair/figure/nose.
what do you like best about them?: I make sense to her, and she makes sense to me.
can you talk to them?: Duh!
describe them in a couple sentences. not just phisical.: I could write two sentences right now. But they would do her no justice.
if you could change one thing about them what would it be.: Nothing. I like her the way she is.

all is fair in love and war.... right?
do you get jealous?: I can, but not usually, nor often.
do you get lustfull?: For Jean + Italian food.
do you ever want someone?: Huh? This is a strange question; yes, that's why I asked her out.
are you suspicious/paranoid?: Sort of. It's a bad habit that I thought I dealt with. I'm fixing it.
could you do without them?: I suppose if I were locked in a Vietnamese POW camp and starved, I could live with her. But if I lived without her, I wouldn't enjoy myself anywhere near as much as I do now.
do you feel like you need to impress them?: No, but I always try anyway, hahaha.
do they controll you?: Nope. =]

the big one...
are you in love? (think real hard): Define love.
are you sure: Not yet sure. Answer my question and I'll answer yours.

fill in space
aslo(age sex location orintation):

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