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User:sxrxsx (user# 17262)
Location: Eagle Pass, Texas, United States
Yahoo! IM:sxrxsx13 [add user]
MSN IM:saltforyourwounds_000
Bio:I don't have a bio. Well I was born in San Antonio. Then unfortunately we had to move here to eagle pass. So that sucks. Then I began my boring life here in Eagle Pass. And now nothing interesting ever happens and it is boring as hell here. The End.
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Interests:(21) afi, arguing, banging on shit with my drumsticks, eating, edward scissorhands, green day, hating people, neopets, nofx, playing guitar, psychobilly,, sing sing death house, sleeping, talking, the cure, the distillers, the nightmare before christmas, the old casualties, the vandals, tiger army
Created:2003-11-18 23:50:47
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