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:: 2004 15 October :: 11.44pm
:: Mood: comfortable
:: Music: Automatic Girl - Lola Ray

Wednesday was Band Day, which ment the eight graders (mesaa) went over to the highschool to practice with the highschool and sugarloaf (another middle school up the keys) bands for the football game that was today. That was fun. Then tonight we went to the football field. The highschool played a short assortment of something or others when the Conchs scored or what not. We ended up winning 37- 7 or something. Then at half time we went out on the field and played Jailhouse Rocks, which I was off for most of that, and Gimme Some Lovin', which I played marvelously. The highschool has a great drumline.

The Empire Strikes Back tomorrow with dad.

Arissa's party was changed to tonight. Like six out of eight people couldn't go because of the game. Including me. But she had it anyway. That kinda pisses me off.

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 13 October :: 7.30pm
:: Music: Radio

I didn't want to do Marching Band next year at the High School. But today was Band Day and the HOB band went over there and we practiced inside then doing the marching out and such, and so now I want to do it. It really looks fun. I know it's hard and I'll have to go to band camp this summer etc, but it still looks awesome. And I'll make mucho friends.

Lauren fainted and Abi vommited, but I was fine. XD Later though, when we got back to HOB, I faked sick to go home early because my pants got dirty. And it wasn't dirt. You can figure the rest out.
Matt, since he was in the drumline he stood behind Lauren and later said that if she fainted on him he would've been like, "Hey, get off 'ov me!" Even Mrs Dallas laughed at that.

A lot of people say that Mrs Dallas is a bitch, but I just think that she's really serious about directing the band, which is really cool. Though I won't say I wouldn't like her to loosen up on us at times..

I bathed the dog a bit ago and got really wet. Not cool.

I played a marching french horn today. Very cool.

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 12 October :: 5.17pm

I downloaded this trial of NoAdware yesterday, it did a scan and I found out I had about a thousand parasites and 443 infected files in my computer with spyware. So Dad's coming by soon to take me to Officemax to see if they have the software to buy so I can get this crap off my computer.

Ms. Liana Blanco is a very, very aggravating person.

Oh and I'm fifty percent done with my Gaia-quest for Fair Wings. I know, Ima dork.

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 11 October :: 10.47pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: End Of The Movie - CAKE

W00t, I'm almost done with the first word search in my new mini word search book!

Twenty-one day's until the polls open. I dearly hope we have a new president.

I forget what else I was going to say.. Oh well.. I bit my lip earlier and now it hurts..

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 10 October :: 10.46pm
:: Mood: clean
:: Music: Dryer buzzing

New icon, title and link things.. Hurrah.

I really skifted the homework.. Oh well..
But I found out that when sailors ran out of water they drank their own urine, isn't that pleasent?

Got the new CAKE CD, Pressure Chief, like yesterday. I've been listening to it non-stop since.

Next Saturday I'm going to go see The Empire Strikes Back at Tropic Cinema with meh daddy, so that's something to look forward to.

... Okay, no one freakin' wants to buy my Spring Green Kimono on Gaia.. And it's pretty annoying. Doesn't anyone at all want it?? -My username's [ Lemon Jelly ] if you do. ~_~

Oh and I still don't know how to get my journal table aligned with one side of the page.. Any hints?

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 10 October :: 2.05pm
:: Mood: in pain, damn it!
:: Music: The Rat - Walkman

Nope, I still haven't finished my homework.

But You Got Served is so a take off of West Side Story.

Damn my fingers hurt.

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 8 October :: 10.16pm
:: Mood: effervecent

"We can only get one of you in here.."
"I'm the father"
"I'm the boyfriend"
"I'm his boyfriend!"

Oh, my gosh. Who ever's reading this, you have to get off your ass and see Saved! right now. Seriously, this very specific moment in time, go rent it or buy it or steal it, whatever. See it ASAP.

After dinner tonight my grandparents took me to Publix for some fruit and and mini word search book then they rented the movie for me for good grades. I wanted to see Supersize Me too, but they were out of it.

Wow.. I'm reading one of the local newpapers, Solares Hill, and it's really quite grand. Like, witty and all that jazz.. Ooh, and Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind is playing at the Tropic Cinema. Midnight movie for today and tomorrow.. Fat chance I'll get to see it though, The only one who'll take me to R movies is my dad, and he isn't really one for those kinds of movies.. And he likes his sleep..

DJ said that the world would be very boring if I wasn't so ecsentric.. That ment a lot to me. Too bad he thinks gay people go to hell. 'Cause that's just plain ignorance.

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 8 October :: 1.38pm
:: Mood: blank
:: Music: Where To Begin - Bowling For Soup

I made my first omelette all by my self. It wasn't perfect, but it tasted damn good.

Yesterday was an early out day, so we had pizza and coke in Mrs. Sheehan's class.. Oh and today and next Friday is no school either, neat huh?

Arissa's birthday is the 29th. She hasn't decided yet, but one day we'll go to Benihana's, which will be great. And it's not like it's hard to pick out a present for her, she just wants so moolah for CDs amd hoocas and stuff.. Actually, scratch that.. Ha, she just wants to move out after highschool.. So at least I get 'bout five more years with her.

I think I'm going to re-learn how to play the guitar.. Without lessons for now. It's gonna hurt like a bitch since I let my caluses go... away.. Or however you put it. X33

Man, I wish there was surf in Key West.. Then I'd invest in a board and get off my butt during these long weekends.

I'm realizing just how much homework I have this weekend.. Damn I wish I had a book to read so I'd shut up.

Or I'll go watch Back To The future II.

"If you want to destroy my sweater, pull this thread as I walk away. Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked. Lying on the floor! Lying on the floor! I've come undone."

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 2 October :: 12.18pm
:: Music: In Love With The 80's - Relient K

If you could be a Punk Rock Princess, I could be your Garage Band King..

I have the sudden urge to expand my SomCorp collection.. I mean, I only have two of their CDs.. But I also only have ten bucks to my name.

I want a Garage Band King. X3

My head is totally in the clouds, and no one is going to call.. Wait.. Arissa said she would call to help her with YouthGroup or something later.. Well that's something to look foward to.

Sam Goody never has any of the artists in stock that I want. It's really annoying.

Oh.. I took some pictures this morning.. Too bad it's black and white flim, because they would've looked really nice in color when I get 'em developed.

Steven doesn't like watching music videos.. This conversation's going downhill.

and you will always have my heart


:: 2004 1 October :: 7.00pm

Cliche can be such an annoying word at times.

and you will always have my heart

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