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:: 2004 7 April :: 10.44 am
:: Mood: blah
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:: 2004 5 April :: 8.48 pm

If I run away, I wonder who would follow, not to get away, but to be with me?.......

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:: 2004 5 April :: 9.09 am

I guess GOD just fosn't want me to have a good life. ANd I guess I'm just souposed to be ignored and Invisable. And the people who think I'm not invisable are: Chelsie, AMber, Missy, Grace, Ian, Sam, Anna, Heather, David, Jilly, Jill, and ANDI! But yeah, I guess some people are ment to have few best friends.

My dad says I can have a paarty!!! But I don't know who i would invite. I bet not alot of people would come.

CHELSIE!!!!!~~~I know summin you can do for spring break! If its okay with my dad and Aunt, you cna come with me and My dad to my Aunt's house upnort. Or maybe you and I could look online for cheep things to go to. lol!

I guess you are right Erica, But maybe we just gotta start out little, and get bigger and find out if we really do want to be friends. I hope your paarty was good!?!?!?!

Well Imma proby gonna go now, Chelsie if you read this and haven't already, then call me sweetie!!!!! I LOVE YEW!!!! And Jilly and Britty, and Erin too!!!!

Well.... I love you all!!!

*Sometimes you gotta walk away from your friends too see who will follow you and who is true.* ~I've been following you Erica.



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:: 2004 31 March :: 8.39 pm

Chelsea sucks ass (not the girl, the town!)

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:: 2004 30 March :: 9.21 pm

Life Sucks, I think Imma gonna die...


:: 2004 28 March :: 8.48 pm



:: 2004 26 March :: 6.12 pm

my ears hurt

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:: 2004 21 March :: 6.21 pm

New UpDate:

Real Friends:
Chelsie, AMber, Missy, megan, brittany, britt, Grace, Andi :), Jenny, Paul, Jill (jackson jill), jilly, Ashley C., Emily H,.,Sam, ian, and I will add more later...

Friday night:
~~~~Grace came over and watched 13 with me b.c. I couldn't go too the movies. (sorry Olivia!!! I really am!)

Saturday ngiht:
~~~~Amber came over b4 Graces party and helped me curl my hair, man she said i looked HOT! HeeHee Then I went over to graces for her PaRtY!!!! HeeHee, well first we were all just sittin there and hanging out 'n' shit, and then we all went too the graveyard and we stoped at Chelsie's house, b.c. her mom needed too know where she was going, adn then yeah, and then I spent the whole time there with Dana and Paul, and we made this chain link thingy while holding hands b.c. we were so fucking skared,a dn then we like ran all the way home (HeeHee) b.c. we heard police sirens and we were all skared to fucking death! HeeHee, and then Dad found a game of trouble and we were playin it with Paula nd Chelsie and everytime she would press the little dice thingy she would be like SORRY! and we woulnd all be like, Dana, wrong game! LOL!!! it was really funny. and yeah, Dana's actually really awesome! We had alot of fun, and then we were singign songs while playing the gitaur! Hee hee, it was alot of fun, and yeah, and so then these kids I know Chance and Travis were outside and shit and yeah, long story,... and yeah,

~~~~~ My dad and I hung out tonight and we were talking and guess what,,,,

Tuesday wehn i come too school, I'll be a whole nother person!!! YAY!!1 HeeHee

Quote of the day:::

:~:~:~: Don't listen too the people that make fun of you, they are just jelous b.c. they can't be just like you! :~:~:~:




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:: 2004 20 March :: 4.38 pm

if ya'll got a problem with me, i would really love it if ya'll told it to my fucking face. And everything that ya'll say really ain't gonna hurt me, b.c. I dont give a fucking shit, thats your opinion, not mine, or the people who loves me. Ask my true friends, and they tell you the truth...

true friends...

chelsie, amber, missy, ian, sam, grace,jill, paige, jilly, megan d., emily H, ashley C., Jenny, Ide name more but I don't have the time...

you knwo what people, some people do take things to thier heart, b.c. some people can get affended easily, like I COULD, but now, I'm not gonna let anything that all ya'll little fuckers say get too me, so if u have a problem with me, say it too my face, not on some stupid computer, it's just a machine, it can't talk (except jenny's, lol!) so yeah, just wanted too say that, and all ya'll that I do love, THSNK YOU for being there for me



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:: 2004 20 March :: 1.15 pm

Hey Britt,
I am sorry that we are always getting in those little gay ass fights, and I would like to still be friends, I love you too!


:: 2004 18 March :: 5.29 pm


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:: 2004 16 March :: 2.19 pm
:: Mood: bitchy

Yawn! Okay... Highlites of my day!!!

Erica isn't moving everyone! Just so you all know! and Erica, if you ever read this, I don't like it when you lie about moving, believe me, it's not funny for an APRIL FOOLS JOKE! Bitch!

Me and Jenny are Washington D.C. Partners now! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!! HeeHee... but yeah, because a couple months ago, Erica decided to ditch me and go with Grace, and I found out today!!! Grrruuuuupppppeeee

Yawn! Monday I get to miss 1st hour through 6th hour, b.c. I am doing a writting workshop thingy for Engilish, Amber, Missy, and Grace are comming with us too!!! YAYERZ!!! well better go,,, lyl!


:: 2004 15 March :: 4.13 pm

I think Chelsie hates me :-(


:: 2004 15 March :: 4.01 pm

I've been thinking on and off all day that I might make my journal for friends only, which means, only my friends will be able to see it, or maybe i'll make it so anyone that has an annoymous name can't leave a comment, yeah imma gonna do that, gtg ttyl... write more later


:: 2004 14 March :: 2.24 pm

Have you ever
wished upon a star
wished to be anywhere else
then where you are

Have you ever had a dream?
and everyone laughed
told you were foolish
to attempt such a task

Have you ever
loved someone so much
you'd do anything
just 2 keep them from pain
only to find out
that they didn't feel the same

Have you ever
saw something on the news
that brought a tear to ur eye
and u sit there wondering
why do children die?

Have you ever
thought that no one cared
cried out loud
and they only stared

Faith is important
its what keeps us alive
remember to believe in yourself
don't believe their lies

You can be what u want
no matter what they say
your decisions
determine how you live each day

Its too late for me
but not too late for you
Ive already given up
don't you give up too

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