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:: 2006 23 February :: 5.11 pm
:: Mood: weird
:: Music: wow

Okay.. So Jenny helped me find this... and this is an old journal that I haven't updated in like years... seriously.. lol.. wow



:: 2004 26 May :: 1.04 pm


OMG! I had the most fun on sunday! I was on the phone talking to Olivia and Ian for like the longest time! We were tlaking about sex and stuff like that! It was hillarious! And then me and her and him are DEFFINATLY getting together soon, I just CAN'T wait! But she's gonna be gone this weekend so we gotta probley get together next weekend! Yay!!!!! I just can't wait! This weekend- I am stayign with Amber and Missy- maybe even for the whole weekend! My parents really need a break from me- lol and Frieday I am going to the movies- and I really want to invite Ian- b.c. him and I have been talking altely- we're gonna go see the day after tomorow! and yeah- IM SO EXCITED! I just gotta talk to Ian about it tonight! Well I gotta go- I LOVE YOU TOO OLIVIA!!!!! well ttyl! I'll write more soon!


Always keep the pictures they NEVER change- only the people in the do!


:: 2004 16 May :: 3.50 pm
:: Mood: depressed
:: Music: silloueths- Smile Empty Soul

My sister called yesturday- I don't understand why she has to be so fuckinged up in the head. that family just keeps having to find away to make me feel like shit!

She engaged- at 15 almost 16! What is her fucking problem!

Atleaset she said my brther Sean was okay.

She lives in conneticut now- with her half brother- and her fiance.

Grrrrrrr I haven't heard about them for sooo long and then they HAVE to call- It think I need to go sit and take away all my fucign problems!

Love alwayz- meggerz

P.s. Jilyl you are right- people do need to write in here again!

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:: 2004 4 May :: 6.27 pm

Nottthing can keep me down- not anything! Oh and Emily Harris- If u ever read this- fuck off- and don't u dare touch me- U know you can't beat my ass- I got my freinds to back me up on that BITCH!

I have been soooo gappy lately- EVERYTHING IS GOING RIGHT!!!! I JUST AM SOOO PREEEPY!!! AHHH o well- I'm happy!!! Lyl write more later! lyl

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:: 2004 1 May :: 10.24 pm

I am making wrong mistakes lately- My school work is doing great! But myself my body image- and my friendships aren't. I feel that there are only a few people on this earth right now that care about me- and none of them are my blood family. I know what they say about people having to be like that- but I don't liek it- Eaither I be good with my freinds and flunk school- or I flunk with my friends- and ace school- they say it's a win-win situation- I say it's a loose-loose.

I need the help

But I can't get it

I wonder what is going to happen to me :-(

Always be happy for the little things in life- they mean the most

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:: 2004 30 April :: 8.30 pm

well it happened- I am once again pissed. And I don't think this one will ever stop :-( People we sayign really bad shit about me when I wore an outfit that I bought at D.C. and yeah so I'm pissed.


:: 2004 28 April :: 8.44 am

I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH! Please guys, never leave me, I woun't be able to stand it, well right now i'm in Scinece- first hour- And I was thinking about how I'n friends with Erica(I think) Again and Melissa. And I guess yeah, but all I need is for someone to start talking shit about me, and to start calling me fat and ugly, and go-ewww look at that, and yeah... But promise me guys that u wil never leave me!

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:: 2004 24 April :: 4.10 pm

okay, first day:::

well I was in a group with Jenny, Amber and Misty and i spent most my time with danielle and kathryn. and we went t like all these cool places and yeah

Day 2::::

We got our group photo and then ther was this threat, so wwe had to leave
then yeah then at night we saw the show *cats* and i'll just say, that wasn't one of my best nights.

day 3::::
At dinner Chlesie and I became friends again, and so did me and Andi.

Day 4::::

I spent most of my time at the mall running around with mike e. tyler, ashley, and danielle, and yeah it was alot of fun we were going up and down escalators mroe then I can count.

Moral of the whole trip for me::::

When u get into fights with your friends, u find out who is really ur frined, and who isn't and I also found out that *true friends hold the keys to our heart*

True friends::::

Amber Missy Kathryn Sam
Chelsie Danielle Sully Andi
Josh P. Josh R. Brett Grace
Erin Jilly Ashley C. Megan
Ashley N. Emily H.

People who I never want anything to do with again in my whole life::::

Ian Vanessa Erica Casey

And I don't know how Paul and I are :-?/ Or me and Melissa

Oh and Ian -- Racists is against a skin color dumb ass, no someones weight, nice try, but i really don't care about u! And I'm not a skany ass whore either, u fucking lieing cheating bastard


:: 2004 24 April :: 2.36 pm
:: Mood: indescribable

WOW!!!! I must be the happiest person on earth right now!!!! I just got a call and I one 3rd place in the Chelsea District poetry contest!!!! HA HA HA YEAH!!!!! And D.c. was fun I must admit, but i gtg, ttyl, lyl!


:: 2004 17 April :: 10.06 pm

Sorry guyz, but I'm just not worth it


:: 2004 17 April :: 11.29 am

I mean my new one,


:: 2004 17 April :: 11.24 am

I think all of you need to look at my journal...


:: 2004 9 April :: 2.52 pm

Yeah um.... My new journal for sure now is, I Guess it's okay, but look at it to see my shoutouts!!!


:: 2004 8 April :: 9.44 am

New Jouranl Web site.....


:: 2004 8 April :: 9.18 am

I'm done with woohu now, If we need to pay. There are way mroe other sites out there where u don't, like blurty, and Livejournal, and DeadJournal. Go cheek them out, i bey u don't have to pay for an account on there....

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