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:: 2006 24 December :: 11.53 pm
:: Mood: cold

i havent been here in forever..but i just wanted to say 2 things: merry x-mas girls...and i know i havent seen you in forever but i just wanted to let you know that i love you and miss you!! :)

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:: 2006 3 May :: 1.31 am
:: Music: dance dance

So i dunno i havent written here in forever. u guys know i only write here when im either super excited or super not happy...depressed is not the right word cuz i dont know what depression is. just frustrated. im the type of person that when i go into a friendship or consider u a good friend (like best type deal) i tell u open like that. i dunno this week i just dont feel like my friends are like that adn it pisses me off...but i decided if someone doesnt feel comfortable telling me something then they dont have 2.

i mean its their choice. but w/e. im just havin a lot of trouble wit school and bein sick so everything is gettin to wont be a big deal in like a week so whatever. i shoudl be writing a 1000 word ethics paper but honestly i dont care about st. aquanis!!! damn jesuits!! :) i was gonna somethin else but i forgot. i asked one of my friends to read my paper and edit it and she didnt. ive read atleast three of her papers...but w/e i wont do that for her anymore its not fair. she i dunno i understand where she comes from however im not a good writer not even close so

i hate people cuz i hate lettin them always hurts cuz they will injury u at some point in time and its just sometimes not worth it. but i guess it makes u stronger and its nice to feel loved when u do! well. i really gotta write this paper.



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:: 2006 19 February :: 2.11 pm

I dont like the rooming situation of next year...i hope it doesnt turn out as bad as i think it will. i dont wanna live with these ppl!!!! OMG!!!!AHHH!! i hate this girl so fuck her!!

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:: 2005 11 December :: 1.22 am

Finals make me nervous....i havent studied yet. That sux.

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:: 2005 8 December :: 1.14 pm

I failed my bio test...i really honestly dont think i can become a doctor. I am failing freshman year biology!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Yea not good. Fuck i screwed my friends speech over so bad so now i have to go help her...we have to add a minute to her speech. Adios

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:: 2005 3 December :: 2.50 am

I'm Sad...i dunno why.

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:: 2005 2 December :: 5.38 pm still alive but sickness is killing me....i hate school. Grades not so hot. I dunno. im just tired. nothing really new im just sick adn tired adn whiney! im gonna go shopping so ill take out my not happiness on that. :) maybe ill find a good thrift store!!!

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:: 2005 16 November :: 3.16 am

The reason the last entry just said AHHHH is b/c u can't scream that in a dorm and have ppl think ur normal. So i had to write it out...the stress is killing me...not really but i hate having 17 credit hours thats a bitch and a kills. im gonna take easy classes 2nd semester im excited. Ok adios girls study hard.


PS ok this is hilarious and when i see u i will do it wiht a good accent but some random homeless guy said this to me ( i was wearing my bright pink coat):
"Damn...Damn...Damn...cute as a button!!!!!!" (add the accent its hilarious). I <3 chicago!

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:: 2005 15 November :: 12.57 am


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:: 2005 3 November :: 4.03 am

I Failed i cant study for that test....ill get up early...yea right!

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:: 2005 3 November :: 2.25 am

Gavin De Graw
I just went to his concert im in love. A bunch of girls from coffey (my dorm) are out at a bar with him...he called them. I am jealous i sorta want a fake to go out and chill w/him...but w/e im not that big of a fan and hes not that hot. but the concert was amazing, hes good live. I have to go study and memorize like 100 bones. I know its 230am but i will not fail this test. :) yea i lie i hate that class with a passion.

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:: 2005 1 November :: 7.35 pm

I am watching moulin rouge. :)

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:: 2005 26 October :: 2.49 am

I am an insomniac. I hate this. I dont sleep till like 3-4 am basically every night. I go to bed and i cant sleep for an hour. My advice 2 y'all is do not pull an all nighter it sucks the next day.

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:: 2005 11 October :: 11.55 pm

I'm havin guy issues and i dont even have a boyfriend. Im not sure whether this will be super long or short but ill try to make it quick. I know im not super hot or the type of girl who gets all hte boys but I hate boys who call/txt but when u do they dont respond. Total bs. W/E im pissed. At the same time i did do that to my creepy 29 yr old stocker (guy from lst yr) so i mean i understand but still. GRRRRRR. Im usin my friends comp and her roommate its dying so im gonna go and let her sleep. bye


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:: 2005 6 October :: 6.02 pm

Yea. I have nothing to do. I am fasting i get to break my fast until like 6:30 so i just a chillin. Im gonna go for a book now in the library. THis library has like half floors its weird.

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