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User:the-havoc-core (user# 24267)
Location: Boise, Idaho, United States
AOL IM:InsomniaHedgehog [add buddy]
Bio:I'm nothing special. I'm just another number in a sea of equations. I'm not here to change your life. I'm not here to change the world. I'd love to have that ability, but I'm just here. A warrior against corruption. Maybe if I get lucky, something will happen. I'm in love with the darkness.
Friends:(2) bertoe, firestarterfox
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Interests:(106) 100DEADRABBITS, Scrubs, Smack, 30 Seconds To Mars, Advent Children, Akira the Don, Alkaline Trio, Amon Amarth, Animal Collective, ANONYMOUS, Anthony Green, Aphex Twin, Art, Being a Pirate, Black Hawk Down, Black Sabbath, Bright Eyes, Cake, Chowder, Cranberries, Cyriak, Daft Punk, Death, Deftones, Dethklok, Dimmu Borgir, Dragonforce, Elliott Smith, Faith No More, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Flapjack, Foxy Shazam, Ghost Adventures, Gogol Bordello, going to concerts, Gorgoroth, Grandaddy, having a beard, HELMET, HORSE the Band, How to Read a Person Like a Book, I Set My Friends On Fire, Innerpartysystem, Iron Man, John Coltrane, John Lennon, Journey, Joy Division, Judas Priest, Junior Senior, Killswitch Engage, Kryterium, Ladyscraper, Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Múm, Ministry, Moby, Modest Mouse, Motion City Soundtrack, Movies, MSI, My Chemical Romance, Nightwish, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Norther, Opeth, Ozzy, Peeping Tom, Pink Floyd, Pirating movies, Pirating musics, Polkadot Cadaver, Powerglove, Radiohead, Rob Zombie, rocking out, Rolling Stones, Saving Private Ryan, Sepultura, Serj Tankian, Shaka Ponk, Shooter, Static X, System of a Down, The Aquabats, The Arcade Fire, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Blood Brothers, The Flashbulb, The Hunt For Red October, the internet, The Killers, The Mars Volta, The Misfits, the pillows, The Postal Service, The Simpsons, The Used, T_ERROR 404, V for Vendetta, Videogames, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Yann Tiersen
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