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:: 2005 11 November :: 5.42 am

Attention Shoppers: Eat me. That is all.

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:: 2005 9 November :: 8.21 am

For Christ sake, please kill me now.

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:: 2005 8 November :: 12.26 am

Board as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

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:: 2005 30 June :: 12.00 pm
:: Music: Allen Jackson

If it ment one less emotionly disturbed child living on the street, I'd pull the trigger.
What!? I would.

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:: 2005 25 June :: 12.00 pm
:: Music: none

Social Studies
I died from natural causes:
I said I licked you:
I kissed you:
I Licked you:
I lived next door to you:
I stole something:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
I got into a fight and you were there:


Be my friend?:
Keep a secret if I told you one?:
Hold my hand?:
Take a bullet for me?:
Keep in touch?:
Try and solve my problems?:
Love me?:
Go out w/ me?:

Lied to make me feel better?:
Wanted to kiss me?:
Wanted to lick me?:
Kept something important from me?:
Thought I was unbearably annoying?:

~*::And More::*~
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
6. Describe me in ten words.
7. What was your first impression?
8. Do you still think that way about me now?
9. What reminds you of me?
10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
11. How well do you know me?
12. When's the last time you saw me?
13. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? If yes, call me!
14. Are you gonna put this on yours and steal this shit I stole?
15. Have you ever licked me and do you still?

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:: 2005 12 June :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: scared
:: Music: none

Why bother?
Why is life so lonely at 3:30 in the A.M.?

Life bores me so.

Have you ever noticed that the more we try to be like someone, the
more we end up like someone we don't want to be?

Always fallow the three rules:

1. Live for the day, not the days end.

2. Never feel more than you can afford to lose.

3. Always rid yourself of things that bore you.

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:: 2005 8 June :: 12.00 pm
:: Music: Dear Penis

I hate people!
I don't get mad easy but some people I know are getting on my nerves. This means you! Not you. SO BUGGER OFF AND LEAVE ME OUT OF YOU PROBLEMS!

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:: 2005 1 June :: 12.00 pm
:: Music: Big John - Jimmy Dean

I'm a brute?
This really hirt my ego.

You are 42% Rational, 42% Extroverted, 85% Brutal, and 57% Arrogant.
You are the Brute! You are introverted, arrogant, brutal, and more intuitive than rational. Like a big, dumb animal, you are driven by your emotions more than your reason, and as a result of the fact that you care very little for the feelings of others, you tend to be rather selfish. Because of your selfishness, you also tend to be a bit arrogant, seeing yourself as big or strong or smart or always correct. This makes you a stubborn, irrational, emotion-driven brute. King Kong best represents the gorilla-version of your personality. Emotional, introverted (King Kong was isolated on his own island, after all), brutal, and arrogant (proud to be the largest ape on Earth!), Kong would probably get along very well with you, seeing as how you share many of the same traits. Aside from, you know, all the fur. So your personality defect is simply that you resemble King Kong to a very high degree. Which probably isn't a good thing, you big brute!

To put it less negatively:

1. You are more INTUITIVE than rational.

2. You are more INTROVERTED than extroverted.

3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle.

4. You are more ARROGANT than humble.


Your exact opposite is the Hand-Raiser.

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Class Clown, the Schoolyard Bully, and the Sociopath.



If you scored near fifty percent for a certain trait (42%-58%), you could very well go either way. For example, someone with 42% Extroversion is slightly leaning towards being an introvert, but is close enough to being an extrovert to be classified that way as well. Below is a list of the other personality types so that you can determine which other possible categories you may fill if you scored near fifty percent for certain traits.

The other personality types:

The Emo Kid: Intuitive, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Starving Artist: Intuitive, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Bitch-Slap: Intuitive, Introverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Brute: Intuitive, Introverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Hippie: Intuitive, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Televangelist: Intuitive, Extroverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Schoolyard Bully: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Class Clown: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Robot: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Haughty Intellectual: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Spiteful Loner: Rational, Introverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Sociopath: Rational, Introverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Hand-Raiser: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Braggart: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Capitalist Pig: Rational, Extroverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Smartass: Rational, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 21% on Rationality

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You scored higher than 43% on Extroversion

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You scored higher than 95% on Brutality

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You scored higher than 67% on Arrogance
Link: The Personality Defect Test written by saint_gasoline on Ok Cupid

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:: 3005 25 May :: 12.00 pm
:: Music: none

Yellow Saber
You've made a yellow Lightsaber

Yellow is the color of Honor and Loyalty. It
symbolizes caution and foreboding in either
direction of the blade, Meaning that the owner
is relatively cautious...but also to be
cautious of them. Since Yellow stands for both
Honor and Cowardice, Once should always think
twice before attacking someone with a Yellow

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Tomarrow is my birthday.
My birthday, my
Kick ass dude!

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:: 2005 20 May :: 12.00 pm
:: Music: Aqua

I want a mistress for Christmas, and a BJ for my birthday!
Nothing new to say really, just that my birthday is in six days.
In other news, I have been having some of the most vived dam nightmares the last couple of nights. It's really pissing me off.

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:: 2005 18 May :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Bound - By Disturbed

Hey everybody!
Haha, 8 more days till my birthday. I don't have any plans but I'm shure I will think of something. I am so fucking sleepy right now it's not funny. I got like a whole hour of sleep because some people in the room made noise all fucking night. The really bad thing is that not only can I hear in the dark but I can see too. So haha, like a fly on the wall I am scard for life. Dam trevor and his being sick and coughing all dam night. If he wasn't busey I would have smothered him with a pillow just to get some peace and quit. I'm just jokeing, Or am I? Haha!

Drinking is bad. And now you know.


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:: 2005 29 March :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: scared
:: Music: None

Everybody needs a hero. To some it is a person from a comic book, or a cartoon, or a movie. To me, my hero is my Pa. He has always been there for me and I have learned many things from him, he has always done everything in his power to help me no matter what. My only complaint is the fact that he does not take care of himself. Everyone in my family (even him) knows that he will not live another ten years, he is only 50. Like everyone else in my family I try not to dwell on how little time I have with him, but make the best of the time we have together. Sometime I can't help it. When he says stuff like "I'll be dead by the time that needs to be fixed again" all the thoughts of him not being there fill my head, and I get all pent up inside. I get mad and sad all at the same time, I meen I'm pissed at him for the fact that he wont take care of himself and sad when I think of him not being there. My Pa is greatest man I know, there is not a mean bone in his body. I have always known that I was a lucky person for having such a great dad. I know alot of people with deadbeat dads or asshole fathers, and feel for them on somany levels but sometimes they piss me off. Well not them exactly, but the fact that these people sit there and say that they wish their dad would die. What makes me mad is the fact that most of these deadbeats will live well into their 80's or 90's, but good hard working men like my father wont ever see their 60's. It's not fare.

Now for those of you that don't know me that well let me tell you about my Pa. He is a fifty year old biker/hippy that loves to live. He will do what ever he dam well pleases to have fun. He is a big guy with great sence of humor and big heart. He doesn't say it much but everyone knows he loves his family, all of them no matter how rotten they are (that would be my lowlife brother). He loves to ride his bike and he has a very bad drinking problem. Wich is a big part of his life but it does not define him. Unlike most people when he is a funny playfull drunk not a meen hurtfull drunk. He is very laidback but very responsable too. He is my Hero. All I have ever wanted is to be like him and never disapiont him, but I can't do both because he doesn't want me to turn out like him. He think that his life was not all he wanted it be, He always wanted me to be a big shot so I didn't hve to work like a dog everyday just to get by. He wanted me to have all the fun he missed out on. All I wanted to do was be like him, start family be a great father and be happy just like him. I don't need alot of money or fancy things or all the other crap he thought he wanted, I just want my daddy and I want my children to have a daddy like him. Those are some big shoes to fill. I just hope that when I do have children They will at least get a chance know him before he is gone.

I'm sorry if some of this is hard to read, it's not easy to type with tears in your eyes.

Peace to all.

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:: 2005 24 March :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: AC/DC - Mistress For Crhistmas

If I can love myself, why can't anyone else?

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:: 2005 24 March :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: Meatloaf - I Would Do Anything For Love

I passed the TEST! I think.
I took the Cupid test and this I what it said. I think its way to good. Creepy.

The Boy Next Door
Random, Gentle, Love, Dreamer, (RGLDm)

Kind, yearning, playful, you are The Boy Next Door. You're looking for real Love, a lot like girls do. It might not be manly, but it's sweet.

We think the next three years will be very exciting and fruitful ones for you. Your spontaneous, creative side makes you a charming date, and we think you have a horny side just waiting to shine. Or glisten, rather. You enter new relationships unusually hopeful, and the first moments are especially glorious. If you've had some things not work out before, so what.

Your exact opposite:
The 5-Night Stand

Deliberate Brutal Sex Master

On paper, most girls would name the Boy Next Door as their ideal mate. In the real world, however, you're often passed over for more dangerous or masculine men. You're the typical "nice guy:" without just a touch of cockiness, you're doomed with girls. A shoulder to cry on? Okay, sure. But never a penis to hold.

More than any other type, Boys Next Door evolve as they get older. As we said, many find true love, but some fail miserably in the search. These tarnished few grow up to be The Men Next Door, who are creepy as hell, offering backrubs to kids and what not.


CONSIDER: The Maid of Honor, The Peach

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:: 2005 23 March :: 12.00 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: None

Cupid - Free Online Dating and Match

Hell yeah! I'm more of a slut than Trev and Kev.

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