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:: 2007 1 May :: 5.44 pm
:: Music: Galaxy Bounce

This still exists?!?!? I might start posting here again... hmm.

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:: 2005 30 September :: 2.23 pm

pic of the day Working again? Maybe. I mostly use my livejournal account now since this one is so unstable. Username Sugarpeep for anyone who's interested. Living off campus this year. Have an awesome boyfriend. Love my kitty. Love my critters.


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I see you.

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:: 2005 24 March :: 10.59 am
:: Mood: curious
:: Music: 3EB : Crystal Baller


pic of the day By Frisket. We have one very serious obsession in common *gryn*. Ponies.

Hmm.. So this journal works again eh? Good to know because I like it much better than my other three. >.>
Righto, still in school. Switched my major. I'm now in for Natural Resourse Management. That's park services, land surveying, zoos, botanical gardens, etc. for thems who don't know. I recently got back from a wonderful week in Florida with my grandparents. We had WAY too much fun and saw all kinds of birds.
I'm actually single for once. O,o Not sure how long that'll last though. Just got out of a wretched relationship that is, hopefully, FINALLY over. -.-
I work at Toys R Us.. remember Karen.. when we got kicked out?.. Yeah.. they hired me. :P But I'm looking for a job that's more in my field.
I have tons and tons of fish (cichlids, koi, goldfish, betas, catfish) a hamster, and A KITTEN I CAN"T WAIT TO GET!!! *pant pant* Okay..
As mentioned above, I've recently become obsessed with ponies.. again? I have 63 of them. Three of which I've modified for others. Yay ponies. You can see some of my pony mods here ~>
What else is new?.. *shrug*

Mreep! My Pals! You know who you are! You all mean so much to me :)

AAAAAaaarrrrt! Pamper my ego.
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:: 2004 21 March :: 4.11 pm
:: Mood: bored

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:: 2004 11 March :: 10.56 pm
:: Music: Witch Hunter Robin

Deer working?


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:: 2004 1 February :: 12.51 pm
:: Mood: loved

䓙󌎗ݔҒʉ߈ꔼŊJI吴|୕ljԉAeړI: zғIIl

Woohu doesn't like chinese..

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:: 2004 15 January :: 10.55 pm
:: Mood: drained
:: Music: Incubis~ 'you only think about yourself.'

I hate snow.

Ugh! I am so very sick of snow! It just doesn't stop here in the Valley. *defeated sigh* So, my b-day's coming up. Round the 27th or something. Erin and I are gonna go have sushi and celebrate because her b-day is two days before mine. We claim to be twins separated at birth. If you knew us.. you'd understand. Anyway. Felt the need to update.

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:: 2004 3 January :: 10.16 pm
:: Mood: lonely
:: Music: Eve six

Back From CA and hatin it

I can't help it. I think this farie chick is hot. *shrug* It's the hair. Anyway. Posted two new pics on my web page. . Go see. They're from Seaworld. ;) It's safe for yall to guess that I went to California to see Ben. I had such a blast and I've been really sad recently because I miss being there with him. I'm a dumb girl.. I know. Anyway. We went to the zoo first off. Hung out at the ocean a lot. I caught a starfish on Christmas Eve. It was hard. Very fast, starfish. Right. Went to Seaworld as above mentioned. Had way too much fun. Got splashed by Shamu. Tried to hide in my coat. Didn't work. :) Also, we got to pet dolphins. That was awesome. I love dolphins. *sigh*

So now I'm back at boring school. I have three bio classes this semester. Should be interesting. What else.. *grumbleimissbengrumble* *cough* enough stupid girl shit now. I'm being a hipocrit. grar.

Megatokyo Fan

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:: 2003 17 December :: 10.06 pm

Yay~~ :) Today mom and I went to the airport to verify that I have tickets. :D I'm so happy. This'll be the best christmas yet. True.. I won't be spending it with my family.. and.. I'll be thosands of miles away.. But I haven't had a christmas yet where I wasn't lonely. Hopefully this one'll be diffrent. :D So.. now that I'm too excited to do anything productive I've packed and airport safe'ed all my stuff. It's amazing the little things I manage to leave about. -.-; Ah well. When I get back hopefully I'll get to visit with muh roomate and I'll still have three other roomates. Unless Miranda leaves.. fat chance. Grand Valley fucked up Yinka's papers. Yinka is from London. They said that if she leaves to go home for christmas then she can't come back to the US. yay for grand valley. *grumble* Anyway. I hope you all have happy holidays and a merry new year! :)


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:: 2003 15 December :: 6.41 pm
:: Mood: apathetic
:: Music: Narcolepsy ~ 3eb


Here's a tribute to Erin. Cause I miss her and stuff.

Righto. So I'm home again. And bored to tears. Today I stared at the wall for three hours. Read my book for a hour or two. Then I played on Neopets for forever. Won an auction.. yay. Found out the item I worked so hard for was nothing but a toy. *grumble*
Also visited the school today. Mrs. Martino was happy to see me. She's still nice as ever. Turns out Hazel my favorite art teacher now teaches history. Yuck. And he didn't seem too thrilled. Anyway. Gonna scoot. Will update soon. ;)


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:: 2003 7 December :: 1.21 pm
:: Mood: amused
:: Music: War~ eddy edwinsomethingorother

pocky is yummy

pic of the day This one's by Jenendell. I love her art. Always makes for beautiful wallpapers.

Ive got nothin. 


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Mreep! My Pals! You know who you are! You all mean so much to me :)
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:: 2003 6 December :: 1.34 pm
:: Music: 3EB~ Motorcycle Drive-by

There's a soul I wanna know, New York City's evil.
The surface is everything, but I could never do that. Someone would see through that.

pic of the day This one's by Jenendell. I love her art. Always makes for beautiful wallpapers.

SO.. today Ben's buying me tickets to fly to California to see him. I'm excited. Haven't been west of Wisconson. Big undertaking for the peep. So over break I'll be there. Round SanDeago. One word, zoo. :-D It'll be fun.

Mreep! My Pals! You know who you are! You all mean so much to me :)

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:: 2003 30 November :: 11.22 pm

O.o Does this thing still work.. testing ... testing. Well.. Still in school.. kinda seeing Ben for those of you who know who he is. Right.. have a new web page. .. um.. Deviantart is free.. so if you want to join.. do so! Right.. This is me testing this ol'journal. :D

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:: 2003 27 March :: 3.57 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Incubis

There's something about the way you move, I see your mouth in slow motion as you sing.

Ya. Couple things.  Ive got the bestist boyfriend in the world now. He makes me terribly happy. Names Aaron and he lives in Holland Michigan Yah. Remember when someone asked Angy where she was from, and she said Holland.. and they said, Whats it like over there? and shes like, Just like here more west and a bit south. That Holland. People. Anyway. Yep. I like him. =^v^= Um.. still in Daves game.. and Erin (Krystal)s game. I love those games to bits. Ill be quitting Jasons game because.. well.. personal reasons. Not you Jason! I wubbest you! *pet pets and offers much chocolate* Right. Starting my own game for fall semester. Ill be taking much bio courses. -.-; dear gods help me. Um lets see.. what else. My roomate is driving me up the walls.. but you all knew that. A communications major that wont talk. *shakes head* Ahwell. Whatcha gonna do? So Im happier then Ive been since I moved from Toledo. *snugs das Aaron* Heh.. okay.. Ill quit. Um.. Main art page hosted by hosea is no more. He had to delete it. Grar.. so Im stuck with crummy elfwood. I miss my degu! Hehe. Havent taken any fun tests lately. Just the naughty kitten one. Yay for naughty kittens. I love kittens. Theyre so cute and cuddly.. till they attack your ankles at night.. and thats not so fun hmm..
I love Degus!

Mreep! My Pals! Nova, Syris, Vantid, Eldarath, Gonard, and Nauta Ceta. You all mean so much to me :)

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Picture of the day! =^v^= NOVA ART. Yay.

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:: 2003 1 March :: 11.59 pm

I am a naughty Black kitten

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