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:: 2006 5 March :: 10.05 am

everyone around me is braking up. it's so crazy.

this winter has been a little too cold.

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:: 2006 4 March :: 2.40 pm

i totally just saw a couple get married at mcdonalds on the news.
they met when they both worked there.
that is so cute.
i knew mcdonalds was good for something other than creepy guys hitting on you at the window . . .
well, maybe not for me but it is for some people.

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:: 2006 3 March :: 11.28 pm

seven days off of work and ten days off of school. or something to that effect.
i am stoked.

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:: 2006 28 February :: 9.11 pm

sarah, gus, and i are having a giant orgy right now. it is so cool.
i am so hot for them.
oh gosh.

i hit a racoon on the way.
we mourned all the way home.
poor poor racoon.
oh sweet thing.
it's fur was so soft and smooth.
he was such a smart little guy.

except that he ran out in front of the car.

so dumb.

it's been a bunch of months.

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:: 2006 23 February :: 2.46 pm

holographic puzzles are NOT as cool as they may seem. it just makes things so much harder. like you try to fit the pieces together, but you can't because everytime you turn them a little bit, the picture changes.


shit. what's wrong with just wanting things to be a little bit more like they used to?

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:: 2006 19 February :: 9.43 pm

this weekend i slacked off again with school.
i don't even care.
i freakin want summer. even though that means precalc.

but the trees look sweet.
it's like living in a snow globe.

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:: 2006 13 February :: 11.02 pm

well . . . i played scrabble this weekend like i planned.
but i was pretty much only into it for like the first half.
robby kept cheating. but i had a dictionary at my disposal.
so it was all good.
i still am not sure if i am sane, this weekend did absolutely nothing to get me closer to the truth. blah.
school sucks.

i need a vacation away from everything i know.

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:: 2006 6 February :: 10.24 pm

i am an insane face.
this weekend either showed me that i am normal or that i need some counciling.
what the fuck.

next weekend i should just play scrabble for a couple hours and then have some pudding.

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:: 2006 2 February :: 11.06 pm

so . . . we finally got internet.
this is crazy.
and for my next stunt i will be flying to the moon.
booo yah!!!!!!!!!

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:: 2006 31 January :: 11.02 am

i hate physics.
i don't care that x-x0=v0t+axt^2

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:: 2006 27 January :: 12.40 pm

we are trying to get internet at my house finally. . .
but it's not going very well. we got some virus on our computer and randy was supposed to fix it but he was a no show last night.
perhaps i wasn't meant to have internet anyway.

it's like some sort of curse on my head for all of those murders i helped becca with. like seriously, i knew when she showed up at my door with a couple giant garbage bags, a pair of shovels, a flashlight, and a chainsaw that i should have simply said i was in the middle of dinner.

but no, i HAD to go along with her demonic plan.

now i'll never have the internet and i'll probably fail physics because of it. my crazy professor, he loves to point out the fact that i am at a disadvantage because of my stone-age life style.

so while i continue living in a cave, will someone please come and shine some light on me. unless you are rebecca with a couple candles at hand along with directions to the nearest grave yard. . .

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:: 2006 24 January :: 11.04 am

winter is too long.

and cold.

it's so wierd you wouldn't think that all this snow would make it cold outside. . .

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:: 2006 20 January :: 12.14 pm

does anyone else feel a little weird when they are in a computer lab and the clicks on your keyboard are quite a bit more spaced out than blazing fingers next to you?

so i decided to go into pharmacy, and i talked to the councler yesterday. turns out that i need to take 2 bios and a microbio all with labs. 6 chem. classes with labs, and calc.
sometimes i think that i have the worst ideas ever. how in the hell am i supposed to complete that without going completely insane???

basically my life is going to suck for the next six to eight years. by the time i actually have my degree i wont have any hair. just clumps of it stuck in my fingernails.

no but, calc is going to be fun right? ha ha hhhhhhhhhh.
ok so it's not. whatever.

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:: 2006 14 January :: 5.35 pm
:: Music: bright eyes-first day of my life

i look so cute right now!
someone other than my sleeping boyfriend needs to see me.

how much does it cost to rent a billboard?
i mean, that wouldn't be vein right? like it would be brightening everyones day to see me staring back at them as they fly by going 80 on the highway. maybe i'll cause some accidents. really, that would be the best outcome. . .

um . . . yeah, i have to go now and look into this further.

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:: 2005 14 December :: 2.36 pm
:: Music: some guy talking about derivitives

how does time fuck everyone over like this?

i feel like i am running after a train and it keeps picking up speed.

you can't stop a fucking train.
or catch one either apparently.

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