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:: 2004 5 July :: 8.47 pm


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:: 2004 22 June :: 8.49 pm

My Xanga

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:: 2004 22 June :: 6.37 pm

Like the new background? Incase you didn't know the chick is the one and only Libby McGehee. She's such a hottie! I love my libby! She was sending me pictures that Kirsten took of her and I was like wow they are so pretty I should make something out of them..and obviously I did. lol

Stole katie's icon, sorry hope you don't mind. It was too pretty to not steal... lol

I'll be updating in my xanga instead probably more often..

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:: 2004 21 June :: 12.51 am

I think I've learned so much in such a short period of time. It is times like these that I look back and am thankful in a way that I had some hard times.. It's omly made me bitcher and more likely to fly off the handle..haha Kudos to that...But in all seriousness... I look back on the past year and it seems like forever ago that so many things were wrong.. and lately so many things are right and I can't help but not to feel worthy of will take a while to get use to being with people who really care for me and that will always be there for me. I honestly can say that I love my girls in my life..They made me ...Me..I guess...

Just a random reflection...

I think I'm going to start juggling between my xanga and woohu..

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:: 2004 20 June :: 6.06 pm

Irrelevent Thoughts

When I'm feeling low I consult my friends
When I get depressed, contemplate the end
When I don't know right, I see the light
When I see the light, it's far too bright
the light is too bright
far too bright for me to find my way back
Back to you...Someday
To see the light reflecting on your face
to feel the warmth of a friend's embrace
I will get back to you...

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:: 2004 20 June :: 4.33 pm

I just tasted subway in my mouth .. mm

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:: 2004 20 June :: 4.17 pm

People know you by name. All you are is someone who thinks they are different from the rest, but you aren't. You're just the same, but just more ugly.

Humor me.

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:: 2004 20 June :: 1.34 pm

Carinna is back!!!!

I didn't wake up until 11:30..or was it like 12? I don't remember.

Today I'm going to sit on my ass and do nothing.

I think we're all going to Northstar tomorrow to see a movie...

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:: 2004 19 June :: 11.08 pm

Oh and as for the wedding today, it was ok. The whole church thing drove me nuts. The guy singing behind me sounded so funny I had to refrain from laughing. It was kindof boring most of the time.. the food wasn't even that good...heh.

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:: 2004 19 June :: 10.56 pm

Lastnight was so fucking fun. The original plan was to have jesse, danielle, and I to go over to stephs house and just hang but jesse couldnt go because he had a facial at 9(kidding) but then Spencer went and saw dodgeball without steph so steph thought we should go see it so we went to Northstar lol haha. We were waiting for our movie because we were early and we saw Kyle and Tara which was refreshing.. always good to see Kyle since I haven't in like..3 weeks. So we joked around then Brittany Dixon came in! Cute innocent brittany as I like to call her. I told Kyle to go give her a hug and embarass her but he wouldn't lol

So we saw the movie ..and it was funny but not as funny as Starsky and Hutch.

Then we bought 25 cent matching necklaces and i got some rings. Steph got dice, which we used to play games with on the sidewalk. If we rolled below an 8 we had to do something.. I lost and had to run to the Northstar sign and back with my arms in the air which was more hillarious than it Then steph had to rub her ass on the wall..I was screaming "UP AND DOWN!" lol then Danny got the best one of all...she had to go inside Northstar and pick up the "Caution: Wet Floor" sign and move it kindof acting like she was going to steal it. The guy that was working there looked at her sooooo weird it was omg soooooooo funny I peed alittle.

it was so fun! We all agreed that we need to hang out more and we're going to go to muskegon the weekend after next for the beach party at night and just to the beach to lay out during the day. It will be so fun if we go do that!

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:: 2004 18 June :: 6.39 pm

I hate when people are ignorant and paranoid by nature and they don't even realize it... No wonder they suck and don't have a life.

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:: 2004 18 June :: 6.24 pm

Whatever my sister put on our computer, it's pissing my off and making everything go reallllly slow.

I went to sam's club and saw Megan (Bishop) lol I hate like seeing people at weird places and then there's that silence because you don't know what to say because I don't know.. lol Anway's I should have the house to myself maybe for awhile so I can eat munchies and watch movies....



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:: 2004 17 June :: 9.53 pm

lie here alone and wonder why
That I come alive, just before I have to hide.

Because I believe I'm losing my nerve
But could I ever do better than this

Because all I ever wanted was a place to call my home
To shelter me when I am there and to miss me when I'm gone
All I ever wanted was a place to call my own
Where stars may dance and sun still shines and the storms feel free to roam

I listen if only for a while
But I can't decide if I'm aware that I'm on trial
If there's a way to a remedy then lead me straight to it
If there's a path or a door I missed , then show me now, show me this

feel free when I am gone

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:: 2004 17 June :: 6.56 pm
:: Music: Kanye West- All falls down

Single female addicted to retail
Just got back from 3 movies and starburst.

The bitch is paying be $20 every friday to clean the house.. which isn't bad. I was aiming for $40 but apparently I was aiming too high...heh.

Hm, Maybe I'll go watch a movie upstairs since like no one is on.


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:: 2004 17 June :: 3.12 pm
:: Music: Shinedown-45

Swallowed by pain as he slowly falls aparttttt

She's like a brick wall. It hurts hard when she hits. Irresponsive.

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