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User:steffie-x-schaukelt (user# 24132)
Location: Peru
Bio:I'm small. I don't like many people.
i also am a recovering alcoholic.
i eat babies. don't mess with me or I will shove asparagus down your throat and choke you with a shoelace. or I'll have one of my bigger friends kick you hard in the faces.
Friends:(5) acidtears, fearthainn, jaganshi, silentlyscreaming, tornprince
Friend Of:(6) fearthainn, free4thetaking, jaganshi, silentlyscreaming, silver, tornprince
Interests:(58) Anchorman, ballet, basketball, beating dead seagulls with large pointed sticks, beating up my sister, beef jerkey, blacksmithing, breaking into houses, California, candy canes, carousels, clouds, coconuts, deep-sea diving, eating Play-Doh, Edward Scissorhands, Florida, getting presents, gum, HIM, hitch-hiking, hopscotch, Jussi Ylnonen, large salted pretzels with cheese, late-night partying, lighting things on fire (my sister), making friends, merry-go-rounds, miming, mountain climbing (I've mastered Everest 7 times!!), my motorcycle gang, my parrot collection, my sister Carley, Nightwish, Pat Benatar, playing my dijiridu, popping balloons, rapping (wikka wikka yo),, riding my monsterous 'cycle, rollor-rinks, salted pork, saxaphones, Sirus!!, skipping rocks, slashing tires, smashing pop cans with my forehead, stealing fruit, synchronised swimming, the 69 Eyes, the Goonies, the license plate game, the nightmare before christmas, the Rasmus, treasure hunting, unicorns, Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, yo-yos, yodeling
Created:2005-03-05 17:12:46
Last Update:07 13 2005
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