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:: 2007 16 June :: 2.04 am
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: No Ca$h - Life Sucks

...I hate everyone, they all hate me equally. Life Sucks...
Ugh, sorry I haven't been too sociable lately, I'm a bit swamped.

I finally found a place to live, a bit pricey for a crack house but atleast I don't have a roommate; I move in monday. I'll probably end up getting a second job, but whatever. I've been in worse situations.

If I believed in a deity, I'd be thanking him/her for Ioanna right now. She's helped me out more than in reality she has to. She's pulling me through this Dana bullshit, my want to go back to the easy and secure, and saving me from my own stupidity on a daily basis. She's a true friend that I won't be forgetting any time soon.

But anyway, I miss you guys intensely and hopefully I'll see you in the not-to-distant future. Much Love ;]

P.S. - I'm now piercing free! I lost them in a fight and decided I'm not buying new ones ^_^

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:: 2007 8 June :: 5.14 pm
:: Mood: entertained
:: Music: Blood for Blood - Ain't Like You

I don't want your love, I don't need your respect; I got no tears or regrets
Haha, man. My relationships are like seizures. Intense, a lot of bodily fluids, over in a short amount of time, and you always wake up wondering what the fuck just happened.

Anyway, my home search isn't going quite as well as I'd like it too, apparently they have affordable housing out here and I'm barely over the ceiling meaning the cheapest place I can get into is 700 a month. I see a roommate in my future x_X.

But that's pretty much it. I just got Aaron's letter so I'm gonna go read and respond to that. Have a glorious evening.

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:: 2007 1 June :: 1.00 am
:: Music: Sublime-Caress Me Down

...That's that lovin sound...
Well apparently my Dad's wedding is off so if you know anybody who wants to fly to Amarillo, I got a ticket for cheap. And Carl, ALL sushi is good. I may be going to Monterey next week. Who knows. If you don't hear from me that's why =]

Date #2:
Picked her up from work, she got jealous from girls at the bar checking me out (I was equally pissed from the guys checking her out), watched her, Ionna, and Andrea dance while Adam and I made sure no one moved in, and made out like kids in Jr. High on the patio numerous times.

Ecstasy is an understatement.

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:: 2007 30 May :: 10.39 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Social Distortion-Dear Lover

I just spent the night with my fucking dream girl. Tomorrow I'm meeting her at the bar (her work place). And Sunday I'm taking her out for sushi. You couldn't slap the grin off my face at this point ^_^

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:: 2007 23 May :: 9.39 pm
:: Mood: disappointed
:: Music: Choking Victim - Hate Your State

...You Don't Have to be Choking to Become a Victim...
Wow, what an entirely undeserved stroke of luck.

My boss passed out wasted in front of a traffic light a few months back. He was then awoken by two cops who asked him to get out of his car. He then proceeded to throw various curses and threats at them, and when one tried to grab him he punched him in the face.

His court date was today. He's waiting, nervous of course, when they realize the arresting officer wasn't there. They take a 5 minute recess to wait on him. Still nothing. Well court goes into session when his lawyer pulls some law out of his ass and basically gets the case dismissed. My boss got off scot free. I fucking love America.

Also, I've discovered one of my "closest friends" has stolen $1000 bucks from me and is now MIA.

If there was a God, I'd stab him in his fucking stones.

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:: 2007 19 May :: 11.45 pm

Woo, ok where do I start.

Sent a letter to Aaron today, I miss that homie. I made a new friend named Yionna that I'm sure none of you have heard of, but rest assured, she's cool as hell (seeing as how she's the only being to give me a birthday present)l. I have a pretty unstable living situation, and I hate the town I'm living in. And yes I've resumed drinking.

I know I've been out of touch but I finally got a computer+internet so if you want to reach me you know where to go. Anyway Carley/Sye/Kayleigh I don't care what happened in the past your my friends and I'd like to keep it that way if you feel the same way.

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:: 2007 5 January :: 7.35 pm
:: Mood: good
:: Music: Transplants-Romper Stomper

If I got your back then you best have mine...I want to know; can I count on you when it's time?
The past few days have been great. Me and my brother have been spending alot more time together and have both established we have a life-long commitment to eachother, regardless of the years we missed growing up. It's great knowing that I have someone I can count on forever regardless of how many times either one of us fucks up. Unconditional love. My first experience with it, and I must say it's great, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Negative opinions have been growing about me alot lately, I'm honestly not directing this at anyone, it's happened amongst family, friends, and the general public. But for the first time, I can say I don't give a fuck. I haven't and will never take for granted the few I name friends. But I know who I am. My brother knows who I am. As does a select few. As long as I have that, life can throw what it may in my direction. No one, can take that away from me.


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:: 2006 20 December :: 5.05 pm
:: Mood: aggravated
:: Music: Motograter-Collapse

Collapse, collapse, well here we go again...
Well, this is fantastic.

If ignorance is bliss, this place is fuckin Disney Land. Because my flight out of Reno was a half hour late, I won't be leaving for Milwauke (?) until tomorrow at 10. If I'm lucky, I'm only on standby. Then they aren't sure when I'll be able to head for Grand Rapids. It could be tomorrow, it could be Saturday, why the hell should they know? And of course I have no idea where my bags are. But it's ok I guess. After all, it only contains every article of clothing I own, Carl and Aaron's presents, and Guitar Hero 2, so what if I never see it again. They're taking away a significant amount of my Carley/Aaron/Kaleb/Kaleigh time. Bitches.

I hate flying. Alot.

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:: 2006 17 December :: 4.35 pm
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Motorhead-Born to Raise Hell

I'd like to apologize in advance. I'm about to get into one of my signature, vague, semi-political rants.

Alright, something I don't understand. I keep seeing commercials for this (red) shit. Apparently it's about stopping AIDS in Africa. My question is, why the hell just Africa? Last time I checked, it's a global problem. Plus it's not like we have a vaccine or cure yet, amd I'm relatively sure that Africa doesn't have the best researching facilities. As of right now the only way to stop AIDS in Africa, or anywhere for that matter, is to keep people from fucking. Why don't we work on finding something to solve that problem first, and then we can think about where we're going to solve it.

Something else pissing me off,
is anti-drug programs. Now, I hear these EVERY FUCKING DAY yet all I ever hear about is stopping underage drinking, and of course marijuana. Now I'm sure they think that it's a good idea because those are gateway drugs, however, if you have absolutely no idea about the more dangerous drugs, what's going to stop you? I mean as a 13 year old, I hear how bad drinking and pot is so hey I'm just going to go snort some coke! Or hey, why not shoot up a couple ludes? I mean sure, I'll have a hole the size of a quarter in my nose, my veins will die so I'll have to start shooting up between my toes, and I'll become a self-indulgent machine hellbent on getting what I want with no regard to how it affects those around me, but thank god I'm not drinking.

Finally, the thing that infuriates me the most, is my generation blatant apathy to everything going on in this world. Not just the previous two, but countless other blemishes on humanity. I look at people my age around here and I seriously feel sick. Especially these kids who apparently for some forsaken reason find me to be the 'punk' authority around here. They have a misfits t shirt on and a studded bracelet so figure they'll get along with me. Yet everytime they talk to me all I can think about is breaking their fuckin face in. And I've followed that through a couple of times. Apparently not caring about anything but the next time you get fucked up is the cool thing. And back to (red), kids think that everytime they buy something, they're making a difference. Bullshit. You want to make a difference? Think for your fucking self. Stand up for something. I don't give a shit what it is, I don't give a shit if I agree with it. There is no resistance against those in power right now, so they're doing whatever the hell they want. So fight for something, fight against something, and acknowledge there's something out there bigger than yourself.

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:: 2006 15 December :: 8.06 pm
:: Mood: ecstatic
:: Music: Transplants-Quick Death

I'll have you wishin' for a quick death
My brother just informed me he's going to sell me his tricked out harley softail sometime in May for 10 grand.

Fuck. Yes. =D

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:: 2006 14 December :: 9.22 pm
:: Mood: nostalgic
:: Music: Social Distortion-Angel's Wings

How many times have you asked yourself, "Is this the hand of fate that I've been dealt?"
Sweet Christ I love this song.

I had pizza with my bro and Sheri (his girlfriend). We also watched A Christmas Story. Sweet frichen movie. Aside from that, not a whole lot going on. Well, apparently one of Sheri's friends has been asking about me. She's in her late 20's and married. Weird. Apparently older married chicks dig me. I'm a natural born Sancho :\

Less than 6 days ^_^

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:: 2006 13 December :: 8.03 pm
:: Mood: cranky
:: Music: Pennywise-Anyone Listening?

Goddamn. Work, work, work.

Got up at the usual 5 AM today, got halfway down the mountain, and realized I forgot my tools. SO I had to go back up and grab em causing me to be a good 20 minutes late; and rest assured, my boss noticed. Then I had to drive to 4 different apartment complexes to fix all the pipes that have been bursting because people are too fucking stupid to put anti-freeze into them. Then they stare at me blankly when I tell them what happened. Then I spent 1:00-7:00 installing heads in a big fancy hotel we've been working on, not as frustrating as the morning, but tedious none the less. Now I come home and I'm still scrambling about looking for sprinkler heads, gaurds, and my brothers black bag. And I'm not even on the clock >_< Brian keeps calling me and making me send him pictures too. He's a pretty annoying guy. Little things are pissing me off alot today for some reason.
But the icing on the cake? I just broke my guitar hero controller. I'm pissed >_<

I can't wait until next week. I could use a vacation x_X

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:: 2006 12 December :: 7.42 pm
:: Mood: bouncy
:: Music: Dropkick Murphys-Fields of Athenry

Our love was on the wing, we had dreams and songs to sing
I hate microsoft with a hatred posessing the fury of 1000 suns. They won't let me update my media player thingy so now I can't watch videos for some reason. I hate technology.

But on the brighter side I went grocery shopping earlier and I bought me some multivitamins! I feel like a responsible adult or something =D I also smashed my pinky in the truck today, so now it's all crooked and swollen :\ it looks kinda cool though. As cool as a crooked swollen pinky can look I suppose.

Well I'll be off now, good night; and don't forget to shave your spiders ;]

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:: 2006 10 December :: 9.05 pm
:: Music: Agnostic Front-Pride, Faith, Respect

Well, I had a pleasant Sunday.

Played Guitar Hero 2 the majority of the day, looked at a truck I have no intention of buying, and had dinner with my brother and his wife-to-be. Not bad.

Less than 10 days until I'm off to Michigan. Cherry-less milk shakes, Colbert Report, and Guitar Hero 2 are in my not to distant future =]

We strive in honor for our brothers who are gone
Through the thick and the thin, we fight and push on
We'll never abandon all that we've built for years
No regrets, no pains, no guilt no tears!
Pride is not a sin, it's a value
Pride, Faith, Resect this what we live for
Our legacy is eternal, my crew is my family
Pride is not a sin, it's a value
Don't ever question my values.

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