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:: 2004 1 November :: 12.46 pm

I'm eating sushi for, I am not pregnant.

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:: 2004 29 October :: 9.28 pm
:: Music: Barenaked Ladies - Light Up My Room

Damn, how come every time I drive by ATL I get nostalgic? I hate that feeling, because it makes me miss things, and I don't like missing things. But I do miss that school. All the bad things, and all...uh...the other bad things. I like being home.

Life, I have found, is not simple. But it is the simple things that matter in life. I want everything to feel right for a change. I want to know that I can always stay the same and be happy.

Oh and for those that didn't i guess all of you since I don't talk to any of you really, heh, I had to leave UCF. I got a complete medical withdrawal, that's all I will say. Tuition, books, housing....all refunded completely. I think this turned out to be a good thing, because I realized I had no place being at UCF. I started realizing I didn't want to be there, and that I basically was gonig the wrong way in life. So now I'm here, I'll be taking classes at FAU in the spring, while I decide how I'm going to further my music education. That's right, I'm going to study my Whether it's production or performance, or both, this will be much better. I've been in contact with Berklee Music in Boston getting as much info. as possible....and now I can only hope.

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:: 2004 12 October :: 7.48 pm
:: Music: Pink Floyd - When The Tigers Broke Free

I'm going to see Derek Trucks on Saturday at House of Blues! I can't wait, he's probably my favorite guitarist of the current allman brothers band.

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:: 2004 6 October :: 3.37 pm
:: Music: Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back

Hard times fall once again...but this time I am stronger.

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:: 2004 27 September :: 12.38 pm

I'm back

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:: 2004 25 September :: 11.38 am

another hurricane. I am really getting sick of this. It's not even funny or joke anymore. Not when it starts affecting people you love. I'm going to a shelter this time, because apparently my mother doesnt think my cousin's apartment isn't strong enough for a hurricane. oh well. oh yea, i have a speech to plan for tuesday during all this crap.

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:: 2004 22 September :: 10.10 am

I don't know if I've done a "worst day of my life" post yet, but if so, I have a new one. I don't like to go into detail on this thing, especially about negativity. All I know is that if Megan was still here I'd feel much better.

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:: 2004 21 September :: 9.41 pm


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:: 2004 19 September :: 4.20 pm

I've just had the greatest weekend of my life...and maybe the most messed up weekend of my life as well

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:: 2004 14 September :: 1.33 pm
:: Music: Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches

Today I get to take my first Economics test, and give my first speech back to back! Yay! Not...Our speech is supposed to be based on a quote, phrase, or proverb that describes our life. My quote comes from Charlie Parker: "Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your [instrument]. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But there is no boundary line to art." Now that would be really easy if i had a speech on my music, but how do I relate it to myself in general?

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:: 2004 8 September :: 2.12 pm
:: Music: RHCP - Soul to Squeeze

I'm really sick of reading. I read pretty much all of the only text that really interests me, which is the sociology one. English is redundant, speech is just boring. Macroeconomics is interesting, but not enough to make me want to read ahead. Well at least I'm caught up. I'm going to the mall now, and I'm not coming back without her gift!

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:: 2004 8 September :: 11.37 am

and instead it rapes home...Orlando is fine. Back to the usual.

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:: 2004 1 September :: 5.31 pm

Frances prepares to rape Orlando...
...and I'm coming home tomorrow.

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:: 2004 1 September :: 9.06 am

Sweden owns Germany...Canada almost owns USA

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:: 2004 31 August :: 12.38 pm

Today, USA plays Canada in the world cup. The game starts at 7, class ends at 7:45...that really really sucks. I can't wait for the game though. Talent-wise, US should get killed, but Finland did beat the Czech Republic 4-0 yesterday, so i guess anything can happen. I'll be wearing by jersey, try to show some support for the sport nobody seems to care about.

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