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:: 2003 26 May :: 8.23 pm

i swear there are two different people inside my head....

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:: 2003 26 May :: 8.23 pm

i swear there are two different people inside my head....

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:: 2003 26 May :: 8.10 pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: silence

>:0 angry face
i have my moments. im not always happy. not even close. its times like these im reminded of the futility and pointlessness of everything and why the fuck should i care? but then again i kno that the other side of alexa is an optimistic "glass half full" kinda person. but rite now that just makes me more pissed off. its partly this stupid essay! i mean, who the fuck cares about the characters in julius caesar and what reason in hell is there that makes it at all worth my while to write a frickin TEN PARAGRAPH ESSAY on the subject? ok, u kno wut? this is stupid.... but sometimes i just gotta rant. later ill come back and offer inspiring advice to myself and ill be totally reasured. but rite now im just gonna act like this. u might ask:
GrlintheGrnJackt: y?
NEthnbutOrdnry4: i dunno.... hormones?

and for more reassurence i have this advice from lauren:
GrlintheGrnJackt: have hope alexa-san!

but still i think im boycotting english essays....

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:: 2003 19 May :: 8.04 pm
:: Mood: nostalgic
:: Music: hands down- dashboard confessional

rhinocerus's and frosting
LiLMuScLe2: good times, good times
NEthnbutOrdnry4: awww now im all nostalgic and look-y back-y
NEthnbutOrdnry4: and next year it will all be gone....
LiLMuScLe2: yea....(harp music and blurriness)

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:: 2003 12 May :: 8.38 pm
:: Mood: percrastinating
:: Music: evil john mayer song that got stuck in my head today DAMN YOU ALL!

cheese fondue
i will now list the events of my afternoon for those of you who have no lives and would actually read this poor exuse for an anything for lack of something more worthwhile to do:
1. came home (u can see where this is going... nowhere)
2. watched tv
3. made snack (nachos) which my mom then preceeded to eat :(
4. decided since i had so much homework that i should actually go into my room and attempt to start it
5. came into my room and did not start my homework
6. started to get bored while waiting for more songs and celebrity jeopardy skits to download
7. went to some of my friends webpages and journal-y things and read everything on them
8. was very impressed and decided my life was a sham and i should burn this journal
9. snapped out of it and decided that i cant burn this journal since it is, in fact, online
10. once again considered started homework
11. dismissed that idea again in the true spirit of procrastinators everywhere like me etc
12. decided to write this all down so you could read it and realize you just wasted a perfectly good amount of your life

did you enjoy it?? didnt think so....

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:: 2003 11 May :: 4.49 pm
:: Mood: bored

wow im so bored out of my skull right now... lets see, has anything interesting happened lately? not really. lauren and i went to the mall on friday and bought bouncy balls- then we waited until it was closed and there was noone in the hallways and bounced them all down the mall, it was really funny. then she slept over and we did nothing except we went swimming at like 2 in the morning. o ya, and we practiced that scene in monty python and the holy grail with the black knight it was sooo funny! i wore this sparkly crown and a red cape (i was king arthur) and lauren was wearing this long black robe thing with a hood (she was the black knight) and we used rulers as swords and rehearsed the whole scene! ok i kno that sounds incredibly lame but it was actually really funny and anyways, i dont care wut u think :-P... then on saturday i did nothing, again, and then today, i picked flowers for my mom (cuz its mothers day) and its also my dads birthday but other than that ive done (lets see if you can guess it....) NOTHING! wow! amazing! i kno... i cant wait for summer cuz i wont have to put up with the kids at "the pine" for three months but in a way i feel things are so futile because before i kno it, itll be 10th grade and then so on and so on. its a vicious cycle... and plus, when this year's over it means that my brother is going to college! :( im gonna be so sad :( :( :( :( :( :( its weird cuz he's become my friend this past year and now he's going away to become a grown up. :( but i dont wanna go into it becuase this journal isnt about whining to, its about blabbing to, so i keep my feelings to myself.
anyways, the moral of the story is that you might as well make the best of things in life, because in your next one you'll probably be an insect or a rodent or something, and things wont be as interesting.

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:: 2003 8 May :: 11.04 pm
:: Mood: groggy in a giddy way
:: Music: lalalalalallaaaaa

jpyp (according to lauren: "just pulling your penis")
im sooooo sleepy but i realized i hadnt writting in this so i thought i would. its probably cuz i havent done ANYTHING alllll week except sit around and watch tv. WAAAAY too much tv... you kno ur watching too much tv when you find urself infront of a 80s movie about 80s dancing *shudder* and realize you have no intention of moving... so ive just been sitting in front of the tv, picking flowers of my mom's bouquet (she got from my dad- it was their 27th anniversary) and pinning them in my hair while watching episode after episode of the simpsons, that 70s show, and will and grace... in fact ive been so out of it recently, that this morning i was really late cuz my alarm clock didnt go off and hten i realized i was putting on a non-uniform shirt and that i shouldnt have taken a shower at all cuz i had to go swimming in P.E. and so i just grabbed some stuff form my closet and it just happend to be a uniform shirt and a bathing suit... so all day i was in an orange tshirt (first one i put on) and a blue and white striped uniform shirt and it was very... interesting... actually some people complemented me on my "outfit"... i was quite puzzled..... soo anyways.. where was i going with this again??? o ya so the moral of the story is, never eat soggy waffles.

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:: 2003 4 May :: 7.45 pm
:: Mood: jovial!
:: Music: At your funeral- Saves the day

Im a pretty pony!
yay another jampacked day of alexa/lauren fuN! today we finally got around to makin our tshirts and they have the SPIFFIEST designs including pinatas, stick figures, japanese cats, boxes of instant llama (just add water), more stick figures, pretty letters, and cartoon jungle animal fabric. yes, i kno, we're truly arteests :-P anywhooooo we also went slip-and-sliding down this crocodile mile tarp we found in my garage while searching for squirt guns. then we jumped in the pool and then we made strawberry jello and played donkey kong on the ol' super nintendo and then we.... well thats pretty much it... now im supposed to be writing an english essay and doing w. civ. hw... but i dont see that happening in the near future....hehe

p.s. its a year since my grandma died :'( :'( :'( :'(

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:: 2003 30 April :: 9.35 pm
:: Mood: complacent

FETAL PIGS FOREVER! i love fetal pigs ;-)
I think someone should leave me a comment cuz i kno u all read this. i mean, is it that hard to leave me a little comment to make me feel loved? its the least you people could do! sheesh! so just click on the little link down there ( i beleive it says "leave a comment OR SUFFER")
thank you for your time... pansies....

p.s. fetal pigs are the most twisted inside joke ive ever had- for more information, join eighth period physics or magically become me, joann, or tarun............................... fetal pigs are HOT!

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:: 2003 29 April :: 10.01 pm
:: Music: Gruvis Malt- Destination

butternut squashes + some hungry hippos + lighter fluid= one hell of a party!.... ok i have no clue where that one came from but try not to read into it too much or anything

conversation with caryn:

LiLMuScLe2: i wish i had my braces off
NEthnbutOrdnry4: i wish i could fly but you dont see me complainin
LiLMuScLe2: you just did
NEthnbutOrdnry4: what, fly?
NEthnbutOrdnry4: really?
LiLMuScLe2: yes
NEthnbutOrdnry4: omg this is fuckin huge!
LiLMuScLe2: tell me about it
LiLMuScLe2: but dont tell the press....they'll have a field day with that
NEthnbutOrdnry4: im like... BIRD GIRL
NEthnbutOrdnry4: or... FLYING SQUIRREL GIRL
NEthnbutOrdnry4: minus the squirrel part of course....
LiLMuScLe2: right, of course

ya well just thought id share... nothing happened today... my moms coming home tonite- woot! i dont think i even remember her... after all she's been gone so long: wandering the deserts of Albania with her pet alpaca... its hard work, you kno........
ya, ok so she wasnt in albania GHEESH you people! she was in NYC and thats none less interesting because she is a kinda-famous modern dance lady and she was helping organize this whole dance-majig show thing.. YA SO THERE! she's cooL! .... so there! hehe ya so im special too and thats it. peace out yo
p.s. FLYING squirrels!

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:: 2003 28 April :: 8.12 pm
:: Mood: Headache-y
:: Music: People get really pissed when you get an ABBA song in their head, so i sung "Fernando" all day bwaha

zebra sperm
i havent written in a long time. ok well the week was boring ooo and i ate like 200000 cookies on tuesday so that nite I puked them all up (literally tossing my cookies lol) and i missed school on wednesday adn both my parents were in NYC so adrian and i were gonna partay but we didnt and he missed grad nite but i still hadta bum a ride with someone else anyways cuz he sucks. so then on saturday it was so fun- lauren came over really early and then caryn took us to this awesome bead place where they had the prettiest beads ever! baaa!! they were incredibly spiffy! so then we came back to my house and made necklaces and whatnot and i guess caryn didnt kno wut she was getting herself into cuz lauren and i put on costumes (she had a big black and red cape and a curly brown wig and i was a fairy with glittery stuff on my face and everything) and we ran around outside it was great great great. then caryn left and lauren and i took pictures of us flyin on the swing in my backyard in our costumes it was fun! then sushi with lauren and my dad o adn we went to ragshop and bought plain teeshirts we're gonna decorate next weekend but im still thinking of designs... i only have one so far (instant llama- just add water) so we drop lauren off at her house and my dad and i go in to say hi "just for a moment" according to him but it ends up we stay there till past midnite and lauren and i are playing amazon trail on her computer while the parentals talk. ok then sunday brittany took me out to the melting pot IT WAS SO AMAZING! LIKE ORGASMICALLY GOOD! ya ok i have a major crush on fondue :-P anyways ya thats all thats worth recording- the weeks are stooopid. so rite now im just sitting here writing this down, drinking juice straight from the jug, and wearing a fancy black evening dress..... lifes a beautiful thing.

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:: 2003 21 April :: 9.32 pm
:: Mood: groggy

i have lived for exactly 5, 477 days, give or take a couple for leap years and whatnot
well! i'm 15 now woopdie doooo! my mommy's gonna take me to pierce my ears! weeee piercings are fuN! ok so anywho, lets see, for my bday, em and jackie couldnt stay past 5 in the pm so they just came over and we all walked (with lauren of course) to a different starbucks than on thursday because i mean, cmon, we need a little variety now and then! so we get our frappochinos and whatnot and are sitting on a couch talking about vespas and how when jackie takes over the world the kentucky derby is gonna be called teh jackietucky derby and fighting over what countries we'll get (i get part of brazil and 45% of Germany wahoo) then we decide we're goin over to coldstones for icecream and i manage to cram more fattening things into my belly and by that time im so full we hadta call my dad to pick us up and it was funny in the car jackie was telling a story (one of those ones parents are supposed to pretend they dont hear or w/e) but my dad starts laughing with us and it was so funny and kinda embarassing but im not really one to get that embarrased so mostly just funny. wow, i can really blab, can't i? so moving along they left and lauren and i played some good ol' donkey kong on the super nintendo and then i begged her to come out to dinner wiht us and we went to cityplace and then my mom left to go to some special modern dance performance (ON MY BDAY!) bla, well it was special so i let her go... anyways so lauren, my dad, and i all went to FAU schwartz and around city place and i loooove anthropologie's clothes! they are fun in my tummy! lalala! so then we went to drop lauren off at her house and we came in and she tought me part of ninety nine red balloons on her brothers electric guitar and... STUFF! baaaa! so that was saturday and then on sunday which was easter, i woke up at 3 in the afternoon to find the easter bunny doesnt love me and we didnt do all that much special things for easter cept we went out to dinner and my brother ACTUALLY made an appearance! wow, miraculo. so it was fun yay. then monday which is today brittany came over cuz i havent seen her in a long time and we went swimming inthe bigpool which i havent done in a long time and then we biked to cold stones and then all teh way to eckerds and all the way back but it was really fun so la tee da! BA RAM YOU! thats it. bye

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:: 2003 17 April :: 5.38 pm
:: Mood: content
:: Music: whats the dilio- mest

hehe i feel so accomplished. i think everyone should be able to play matchmaker at least once in their lifetime so today was it. lauren's mom like FORBID her to see a certain male friend (cough ron cough lover wink wink hint hint) so i decided, since she was coming over to my house, that i would hatch a plan so they could see eachother. so we got it set up adn we set off for starbucks on foot, just like in the olden days before motorcycles and city buses! yep, so on the way we picked wild flowers (a.k.a. WEEDS) well all mine smelt good but lauren's smelt like plants so she was like, "thats because theyre FUCKIN PLANTS!" hahaha it was so funny coming from her. then, we passed by the grave of dear little JOEY LOPEZ! o how we greived for our friend joey lopez who we never got to kno at all and infact just passed by his roadside grave with lit candles and everything. continuing on we passed all those train cars that are parked along military trail and lauren kept wanting to climb them even though thats probably illegal or something so instead we just admired the graffiti including the one with a picture of a big nosed guy with the words "these trains suck" that one really spoke to me lol. anyways, continuing on, some passing cars were like honking at us and we were convinced we would be raped before we got there so we finally get there and we find r- i mean lauren's lover. so we go into starbucks and we're drinking our beverages and i scrounge around in my purse and find the sticky tarantula i got on the last sleepover thingy with ma homes em, jackie, and lauren so we take it out adn we're all amused so then i decide im gonna chuck it at the wall. so we're all like throwing around this orange sticky tarantula and throwing it at the walls and at eachother and being public nuisances and it was a grand time. then, i find the little plastic po-po police man! so we stick him through bartholomew (what we named the gummy spider) so we have this sticky orange tarantula with a little plastick dancing police man (whom we appropriately named "the physcodelic dancing po-po man") and after amusing ourselves with this a little longer, we leave. i hop on ron's bike and am whizzing down the walkway when this disgruntled foreign lady comes out of her shop and yells at us and is all like "oo cannott ride thot bicycle like thot throo herr! if oo werr to -it someone nd urt thum, oo would get in alut of trubble!" like that in that accent. haha so we ride it down to the fountain and eventually find a parking garage and riding all around there and spitting gum from the roof and then we decide to ride back towards my house. we stopped at kings cuz i like ate this gross poisonous berry along the way (yes im an idiot) so we want something to eat and we get this wedge of watermelon and some plastic knives and walk down towards my house somemore and stop on the bike path in the shade and cut it up and eat it. so now that we're all sticky we continue towards my house and i strategically leave lauren and r-, i mean- her lover, on the romantic little lovers swing while i make sure my moms not home cuz laurens paranoid she'll get caught and her mom will sacrifice her to the cooty gods or something. then we sit around in the kitchen with patrick for awhile and lauren wont jump i nthe pool because she doesnt have any extra underwear! gheesh! so then he leaves tada! wonderful story, n'est pas?

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:: 2003 3 March :: 6.15 pm
:: Mood: Procrastinating
:: Music: the art of losing- american hi-fi

wow ive said shmiggles so many times today! ive decided its one of the best words EVER! direct quote from lauren: "im a wild high-stepping rowdy wombat!" its so true.... ya well i think i need a kitten. rite now! kittens are great! im gonna get emily a kitten for her birthday (dont tell!) a mini-magic cuz he's gone :( i have exams tomorrow :( wow what a downer.... i should be studying :( i should stop saying sad things wiht little sad faces next to them :( hahaha ok.

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:: 2003 24 February :: 8.53 pm
:: Mood: lazy
:: Music: boys in tha hood- dynamite hack

wtf is this??? i took a quiz and these results really make one wonder why the fuck i have no BOYFRIEND! really....

-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.
What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i have no homework! wahooo! but still im so bored im kinda just sitting here making this journal.... at least its not homework! yay! hehehe. anywhoo id just like to say that today my eyes hurt so much i rubbed them on my dog and the carpet cuz theyre so DAMN ITCHY and i mean, seriously, its just not fair. lalalalalala sooooo lazy.... later....

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