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[ SwitchBladeLoving ]

:: 2003 27 December :: 7.09 pm
:: Mood: mellow
:: Music: The Rapture: Heaven

*1,2,3,4. Kick That Fucker Out The Door.*
Hey All. This is my first post on this site. Well, My name is Alison. I live in Iowa. Yeah, Iowa. Corn and cows. Great fun. But I'm the youngest in my family.
Ellyse, sister, is 16.
Isaac, brother, is 15.
Me, girl, I'm 14.

Me and Ellyse were adopted. We have the same mom but diffrent dads. Issac was an embrio. He was frozen as an egg. But my family is pretty um..messed up. We are kinda like the Osbourne's. I'm Kelly. Isaac's jack. Mom is Sharon. Dad is Ozzy. And Ellyse is Mini. yeah, Ellyse is a female dog. What a bitch. {LOL} My mom is named Rhonda. My dad is Douglas, but just Doug. My dad's a farmer. He's retiring this year. My mom is the project manager at the Hotel Pattee. Really good pay. But hey, who cares anyways?

I'm in 8th grade. I love all my friends. I mostly hang out with Alli, Emily, Adam, Spencer, Ben{also my cousin}, Arielle, and Kylie. There nicknames are:
Alli~ Carl or Clear
Emily~ Roberta
Adam~ Jackie/Jack/Jack-Jack
Spencer~ Wee Man
Ben~ Will
Arielle~ Sea Bitch
Kylie~ Willow or Zero or Robin

I hang with them the most. But I also hang with :Kimmi, Ashley, Stephanie, Natilie, and others. But I gotta go. Later Daze.

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